A one night stand (straight sex story)

Vee's sex story
It was a sleepover at my friend's friend house,and we all paired up with different guys and i was paired with my crush! We were supposed to spend the night together, and what a night it was

So dere was dis sleepover party i was supposed to attend but i wasn't really in d mood,i was really down dat day cos my crush never really noticed me.But being a party animal dat i am,i worked myself into d mood nd got ready for d party.so wen i got dere,guess who i saw?wait don't guess it was my crush nd he noticed me!yay!!The party was fun,we ate nd drank nd evryone was pretty exhausted by 4am so we all went to bed nd a girl was paired with a guy nd i was paired with David(my crush).so we went to d room,i laid down nd covered my body nd he started pressin his fone nd i was lyk WTF,so dis is how my amazin night would end.And i felt his hand on my back he started kissing my neck nd kissing my ear nd it was so gud,den i turned nd he started kissing me,he was so gentle nd he took off my bra nd was sucking on my tits vey hard nd licking nd biting very hard nd slownd i was already screaming,he took off my pants nd buried his face in my pussy nd was sucking hard,hedidnt evn stop to breathe,i was so close to cuming den he stop for a while nd den dug his thumb nd finger in my pussy,i was about to scream nd den he kissed me nd was finger fucking me at the same time nd i came all over his hand.den i took his big dick in my mouth,licked his tip for a minute nd he was moaning'oh baby,fuck fuck me baby yeah....oh'i took his shaft in at once and started deep throating nd he was already screamin'damn baby,u're good..fuck me baby fuck me ohh shit.i llicked his balls senseless nd ifucked his dick with my mouth until he came.den we swithched positions nd he started kissing me nd pressing my boobs so hard nd said'say u want my dick baby,say it,u want my dick'
'yes baby,i want ur dick.fuck me with ur dick'nd den he enterd nd i screamed nd he started banging me'ohh david,yes david fuck me yes'
'say u love my dick'
'yes baby i love ur dick'
and he continued banging me,and i ws screaming nd moaning until he came on top my pussy.i climbed on top nd started kissing him again rubbing my pussy on his dick,i didn't put it in i wanted to tease him,so i was rubbing my pussy on his dick nd evn i was already moaning den i put it in'ohh...damn baby...fuck'
and i was moaning until i came on top of him nd he took my pussy in his mouth nd licked me dry.

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