The girl who Wanted to Be a Better Actress (straight)

Dawn's sex story
Short story setting up to become something longer if the interest is there in the writing for completion, just trying to get people interested in the vampire types of lifestyles that I like writing about, domineering and controlling male vampires seek beautiful subjects of affection.

The girl who wanted to be a better actor but couldn't there's a hill far from home where the wild ones room, it's lit by both a full moon and those who have departed from its spirit of embrace girls used to come around but now the lace and new fabrics Swift dances and moon worship are gone and in place there's somebody not familiar. The way she goes is sort of like a ghost and for herself she lights a fire for the reasons of giving thanks. She prays and alternates by flipping through pages of a book laying out the night sky, her face twists sometimes and her thoughts remind her she knows what to do. Her hood flips down the sage crackles fast the energy of the time spent working on some far fulfillment, but, some that nobody dared New or care to. It's to ward off the evil spirit everybody, be it good familiar or New. Stuck in the shorts she wore earlier in the day at the time the dogs yet and ran around in there play she pulls them up again to be calling around her hips in the spot where they can hold two while in between her knees she makes motion for the warmth of her own friction the spirit she thinks with no pause I want that. Inside the deeply shadow shelter a guitar with five strings imposes no reason to play it will keep us closer she thinks while the fire still goes she knows the minute details of all there is to do it without communal standings she still feel so new. Curly wavy and have put up hair falls from her pants up hood as the guitar is Pulled towards her and breasts caress the back, at home, familiar to do and without communal standings she still feels so new. Rages of light delight a room amplification by dimensions controlling antimatter become president like the old theater auditorium seats at the Mesa free box she picked up by them too.she holds the crystals they Jan she strokes the basil Joseph lets up again headed to or like it's all he knew if anybody knew what it is that made this vampiress's things grew, familiarity what is the trait of guitar she loved best. Lifting her head up on their shoulders staring at the others' blue eyes slipping dick in and out of her chest at night before Dawn when they left, well she wants to leave as the moonshines, on every surface the thoughts in their frequency reverberate from surface to surface the sexual energy heightens and she knows the enemy, slammed his head straight into the desk as he positions her body for as fuck, that she was to strangely synchronize on such a perfect circumstance for him but she hastens to bring out her closet around his neck his dick comes down she gives him a check mark right under the apple and across the head she draws blood wise body remains in a trance blood pours like light pours through the window the girl wished she could be a better actress but couldn't.

Last week I was strange I was walking everywhere and going nowhere. My boyfriend doesn't mind my own tasks and I really need help. But this time I'm under a tree alone will pass the bridge thinking about what I remembered last the wind picks up and I channel air to reminisce the taste of salt sits on my tongue. I pulled a sleeping bag over myself wow didn't no I arrived with one – it smells like my last dead in the sexual midst of him.

Baby... That top Ramen salt sugar is domineering. I feel lightheaded and dizzy it doesn't block out vision I look about over the bridge at a veering lights moving fast. I get up but the sound of chains Bynes mean a man of no age appears like Internet says, i've arranged a meeting for weapon retrieval he has spoken of keeping girls out here safe do not harm, is in front of me. Was the car the lights at my side I feel my key I take a drink of water from my canteen, Sarah, you're welcome, I'm alive. The lights and shadows in the tree where the voice disappeared to turned off they literally turned off; no fading. Just a cut of noise sharper than a knife on the face of an angel in this dark coldness. I take it to be a bad sign. Wonder how long this mindset will stick. Pussy pain throngs on in my little dearling's tightest, and a little cum drips out of her as one compartmentalizations reveals but another set of eyes lurks. I woke up in blood surrounding my neck, I pick up my gun that is not yours, Sarah... yet this is exactly what could happen from my strangeness , Ha. She won't listen, I bet she sits their hand on her pussy for warmth or fear, something desperate but still thinks it's selfish kill him. How does one come to think that of me if it is not at all possible? Pull the trigger my friends; lurking words in their minds from that nights sexual reverberations the light poured out and the whole image shows me to shake the man who disappeared to shake his head and advise the departure, my foresight is much behind near her, what is the difference when she is gone? Oh, Sweet bunny lips... as I hold the saliva in that crease the string to her womb paralyzes her time, my neck upon her throat loses blood, I keep my thrust into her getting pussy to study and intrepidly her smile does not match her eyes, I'm not the only way to tell she's curling and writhing of destitute skin particles of dissolving mortal flesh her hand wanders from around us tour on my cock which better stay put as I'm not usually so horny to be bonded as I am not bonded to her and her afterlife; every fear conquerable. I know my life and her blood excruciate the whole to my life in her and I will not be helping myself to all that but ramming it in her and with all my love and adoration she does recognize my manhood as the only to create her heaven her paradise which is of my pain. As she rise out of my grasp she become so much thinner so light and then becomes I'm possibly vexed of my arms, so attractive how much growth to protect her life force this tall well proportioned goddess; HOW COULD SHE LET GO OF MY COCK. I grab crickets and feed her before I step out to relieve her in the wind, she is rapidly teleporting in accurately to my mind and her waist is a clear to target right onto the bed I smile, it's transparent to me that she's giving me permission to her body and entirety- day or night, nightmare or daydream my cock is the only key. Change made a beautiful time chime and lifeless as she was locked inside, it was eternity- is everything you want it to be.

(Any suggestions as to where else this could be published or if long enough?)

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