Pyan Fic - Part One (straight, fetish)

Ryan Brandham's sex story
Pyan Fic is a story based on the shipped name of Paige and Ryan. It is about a girl named Paige who enters Ryan's household and gets up to all kind of stuff ;) Pyan Fic focuses on aspects of popular fetishes and sexual acts. Now should we begin?

PROLOGUE; Paige is a 18 year old who has recently been working as a servant for a man named Ryan. One day, Paige leaves her keys to her brand new apartment behind by accident, therefore she decides to travel back to Ryan's household to collect them.

Paige had just arrived at Ryan's doorstep and entered freely without knocking. Paige walked through the somewhat steamy household to search for her keys. Ryan had just gotten out of the shower, Paige slowly peered round the side of the bathroom door and saw Ryan's massive dripping cock as he began to dry it. Ryan saw Paige in the corner of his eye and said 'You got a good enough view?'. Paige muttered it's so big and scary, Ryan's eyes glowed up as an evil smile arose upon his face. He gestured at Paige to enter the room as he placed the towel he was holding into the basket below. Ryan asked Paige to reach into the bathtub to grab the shampoo which he said had fallen into it by accident. As Paige lent over and peered into the bathtub she felt a hand slide around her arse cheeks, she smirked, realising there was no shampoo in the bathtub, Paige lent over more as Ryan began slowly pulling down her trousers to about knee height, Ryan licked his lips as he knew he had her to himself. Ryan noticed that Paige was struggling to hold the position she was in so he told her to stay still, he slowly began tugging onto her knickers and pulled them down at the back exposing her arse without even making a sound. Paige began to weaken, every time Paige moved Ryan spanked her right arse cheek softly but gradually getting harder with every stroke. He wrapped his fingers through her hair and he pulled gently for her to ascend from the tub. He then whispered in her ear for her to go downstairs into the basement below. He followed and locked the basement door behind him. With the flick of a switch the whole room brightened up and as Paige's eyes started to accustom to the intense light, she rotated around the room to find the walls scoured in ropes, toys and more. Ryan looked at her and said... let's begin.

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