My first gay experience (anal sex, oral sex)

Lance bangs's sex story
If your a guy and have never been with another guy, do you ever get curious? The first time I was with another man I didn't know I wanted it until it was happening

A friend of mine, who is gay, didn't want to go alone to this party so I went with him. I immediately noticed it was all men and thought it wouldn't be much fun. After a few drinks, I noticed a guy, kinda looking at me. He came over, 'hi my names mike'. 'Nice to meet you'. He asked why I was there and I told him because a friend didn't want to come alone. I noticed him getting closer, his hand rubbing my back. He asked, 'have you ever been with another man'? I said no, I'm actually straight', 'so' he said, plenty of straight guys have sex with men. He touched my dick from outside my pants, and something happened, I suddenly felt like maybe I'd try letting a man fuck me. He asked if I wanted to go upstairs to find a private place, I said sure. We found a spare bed room and laid on the bed. He started kissing me and I found my self kissing back. He took out my dick and started stroking it, it felt really good, stroking my dick and kissing my neck, I really like that, he took his cock out and I grabbed it and started jacking him off. Touching another mans hard cock didn't feel gay for some reason, it was just a turn on. He asked if I'd wana try giving a blow job, I wasn't going to, but then I grabbed his dick and started with just the tip, I worked more and more of his dick deeper into my mouth, after I sucked his cock, I got really nervous cause he ask if I was ready to get fuck in the ass. On my hands and I knees inner nervously wait to have his dick go deep inside my ass, finally his cock touches my ass and he pushes it in, I feel my hole stretch and a little pain but it's not a bad pain. I feel his body press against me and he says 'I'm all the way inside you, how do you like having a man inside you'? 'It's really hot, I don't feel 'gay' I just feel, sexy'. He started going in and out of me, his dick was pretty big so every time he went as deep as he could, I almost screamed cause he was sooo deep in my ass. He puts me on my back, legs on his shoulders and his cock inside me while he looks into my eyes. He started going extremely hard and rough, I almost couldn't take it then, I felt it, all his cum shooting inside my ass. 'When you finally get fucked in your ass by another guy, for your first time you have to have his cum shoot in you. I enjoyed it. Truely. Me and my gay friend have even had a little fun together. We sucked eachothers cocks and we took turns fucking eachother. I think I'm officially bi because once me and Craig (my gay friend) started messing around, for some reason I've been thinking about being in a relationship with a guy. And Craig is so nice, funny, sexy, his cock is really nice and we always have fun together. I don't want to be the one to ask him, but secretly I kinda hope one day soon he asks me if I'd ever want to be in a gay relationship. Because I will say yes. So all and all I'm glad that guy hit on me until he got me to get in bed with him and have my ass fucked for the first time. Craig is coming over tonight, we're gunna watch a movie. And most likely have sex with eachother.

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