How I Became An Older Mans Lover (gay, mature sex)

pinkpetti's sex story
I meet the new man that moves into the neighborhood. He's gentle and sweet and we become close friends. Not long after he teaches me to become who I really want to be, a girl.

Mr. Sanders move into our neighborhood in June of 57. At first I watched him from afar then one Saturday as I was walking by his house, he called me and asked if I wanted to make some money. I said sure and asked what I had to do. He told me that he needed help fixing his den. He took me into the house and showed me what he wanted to do. The project took most of the summer and during this time we became close friends. I was getting ready to turn thirteen. One day we were sitting in the finished Den drinking a cold soda, when he said to me.

'Johnny can I ask you a question and you won't get upset?'

'Sure Dave, you and I are good friends and I trust you. I really do.,' I replied.

'The other day, I could have sworn. That I saw you had on a pair of panties under your jeans. It's okay with me if you like to wear them. And its for sure that I will not tell anyone if it's what I saw.'

I was caught I thought. Yes I had on one of my sisters panties and that wasn't all that I liked to put on. Whenever no one was around I would put on her petticoats and slips. I would dress as a girl and play with my young cock. So he saw the panties.

'Ah, Yes , I ah, well I like how they make me feel,' I say.

'Well your secret is safe with me. What else do you like to wear?'

'Everything the girls wear.'

'I have a idea that you could easily pass as a girl. Would you dress up for me if I could get you some girls clothes.'

'Hmmm, yes I would like to try it some day.'

As time went on I told him more about how I felt that I was cheated by not being born a girl. I told him about how the boys always had to wear bland clothes while the girls got to wear all the pretty things and to me that was so wrong. During this time for some reason I would get tingly when he would sit close to me on the couch whenever I would go to his house. He would often touch my hand whenever he would bring me some thing to eat or drink. I found myself wanting him to sit even closer and to hold me. I even began to think that I was gay and hoping that he was also. Then came the day when he told me that a surprise was waiting for me in the bedroom. I went there and found some petticoats, a full slip, matching panties and bra. There was even a garter belt and a pair of hose to wear. Next to them was blue full skirt and a white blouse.
He had fashioned some fake tits to fit the bra. I dress quickly and walked out to the den to meet him. This was my first time to be with another male while dressed as a girl.

He had a big smile when I entered the den. He motioned for me to come and sit next to him. I did as he wanted and without saying anything, he took me into his arms and kissed me on the lips. A quick kiss at first then another one that lasted a little longer and finally a deep and long one. I felt his tongue touch my lips and I opened my mouth just a little. I felt his hot tongue begin to open my mouth wider as it entered in to find my tongue. it was n't long before they were playing with each other. I pulled him closer as I was being aroused more and more. His hand found the hem of my skirt and it snaked under it making its way up my leg.

My young cock was growing hard from his kisses and his hand making its way up to my cock. I was beginning to pant and gasp for air but at the same time not wanting the love making to stop. I shuddered as he took my cock in his hand caressing it and moving his hand up and down

'I want to take you to the bedroom and make love to you,' he whispered in my ear.

'Yes, yes,' I panted. 'Please take me, take me now. Make love to me as your girl.'

As we walk to the bedroom his hand is on my ass, rubbing it and inserting a finger into it through the panties I half lean on him, wanting him to stop and kiss me. Then as though he read my mind, he stops in the hallway and pulls me in for a deep kiss. He puts both hands on my ass, his fingers pushing into my male pussy. I'm burning with desire. Then we move into the bedroom and he gently lays me down on the bed. He slide in next to me and begins to give me deep searching kiss. As we break to catch our breathes I say.

'Oh honey, Fuck me. Please fuck me and make me your girl. I want to be fucked and be your girl always..'

He turns me over and slides my panties down. He moves the petticoats and slip up and I feel him putting gel into my pussy. He begins with one finger the two and adds more gel. I feel him inserting three finger sliding them as far as he can. I gasp for air as he is doing this, then I feel him move to ready himself to enter me. I feel his hard cock touch the entrance of my pussy. He pushes in slowly my pussy reacts to his entering. He stops and adds more gel and starts again to enter me. I feel an excruciating pain and I gasp for air catching little bits of air as I try to relax. The pain is great but I don't try to stop him. He keeps a steady pressure on my pussy until at last it accepts his hard member.

He lays there for a while then begins to fuck me slowly at first in short strokes.
I try to relax and enjoy his cock as it makes love to my pussy. Very soon I find myself moving upwards to meet his downward move. While it hurts I move in rhythm with him and he stops for a moment then he moves again, his breathing becoming labored. He pushes his cock as deep s he can and then I feel something hot hit the back of my pussy and I know he is cumming in my pussy. My own cock is all wet from my juices. He finally lays on top of me for a long time then slides down next to me. I turn and kiss him long and deep.

'Thank you for making me into a girl and fucking me like one. My pussy is yours and only yours forever. I love you so,' I breathlessly say in a whisper.

'Your welcome my sweet young thing. I've only started to make love to you. I want to suck that sweet little cock of yours before you go home. And I want to fuck you as often as we have time with each other.'

And we did fuck often until I went into the service. I lost track of him after I went into the service and like I told him, my pussy was his and only his. Np other cock has had the pleasure of fucking it. But who knows maybe someday it will find the right cock and the right time to come alive once again.

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