Teen girl at work (straight sex, virginity)

Lance bangs's sex story
Have you ever met a really sexy girl only to find out she's under 18, like she's 16?? Cause I ran into that problem but she wouldn't let me say no

I wait tables at a restaurant. It's mid July and it's really hot outside. This girl maddie is one of our hosts, and she wears these high waist jean shorts that are almost painted on her body. I can tell she's flirting with me but I try to keep in mind she's 16 and I could go to jail. One day I host and I work with her.

At the end of the day she hands me a slip of paper with her number on it. She wrote text me on it so when I got home I texted her. 'Hey it's zach, you wanted me to text you'? She says ' yeah what's up'? We talk for a bit then she says 'do you think I'm sexy'? I didn't reply. So instead of asking why I didn't reply, I look at my phone and she sent a picture of her completely naked with a message saying 'do you think I'm sexy'? I couldn't not act on this, she obviously wanted me, 'you are beyond sexy, your body is perfect, your ass is amazing and your boobs are small and perky'. 'I'm sooo glad you said that, you make me feel sexy', then she asks, 'do you ever want to hang out'?? I say 'sure, what do you want to do'?? What she said next I couldn't believe, 'I want you to fuck me and be my second guy to fuck me, my ex took my virginity then dumped me, I wish I would have just let you take it, but would you wana hang out some time and fuck me'?? 'When are you free'?? 'I'm alone at my house right now and no one will be home till late', I jump in my car and drive to her house. She's waiting for me at the door, she's wearing tiny tiny booty shorts and a mid drift tank top. You could see half he ass when she turned around. She wasn't wearing a bra, I grabbed her started to kiss her and slipped her tank top down until I saw her tits, my hands grabbing her perfect young ass while i kiss your neck and suck on your nipples. I take my dick out of my pants, and say 'get on your knees and suck my dick baby', 'I've never sucked a dick on my knees before', i get her down, my dick in her mouth, and watch as a 16 yr. old girl sucks on my hard cock.

Booty shorts come off and I lay her down so I can eat her pussy, I wouldn't risk fucking a 16yr old girl without tasting her wet young pussy, she tastes like sugar and when she came I licked all her cum off her, then I got on top of her, and watched her face as my cock slid inside her. She was sooo tight, I had to start slow, at first she could only take half of my dick, but after I stretched her out a little bit she handled all my hard cock very well, she took a rough fucking and wanted more, I got a little carried away because I didn't ask her where I should cum, I just didn't pull out of her pussy, the surprised look on her face when she felt my warm cum shoot inside her was really sexy, 'wow.. did you just cum in me'?? 'Yes I did, did you like it??' 'Oh my god I loved it, I still feel some of it sliding deep in me. She loved getting fucked by me. But I told her we couldn't risk fucking until she was 18. She said on her 18th birthday she wants me to fuck her again, and I told her only if you try anal. She said she'd try anything as long as it was me doing it. But I'll never forget how tight her 16 yr old pussy was. It was amazing

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