My best friends mom (straight, mature sex)

Lance bangs's sex story
Do you remember that one friend whose mom was just way to sexy? This is the story of my best friends mom and how we ended up fucking eachother

January 15th, my birthday, I turned 18 and a couple friends came over to Derek's house to play pool and drink a few of his dads beers. We ran out. Derek said we could drink the ones upstairs so I went to get some. Mrs. James was drinking a vodka cranberry alone in the kitchen. She didn't care if we drank beer so I just started to grab them. 'Happy birthday big #18' she said. 'You know over the years I e noticed you, and I think your really sexy' I couldn't believe his mom was saying this, 'when you were 15 I noticed you becoming thinner and you started looking really sexy, there was a time when you were 15 and I was giving you a ride home, I almost pulled over and gave you a blow job'. I said 'why didn't you?' 'You were to young' she said, 'but if I could have another chance, I'd definitely suck your 15 yr old dick'. I was speech less. Her hands slowly grabbed the top of her shirt and she started pulling her shirt down, her tits were out and she was walking towards me. '18 means your legal, no one can stop you from being with any women you want'. She was pressing her body against mine and her tits right by my face. She grabbed my hand and put it on her boob, 'massage my breast gently and use your mouth to suck the other nipple' all the sudden I was playing with and sucking mrs. James perfect chest. She reached down and grabbed my dick, outside the pants but she felt I was hard. 'It's not a secret that you want me, I over heard you telling your friend nick about the things you'd do to me' before I could talk her tongue was in my mouth and we were making out. She grabbed my hand and took me to her bed room, she took off her shirt and her skirt, her panties were still on but it was a thong so it was barely there. She took one of her fingers and put it inside her pussy, then put it in my mouth. 'Do I taste ok' she asked, 'you taste amazing, your pussy tastes sweet' she giggled and took my pants off. She got on her knees and started sucking my cock. I could not believe what was happening, I had always dreamt about even just kissing mrs. James but never in a million years would I ever think she'd be on her knees with my cock in her mouth. She stood up, took her panties off, laid down and asked if I'd eat her out?? No words, just my hands spreading her pussy and my tongue licking her clit and in her hole. I made her cum. 'I didn't expect you to be so good at eating pussy', I said 'I love to do it, and I'd be stupid if I didn't take the chance to lick and taste your wet pussy'. ' get on top of me' she said, I laid on her, her hand grabbed my dick, then I was inside my best friends moms pussy. I was doing what our entire friend group would kill to do. She got on all 4s and I slide it in her pussy, 'no no, I'm on my hands and knees, put your dick in my ass'. I could not believe I was fucking mrs. James in her ass. She got back on her back and put me back in her pussy, I tried to pull out but she wrapped her arms around me, pulled me back in and I didn't have a choice but to shoot my cum deep inside her pussy. 'I love being cummmed inside of, and having your young 18yr old cum go in me makes it 100 times better. She kissed my neck and whispered 'happy 18th, did you get what you wanted for your birthday'? 'I couldn't have asked for anything that would ever top getting to fuck you mrs. James'. 'Call me sherie' she said. She said ' you should probably go back down stairs, you've been with me for over an hour, they probably wonder where your at'. I kissed her one last time, got dressed and went back down stairs. 'I destroyedddd the upstairs bathroom' I said to make the guys laugh, but I grabbed my friend nick and said ' I did it' 'what' he said, I held my fingers to his nose and he smelt Derek's moms pussy. He says, 'you fucked Derek's mom'? 'After she got up off her knees from sucking my dick', high fives and congrats were exchanged. And we went on with our night. Me and mrs. James did have sex a second time, they had a forth of July party and she had some of her friends over. I could tell by the way they were looking at me that she told her friends we fucked eachother. Once it got dark, her friend Alexis came and found me, pulled me aside, 'so you fucked sherie'? 'Yeah, and it was amazing'. Alexis said 'she sent me over to tell you that she's had a few drinks and is waiting for you in her bed'. I started walking but Alexis grabbed me, ' hang on, one rule, this time I get to watch'. So while me and sherie fucked for the second time, Alexis sat in a chair across the room and played with her pussy.

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