My cousin and her dildos (straight, teen sex)

Lance's sex story
This is a true story about the time we were at my aunts house, I was 19 my cousin was 17 and I found her toys. She's a dirty girl and I can't wait to see her again, we haven't fucked in a while

We were spending the day at my aunts, lunch dinner Hang out outside. I had to go to the bathroom and since the beginning of time I've always used the bath room connected to my cousins soon, my cousin Megan had an amazing body, perfect round ass and perky b cup tits. I walked through her room.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a box and I thought I was mistaken but I was right, I did see a dildo hanging out of it.

She had 3 dildos, 1 huge double sided, 2 vibraters and a few porn dvds. She came in, and said I like toys, there really fun. I took this opportunity to do the wrong thing and fuck my cousin, so I said can I watch you use one??

She grabbed one of the dildos, pulled her little shorts to the side, sucked the dildo making it wet and put it in her pussy, watching made me hard and I walked over and put my dick in her face, she grabbed it and started sucking, after she sucked me she told me to fuck her, so I did , on all 4s my dick in her from behind. I fucked her ass while I used a dildo to fuck her pussy. I kept doing this till I came and I filled her ass with cum.

After we were done, while she was getting dressed she told me she's always wanted us to fuck like that. And now she 22 and I'm 24 and yes we do still fuck eachother. She even has a boyfriend. He's cool, nice guy, he was at our family Christmas this year, and while he stood in the kitchen I met Megan in the bath room where she sucked my dick and then rode it, 15 ft from family and her boyfriend.

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