Owning Annie in her Own Home - Part 1 (straight, asian sex)

Nate's sex story
Annie didn't expect to find me in her room when she came home after her parents left her alone. And she definitely didn't expect what would happen next..

Note: These events and people are all fictional and works of fantasy.
I had known Annie for most of my life. She was a fine skinny Korean girl with long brown hair. She lived across the street from me, and I got to watch her walk home from school every day. But she always acted too innocent to date me, and I grew impatient over the years. I spent much of my time fantasizing about her but never doing anything.

Until I finally found the opportunity. One weekend in summer when we both turned 18, I found out that her parents would be going back to Korea but leaving Annie home alone! I could steal all the underwear I could want from her in this time.

I watched a few blocks away as her parents left the driveway for the airport. They would be gone for two weeks, going on vacation. Annie herself wasn't in the house either, so it was my time to strike. As soon as the car went out of sight, I ran up to the door and grabbed the spare key from under the mat and let myself in. Bingo.

I ran up the stairs and went straight into Annie's room, taking no time to find her panties and bras. She would be out for a few more hours with her friends so I had plenty of time to myself with her underwear.

I stripped off my own clothes and started exploring. In her laundry basket in her closet, I found a tiny red g-string that was still wet and smelly and C-cup bra she just wore. I looked under her bed and found a 10 inch purple dildo, smelling as if it had just been used! I took out my phone and started masturbating hard to her pictures in her bed wearing her clothes with the dildo nearby.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of the front door turning. Annie isn't supposed to be back yet! I quickly contemplated my options, realizing that there was no way to get out before she got back to her room. Plus, I hadn't even finished yet!

There was only one option left. I had an entire two weeks without her parents, might as well use it well!

Still wearing her clothes but holding the pocket knife I came with, I got up and stood behind her door.

It was only a minute before the knob turned. I couldn't see her expression, but before she had a chance to react to the mess I made in her room, I jumped on Annie from out of her sight and brought her to the ground, with my hard 7' cock hanging out of her wet panties.

She screamed, but there was no one to hear her. I brought out my switchblade and showed it to her, and suddenly she stopped screaming, though still squirming. 'Why are you doing this Nathan?! Why are you wearing my underwear??' she cried out.

I slapped her. 'Shut up! You are mine now. It's time for you to obey. Give me your phone and come with me to your bed and you don't get hurt.'

She reluctantly obeyed. I stashed her phone in my pocket and followed me to her bed, with my knife at her back. I would be sure to look through her pictures and texts for anything dirty later.

I pushed her down onto her bed, face up and full of tears. With force and some words, I pulled off her shirt and then her bra, leaving her top half naked. Despite her fear, Annie's breasts were as perky as ever and her nipples looked hard.

'Why are you doing this to me?' she said.
'Because I've already waited too long!' I replied lustfully.

I couldn't help myself. I held her arms down with mine and put my face on her left boob, licking and sucking on her nipple. My hard dick rubbed against her lower leg. She shook her entire body in discomfort and shrieked but with my strength I could easily hold her down.

After only a minute, I let off of her tit to move on to more interesting parts. But first, I took out my phone and took snaps of her humiliated half naked self, with her breasts hard and perky as ever. I set it up to record all of what would happen next as well.

I would need some more constraints for the next step. With some effort, I turned her body around. Looking around, I saw some pantyhose she had left on the floor.

'What a dirty girl you are!' I said as I picked it up and used it to tie Annie's hands together behind her back, tight. Her resistance had lessened a little, maybe out of exhaustion or maybe she had just started to give up.

'Those were my favorite pantyhose..' she said almost meekly.

Turning her around again, I quickly pulled down Annie's tiny Nike short shorts so that she only had her panties left on. It was a sexy see-through lacey grey Victoria Secret thong.

Rather than taking it off, I had another idea. I went back to her closet and brought a giant stack of used panties she hadn't washed yet and dumped it all over Annie. I strapped one around her head, and scattered the rest on her body so she could soak in her own pussy fluids.

Now for the good part. I never liked much foreplay, so there was no more point of waiting around.

'Please don't be too hard..' Annie begged as I pulled aside her thong to reveal her sweet, hairless pussy. She had shaved recently, maybe for one of the guys she likes to fucks. I took my dick and started teasing Annie's pussy with it. She was making squelish sounds now, as if she had seen a big rat. I kept playing with her pussy a little, never going further in than the head of my dick.

Then suddenly without giving her any warning, I grabbed her giant dildo and rammed it straight into Annie's pussy. She yelled loudly for a few seconds as I kept pushing the dildo deeper and deeper into her pussy, until I couldn't push it any longer. Only about an inch of the 8 inches was still outside!

With the dildo still in her pussy and Annie barely holding back tears, I rammed all 7' of my cock directly into Annie's virgin asshole.

She screamed so loudly I was almost afraid someone could hear her, but I knew that her house was much too far from the neighbors for anyone to hear.

While she screamed, I continued fucking her ass and bent down to kiss her flailing mouth. Her skinny legs rocked up and down as I rapidly went in and out of her tight asshole.

Her bra that I had on rubbed against her bare tits, and her thong still around her waist rubbed against her g-string still around mine. I had never felt anything so good.

With my free hand, I started pumping the dildo in and out of Annie's pussy while I continued ramming her ass. It was like there were two guys in her!

To my surprise, after only a few minutes of me dildoing Annie's pussy, I watched as her face turned red and her eyes rolled back into her skull--she was orgasming!

Annie's whole body started shaking, differently from before, and she started moaning loudly. It almost sounded like she was moaning 'Noo!' But I could tell she was really feeling a lot of pleasure, even if she did not want to. I did not resent my assault on her asshole as she came, but that didn't seem to matter to her anymore.

Finally, she stopped shaking and went limp. Then, right as I was about to cum, I took out the dildo from her pussy and stuffed my now-bloody dick in there instead.

Semen squirted out of my dick in gushes straight into Annie's bare pussy. She started screaming and panicking again when she realized what was happening but I slapped her again and she stopped moving around.

Finally, I was done. 'I own you now' I told Annie, with my sperm deep in her pussy and her underwear still on me.

She didn't say anything this time, and I could see in her eyes that she had given up now.

After I made some food for us both (with semen added to Annie's), I came into bed with her again. To make sure Annie didn't forget who was in charge, I stuck my dick inside of Annie's ass as she slept and fell asleep next to her this way. We were both tired from the days events, and had a long 13 days left to go.
If this has a lot of good feedback, I would love to make more parts! Let me know what you think or if you have criticism too.

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