Fucked my friends grandma (straight, mature sex)

Lance bangs's sex story
I was curious about getting with a really old chick, like grandmother old and I did it. And it was great. I used to always be at my friend Mikes house. Like 24/7. One day his grandma came over.

While she was there she made a joke about how once you get a certain age there's just no more sex. That made me want to fuck her to show her she still deserves sex. I waited until the next time she came over, sat down with her, talk for a while flirt with her a bit.

Once we were kind of alone, I said 'I heard your joke about you never having sex again, I want to prove you wrong and fuck you'. 'Oh my, how unexpected, but flattering'. I gave her my phone number and told her to call me that night. She called me and I said 'now that we can talk in private I find you very attractive. Older women are a lot sexier than younger girls, I'd like you to come over some time and let me get you naked'. She agrees to come to my place.

Once she gets there, we go to my bed, and I start kissing her, while we're kissing my hand finds it's way inside her pants, rubbing her pussy. She takes out my dick, and strokes it. I ask her when she was my age did they suck dick or no?? She looked at me and says 'we invented sucking dick baby', and she goes down and sucks my dick so good, then I fucked her pussy and showed her that your never to old to have a cock fuck you.

She was a dirty old lady, she swallowed my cum then sucked all her wetness off my dick

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