A Stroll through the Forest (young sex, straight)

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Molly is a young 15 year old that loves to dress up. She goes out for a stroll in the forest one day and meets old Tom. They like each other instantly and become lovers

This happened to me during my fifteen year back in 1960. I had a secret place near the forest where I would hide my dresses and skirts and blouses. I also kept all the rest of my girly things there inside the old abandoned house. these were things that I had found in the attic of our house and they once belonged to an older sister.

On this particular day I decided to wear a pretty yellow sun dress with a white blouse over it. I dressed care fully putting on a white lace bra that I filled with toilet paper to make me look like I had tits. I put on a matching pair of laced panties and over all of that went a lace white full slip. I didn't need a wig because I had natural curly long hair. I carefully put on some make up, I was still practicing putting on. All dressed and ready, I ventured out to the forest. I took a seldom used path that led to a quiet brook. I was sitting on a log daydreaming when a soft voice startled me.

'Hi there, enjoying the quiet?' He said.

I looked around to see old Tom, the old man that lived down the street from us. He was a quiet old man that lived alone and never bothered anyone. Sometimes I would stop and talk with him. He stood near me and looked at me in a strange way and smiled.

'Yes, yes, I like to sit here a lot. It's so quiet here and no one ever comes this way,' I say.

'May I sit?'

'Oh, of course,' I say moving sideways to make room on the log, my dress moving up as I do.

'You're very pretty. And you look so familiar, do I know you?' he say looking me over closely. The a smile slowly appears on his face.

'Yes, I do think I know you. I've always thought you had such a pretty face for a boy. Your Danny from down the street aren't you? So many times I wondered what you would look like in a dress and now look at you, so pretty. Stand up and let me look at you.'

I nodded my head and stood up. He motioned for me to turn around and I turn very slowly. He reaches out to touch my ass as it goes by. An electrical current runs through me as he touches me.

'Let's go to my house, I know a way to get there so that no one can see. It leads to my back yard..'

Excitement builds in me. What does he have in mind for us that we can't do here I wonder. We arrive at his house and like he said no one can see you because of the thick trees and tall brush. As soon as we are in the house he turns and takes me into his arms and kisses me full on the lips. I feel his tongue touching me and I open my mouth to accept him. Our tongues are dancing with each other and his hands are on my ass cheeks. I feel my cock starting to grow and I am getting hornier by the minute. My breathing is becoming labored and I pull him closer as my hands rub his back. Finally we part to catch our breathe and I whisper in his ear as he is holding me close.

'Do you want to fuck me? I want to be fucked like a girl. Please take me and fuck me, teach me, Please!'

We move to the bedroom and He has me lay on the bed as he crawls in on the other side. He pulls me close to him and we begin to kiss again. I feel his hand slide under the hem of my dress and he moves it up to grab my swollen cock. He plays with it as we kiss. I want him bad and I move myself closer and closer to him. I move my hands down to undo his belt and undo his pants. I try to slide his pants down but I have trouble doing it. So he lifts himself as we continue to kiss. I slide his pants and shorts down over his hips and move to grasp his cock. It feel huge and long. I slide my hand along it trying to measure. I feel his hand leave my cock and move to caress my bottom. He slides the hand under my panties and using a finger, he plays with my crack. I let out a small moan of pleasure. The we come up for air. I whisper again in his ear as he hold me.

'Please fuck me, teach me how to fuck as a girl. I do so want to be fucked.'

He turns me over and lubes up my crack and then he mounts me. I feel the head of his cock touch the entrance. It lays there for a bit then he begins to move it in. He pauses to add more lube and then starts again to move it in. All of a sudden I feel a great deal of pain, but I bite down hard on a pillow. I know that my little ass is stretching to accept his cock and I don't want him to stop. Just then he pauses again to add more lube. He starts up again only this time he slides it out a bit and slowly moves it forward. The pain and the pleasure mix as he slides it deeper and finally it's all the way in. He stops and lays there for some time then he starts fucking me. I find myself pushing up to meet him wanting more of him. At last I feel something hot inside me and he thrusts himself at me and then he just lays on me leaving his cock inside me. I feel his cock slowly coming out of me as it goes down to its normal size.

Turning over I reach out and kiss him deeply and tell him that tomorrow I planned to come early so we could have all day to fuck. I tell him that he's my daddy and I am his little fuck girl. I think of him often and treasure his memory.I was his fuck doll for ten years before he died.

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