My friends daughters sleep over (teen sex, straight)

Lance bangs's sex story
I'm only 24 but one of my best friends is 42, he has a daughter whose 16. My buddies name is David and he told me I wouldn't want to miss his daughters sleep over

Davids daughter is only 16 yrs old, but her body looks 22. Huge ass huge tits and you know perfect pussy. David tells me and josh to come over on the night his daughter has her friends over. So we go over there. I walk in and 4 teen girls in booty shorts and barely have shirts on are walking around. David whispers to me, 'those two girls are 18, fyi'. Now I know why he wanted us to come over. The guys go to the kitchen and break out some Jim beam. Katy and Sara the two of age girls come in the kitchen and ask to have some. We let them have some. Then Davids daughter and her friend melody come in and ask for a shot. We give them one too. Katy and Sara start taking shots with out asking, you can tell they have drank before. They start feeling good, getting a little loose. Katy and Sara start to make out. 2 18 yr old girls tipsy making out infront of us. Davids daughter Kathy and melody, take a few shots a piece, and they kiss each other. David stops them but they start again after Kathy says ' how come Katy and Sara get to kiss and make out but we don't'?? All of a sudden 18 yr old tits start come out and I start getting hard. Katy comes to me with her top off and asks if I'd want her to suck my dick then fuck her 18 yr old pussy. In the middle of everyone she gets down I take my dick out and she sucks me. Kathy won't stop staring at my dick. Katy looks at her and says 'have you ever sucked a cock before'? Kathy says 'not yet, could I try to suck his'?? Katy says 'yeah you can try suckkng his'. I thought David would be sooo pissed at me but I look over and he's balls deep in little melody and could care less if his daughter has my dick in her mouth. Kathy sucks my cock and falls in love with it, her and Katy start going at the same time, Kathy suck my cock and Katy on my balls. David is fucking the shit out of melody, she can't even make noise, her mouth is just open. He's destroying her tight little 16 yr old pussy. Katy says to me 'I want to be fucked', so she gets it, my cock fucking her barely legal pussy. Kathy is still a virgin. While I'm deep inside Katy, Kathy whispers in my ear that she wants me to take her virginity right now. She says she's ready to feel a man fuck her and she really wants me to take her virginity, i pull out of Katy, and slowly slide inside kathys virgin pussy, she says out loud I can't believe I have a dick in me, I ask her if you likes it and she says fuck yeah it feels amazing, it hurts but it's a good pain. David is still fucking melody, she wasn't a virgin but her ass was and David was deep inside her ass. Katy puts her face right next to my cock and her pussy and watches Kathy get fucked for the first time, then Katy sits on my face so I can eat her out while I'm fucking Kathy, before I cum I go as hard as I can showing Kathy what to expect the next time she gets fucked. David comes over and doesn't even care i just took his daughters virginity, he asks her if she likes cock in her pussy. David even said this is my daughters first time gettin fucked, I'm her dad so I should fuck her too. We all watched David fuck his daughter, she liked it. I filled his daughter with cum so she could feel it all slide deep down in her. All the girls ask if the next time they are over and spend the night, could me and josh come over again?? Once I decided to stay inside Kathy, josh took over with Katy. It's crazy cause Kathy asked for my number, and now she sends me pics of her tits, ass and pussy all the time. She texted me the other day and said you should just come over and see me. I want your cock inside me again. So I go over there, David is watching tv and I walk in and say I'm here to see Kathy, he doesn't even care, he says ok cool, and keeps watching tv, I get to kathys room and she's in just her bra and panties, she stands up and starts kissing me, takes my cock out of my pants and starts sucking me. I ask Kathy to let me fuck her ass, she let's me, I go in really really slow, stretch her out and get her ready, once she's ready I fucked her ass good, she's on all 4s and I switch holes every time, pussy then ass pussy then ass, I fill her ass with my cum and she giggles and say oh my god I love being cummed in. Can't wait to go over to Davids again.

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