Bosses wife fucked me in his office (straight, cheating)

Lance bangs's sex story
My old boss has the hottest wife. And when I started working there. She turned her attention to me and let me take a virginity of her

I was working at this restaurant and had only met the owner and the gm. About a month in to working there, this super sexy women walks in the back. 'That's the owners wife' my co worker told me. She did a double take when she looked at me. One day the owner had some sort of meeting and his wife covered for him. Her name is Jess and she's the definition of cougar. I went in the office and said 'hi I'm zach' 'Jess', I saw her look up and down my body so I did the same. The day went on and me and jess had a few long conversations in private. Jess shut the door to the office and sat on my lap. She shook her ass around and stood up. 'You really sexy and younger guys turn me on' she said as she sat on the desk and reached under her skirt and took her panties off. I grabbed them and smelt them. She thought it was sex i smelled her panties and said ' if you like those you should lick the real thing'. No hesitation, her skirt came off and my mouth all over her pussy. She was sitting on the desk, me in the chair, her legs bent over my shoulders and my tongue licking her clit. I made her cum. After she came she told me to stand up, she got on her knees and sucked my cock. Then sitting back on the desk, legs up in the air and my dick sliding inside her pussy. I fucked her hard and she held on to me tight. 'Fuck me, fuck me' she moaned over and over, I stood her up turned her around and she leaned over the desk, my dick back inside, jess taking my cock from behind. I pulled out and with out me telling her, she got down on her knees and opened her mouth, waiting to swallow my cum. Her mouth is full with my warm cum. She swishes it around before she swallows, 'you taste amazing, I'd swallow your cum any day'. Me and jess had one more moment alone about 2 months after we fucked eachother, she brought me in the office and told me her husband wouldn't fuck her ass and she's always wanted to try. She brought lube, I lubed my dick, lube on my fingers, I finger her ass to get her ready. Then my cock slides in and she gets her ass fucked for the first time. It hurt her a little but she liked the pain. For her first ever anal, I fucked her until I filled her ass with cum. After I pulled out of her ass, she said 'this was the last time for us, you fucked my pussy so good and you took my anal virginity, we need to stop before I can't stop thinking about your cock. Cause I'll come and fuck you'. And we haven't had any sex since. But every time she sees me she looks at me and bites her lip.

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