First time being fucked by a guy (gay, teen sex, anal)

lancebangs's sex story
When I was 18 I always said I'd never let a mans dick in my ass. Right after I turned 19 that all changed. Me and a friend whose a girl went to this party and it's was a huge party. She stayed close to me so she wouldn't get lost.

We had some drinks and started feeling good. This guy came over and told me his name and said he saw me walk in and thought I was cute. I told him I'm straight. He laughed and said straight men have anal sex too. It's not gay it's sex. I didn't understand at all what he was trying to say, until he grabbed my dick real soft outside of my pants. I got this feeling through my body and all of a sudden I was concidering giving it a try. We had a few more drinks, and he kissed my neck a couple times. My friend was just shocked, but she thought it was sexy. He asked me if I'd want to go upstairs and find a private place for us.

My friend asked if she could come, just watch. We all go up stairs and find a spare bed room. Me and this guys start making out. He takes my shirt off. I take his dick out of his pants and stroke it. My friend is sitting in a chair watching and starts rubbing her pussy. He asks if Ive ever sucked a dick. I said I told you I've never done anything with another man, I've done everything for the first time with you. I decide to give it a shot and start with just the tip of his dick. I get the hang of it and go down farther, my friend watching my suck his cock keeps saying how hot it is, I got as deep as I can and I gag.

Before he fucks me he fingers my ass. But then I'm on all 4s waiting for a cock to open me up and fuck me hard. Finally I feel I slide in me. In and out of my ass. I start moaning, I really like it. My friend gets so turned on she comes over to the bed and makes me finger her while my ass is getting fucked. I try to ask where he's going to shoot his cum, he doesn't answer me 3 times then all of the sudden I feel something warm shoot deep in me, he came inside me. I really liked it though. After he pulled out my friend left the room and he told me his name was brad and he's 31 yrs old. I told him I was only 19 and he was like oh my god... I thought you were at least 25.

I tell him it's ok I really enjoyed what we did. For almost a year after that we hung out about every other weekend. He took me out to eat, to see movies, I think we might have been dating. Every time he took me out I always have him a really good blow job and let him fuck my ass, he deserved it for taking me out. I wish we still were seeing eachother as much. We watch a movie at his place about a month ago and we had amazing sex, but I haven't really even heard from him since. I wish the man to was my first everything with another guy would at least tell me he didn't want to keep this going. That way I could move on. But I'd rather have him, he's special to me, his dick was the first rock hard cock to go inside me.

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