Sex in private (straight, teen sex)

Sam lewin's sex story
Racheli is a cute hot girl with nice tits and a really cute ass. We had the time of our lives. It was priceless and that feeling can be traded for nothing

I guess you can say it was a social media crush until we met I'm person. Racheli is a cute dark haired girl with beautiful tits and a perfect ass. I always wanted to get down her skirt. One day I found out she was in town so I messaged her to come over since my parents were at work and my siblings were in School. So she came over and right when our eyes met we made out. She said she had to shower because she was all sweaty, so I said we should shower together. When we undressed to shower I saw her magnificent body from her shaved pussy to her perfect tits and at this point I was completely erect. Trying to hide it I turned around.

Are you coming in, racheli asked, I didn't want to be bashful so I went in with a full 7 inches. When she saw how hard I was she gave the cutest chuckle I have ever heard in my life. Then she started stroking my cock, so we got out of the shower and on the floor in the bathroom we just got down and I started kissing her awesome tits as she jerked me off. Then I went down to eat out her pussy, so juicy and flavory it tasted better then everything in the world. As I stick my cock into her she let out a moan that was so sexy I almost came and we kept on banging until she was about to orgasm so I took my dick out and lick her to her orgasm, squirting right into my mouth. It was amazing I loved her juices then she blew me until I came down her throat.

This experience was so enjoyable that every time I picture her body I get hard and we face time pretty often to each other masterbating

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