Me and my Girlfriend (straight, anal sex)

Rajesh's sex story
It is a story on how i fucked my sexy gf when we were alone.... We had a lot of fun with each other amd also explored our bodies

Hii guys its rajesh here....m a good looking person and i m just 20 years old. Any girl want to have fun tell me in comments.. Lets come straight to the story without wasting any time... I have a long dick about 5 inch big..
So one day i planned to give my gf a surprise where it is only us to because everytime she would be with her friends amd we would not be able to spend some good time ;) as we wanted... So i set evrything by my friends house because it is empty and no one lives there... I told her it is a group party but when she came she was really surprised and was impressed with me ... My gf is tall about 5.7 and i am taller then her about 6.... That day she was wearing a black and white top with black jeans she was looking damn hot and she had her hair rough i felt like just going and kissing her.. But i controlled myself... We had dinner there and then she offered me for coffee and i cldnt refuse her so she went in the kitchen and started to make coffee... As she walked her ass moced up and down which rouse my big cock so i went to the kitchen and acted like i am helping her... I went beind her and put my cock near her ass...then slowly slowly i started moving inside out like i am fucking her... She stopped me and told me not to do that but i never listen to her i turned her around and just kissed her lips she never respond and she pushed me away and told me noo... I got angry and went on the sofa and sat there .... She saw my anger and came to me and said ok but only kiss i smiled and pulled her near me and she sat on my lap.. We stared to kiss slowly and then after about a minute we went rough and frenched kissed each other we stood up and kissed and she pushed me into the wall while we kissed...we kissed very rough like we never ever kissed ... I knew she was horny so i put my hand on her breast and started pressing... She stopped kissing me and looked at me for a while.... Then she just started to take of my t shirt.. She was really horny.. In a while we bith were naked in front of each other ... We continued ti kuss for a while then she slowly went down to my dick amd started to stroke it ... I told her to take it in her mouth but she refused.... So i just took her face and put my cock inside and was sucking it like a lollipop she lived my big cock she sucked it fir like ten min and sucked my pre cum also then it was my turn to guce a pleasur so i made her lay on tge sofa and spread her legs and started to suck her pussy...she moaning like ahhhhh yesss babe suck it eat that pyssy its all yours ahhhhh yeasssssss yeasssss ahhh.... I sucked ger pussy for aboyt 10 15 min then i was about to insert my dick in her pussy and she refused and said not in her puss because she never want to break her virginity.... She went in diggy style and pushed her ass out towards my dick.... That ass looked really good i was open and my car was ready to be parked i inserted my dick in her anal and started pumping her hard she was moaning so loud aghhhhhbb fuck meee u bastard yesssss i am all yours baby fuck me tear that ass yesssss yesss... While i fucked her i pressed her boobs from behind it was amazing.... We chanfed positions after a while and we were fucking while facing towards each other i fucked her ass and sucked her boobs at the same time and she was screaming....we fucked each other for about 30 min and changed positions also ... When i was about to cum she told me to cum in her mouth i shot a big load of cum inside her mouth and on her face also she rubbed the cum and drank all of it .... It was really a good time fucking her ....we also did 69 position and fucked again the next time we met....
Hope you guys enjoyed my story please leave comments.. And any girl o lady wants to have fun o exchange pics tell me in the comments

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