Lisa the short thick social worker (interracial, straight)

Tomas tang's sex story
Lisa's interracial adventure with a hung older black man. Lisa the social worker has a thing for older black man and on her route home the encounter takes place

My wife Lisa is a social worker down south . She was brought up in an affluent neighborhood . She was a short big assed big size 40 4D titties Woman who was a Puerto Rican Italian mix . She has a very good personality and loves talking to older men. Monday during a social work visit in the hood Lisa stopped by her favorite patients house his name was Jermaine . Lisa had on a tight fitting Lycra dress with flowers all over it that fit her big shapely ass perfect . Her huge breasts were bouncing as the cleavage was barely hidden by the Hispanic looking dress . As Lisa walked in to check on Jermaine he was smiling and was looking at Lisa's ass as it bounced as you walk to the living room to sit down with her clipboard to take notes. Jermaine told Lisa she look very sexy and asked her did she want to make love and do a little dance for him . Lisa said sure why not . Lisa put on 'Mercedes boy 'by pebbles . She slipped off her Old lady slippers and pulled her dress over her head revealing her thick thighs nice big 40 4D sized tits and her nice hips she started wiggling her ass bending over while Jermaine was pulling his pants off with a full erection already in tact . Lisa started dancing more intensely shaking her ass and her titties are bouncing everywhere to the music . Jermain was a 78-year-old black man who was hung to his knees.he sat down on the couch while Lisa was shaking her bubble big cellulite ass in front of him. she would occasionally put her perfect feet on his black chest and ask him has he ever had any Hispanic Italian pussy before. He said no but he sure wants to fuck her today . wow Lisa would start naked with Jermaine on the couch he grabbed her big ass and started feeling on it while Jermaine's daughter walked in through the front door . She walked in and was friends with Lisa and was shocked to see Lisa totally stark nude with Jermaine ! She just laughed is Lisa apologized and said that her and Jermaine wanted to make love . She just kept looking at lisas big ass and titties and said ' honey you are built like a black woman go ahead and give it to him! ' Jermaine grabbed Lisa's hand as they headed toward the bedroom with her big ass bouncing all over the place as they entered the bedroom. Lisas new job could potentially be in danger so she asked Jermaine if he would tell and he said of course not . She opened the door to go back outside and asked Jermaine's daughter not to tell about their sexual escapade . She said she understood and that her father had talked about having sex with her when she left the house every day he always commented on how he could satisfy Lisa better than her white husband . Who was actually Mean to Lisa and did not share the same interest she had . Lisa walk back toward the bedroom actually running took a flying leap and landed on the bed as Jermaine laughed! She told Jermaine that his sister officially approved their sexual union ! Lisa spread her thighs and told Jermaine there was no need for foreplay just stick that big 14 inch dick inside of her . Jermaine looked at her for a second. He wanted his dick sucked . Lisa got on the edge of the bed started masturbating his dick and stuck it in her mouth she was moaning and groaning and Jermaine busted his nuts all in her mouth after about 10 seconds . Lisa just lick the come off of his big long dick and balls like bluebell ice cream .he got erect again after 30 seconds and held lisas legs open as he pushed his long black dick in her little Hispanic pussy her eyes opened really big and it would not go all the way in it was touching bottom .. he got erect again after 30 seconds and held lisas thighs open as a pretty long black dick in her little Hispanic pussy her eyes open really big and it would not go all the way in it was touching bottom. Jermaine was now officially making love to his social worker she had her beautiful feet placed on his masculine chest is he was stroking her pussy missionary with each stroke Lisa was moaning and groaning while black R&B music was playing in the background . Jermaine's sister was cooking dinner while listening to the sounds of her father making love to this thick Italian Puerto Rican woman in the back bedroom listening to Lisa's ass slap against his balls, sucking sounds , and jermaine hollering .. lisas pussy ! lisas pussy! . Jermaine stayed on Lisa for a solid 45 minutes and was in full fuck mode between her thighs . Lisa was helpless to do anything at all . she saw was this long black rod and jermaines grey pubic hair bouncing off of her grayish Hispanic pussy hair. Lisa bent over and jermaine grabbed her big thick ass and started slapping it furiously and feeling on it while his extremely big long black dick was literally turning lisas pussy inside out . They were fucking In the hood and Lisa was loving it . Going into the second hour , the room started to smell of sweat and sex. Jermaine was sweating furiously and sweat was dripping down lisas back , down her ass making her ass sparkle as the light hit and sweat was dripping down lisas back down her ass making her ass sparkle as the light hit it. Jermaine said he was about to come and Lisa agreed . Jermaine let out a yell as he busted his black nuts in lisas Italian Puerto Rican pussy. They were both literally shaking as Jermaine pulled out his long black rod while lisas pussy lips were still a part trying to adjust to something she had never had before . The load just get dripping out of Lisa and there was a big puddle on the bed and between her legs . She just laughed it Jermaine and said when was the last time you had some pussy this load is huge ! She put her dress back on as her and Jermaine's family enjoyed the rest of the evening.

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