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Lance bangs's sex story
I visited a friend when he was in rehab. When I was there I was sitting outside with a virgin girl named Stephanie. 18 yrs old, sexy ass hell

My friend had a really bad heroin problem and he checked him self into rehab, he was there for 60 days so at 30 days I went to visit. We were sitting at this table outside when this girl comes and sits down. She looks at me and says 'hey I'm Stephanie', 'im zach', her tits were perfect and her ass was big and round. She was sitting with her knees up, arms around her legs, wearing these black super short shorts. I look over and notice her pussy is showing on one side.

Shaved and perfect. I pulled up a new text message on my phone, and typed 'hey steph, your really sexy, and if you keep your pussy out I'm going to fuck it, she looked down and put her legs down, she went inside but looked back as she walked in, I followed her. She was waiting inside the doors for me, 'did you get a good look at my pussy'? 'Not good enough, where's your room at, we should go to your room and let me take your pants off so I can really see your pussy then Fuck it. She grabs my hand and leads me to her room.

Once we're in she strips totally naked and tells me to look at her. Her teenage body is so young looking and so inviting to fuck. I lay on the bed and she starts sucking my cock. Then her turn, pussy licked good and long until she came. I got on top of her and fucked her sexy pussy. She told me to cum inside her wet pussy so that's what she got, a pussy full of warm cum. Before I left she said 'thanks for fucking me, I haven't had good dick in a while and yours is amazing.'

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