My math teacher (straight, school sex, teen sex)

Lance bangs's sex story
There's always the one teacher in school who is just way to sexy to be a teacher, this is my story about fucking that teacher.

Math class, 6th hour high school. Ms. chapman was a teachers assistant and she was so sexy. She would ask me for gum everyday, then sit at her desk and twirl it on her finger. I didn't think she would ever go for sex with a 16 year old high school student until I watched her drop a pensil on purpose bend over in front of me, her thong showing then when she stood up looked back at me.

I knew after that I'm in the green to at least try. I was walking to 4th hour one day, very late and ms. Chapman comes out of her class room and goes into the bathroom. I take the chance of other girls being in there and I went in. 'When you bent over I know you meant for me to see your pink thong'. 'Did you like it' she said, 'I loved it', we started making out, her shirt quickly came off so did her bra, small perky tits, they were perfect. She undid my jeans and took my cock out, she got on her knees and sucked my dick, she stood up and I took her pants off, she wasn't wearing underwear, she jumped up and held on to me, with her legs wrapped around me my cock slide inside her, I held her up while I fucked her. 'Your cock is so hard', she moaned, I sat on the toilet and made her sit on my cock and ride me, ms.

Chapman was a freak in disguise and rode me right until I was about to cum, got on her knees and swallowed my cum. She said I'll see you 6th hour. The rest of the year we just stared at eachother while I was in that class, mentally fucking eachother over and over.

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