Just Got Popped - Part Three (gay, teen sex)

Juan Sanchez's sex story
The saga of a young boy's dream come true 9 years later continues as the young man learns of his father's former lover and the disagreement that tore them apart. Can the young man's tender body restore this fractured relationship?

We knocked on Ernie's door. 'Pop, when we get inside, would it be okay if I hugged and kissed Ernie? It is partly his doing that I was able to please you so thoroughly.' I looked at Pop expectantly. 'Sure, it's okay. As a matter of fact, we'll do a threesome, but only I can fuck you, got it?' 'Yes Pop! Are you sure it's okay to do a threesome with Ernie?' Again, I waited anxiously for his answer. Pop smiled, 'It is really okay - everything except fucking.' I kissed Pop with joy as the door opened.
Ernie was a language teacher at a local university. After he told me he was gay, I always imagined that he had no end of young ass to fuck or cock to suck, but I could have been wrong. Ernie was never caught up in a scandal of any kind in all his years there. Ernie was just not the kind of person to exploit others that way, he would never use his position to gain an unfair advantage. If he had sex with any of his students, they either never reported him or he was never found out. As I said early on, he didn't even take 'advantage' of me though I asked him to do so and he had my implicit approval, even though I was a minor. It would definitely have been consensual.
Ernie let me have a key to his place. He would let me come by to watch dirty movies, smoke pot and drink beer, but would never let me get crazy wasted or stay overnight. Ernie looked out for me. He was like a friend first, and an uncle when my dad was around. Somewhere along the way, Pop and he had a falling out, but I don't know about what. Ernie wasn't good looking, but he was nice to me and I loved him. I didn't yet realize that I loved Ernie emotionally while I loved Pop sexually.
As soon as the door opened, I jumped on Ernie's neck, kissing and hugging him, saying 'Thank you!' again and again. I pulled him to the living room while Pop closed and locked the door. As I snuggled against Pop on the couch, he told Ernie what had happened last night and this morning, in full detail. I laughed at times, and at times kissed Pop's face as I relived with him the fulfillment of my dreams to service my dad sexually in all ways. I could see Ernie's boner through his gym shorts. He caught me looking and I winked at him. I turned and looked at Pop and nodded.
Pop said, 'Ernie, I am really sorry about what happened between us, but is there any way that we can put that behind us? I have brought Al with me as a peace offering. I know you love him and want him, and so do I. I know he loves us both. Let's just have sex and let bygones be bygones.'
'So this is the best you can do after all this time? Using your son as an olive branch?' Ernie said incredulously. Ernie then proceeded to recount how he and my dad were on and off lovers. How Ernie had to feign bisexuality to keep Pop in his life. Ernie had loved me enough to know that I needed someone more caring and less demanding than my father in my life. Ernie had been willing to be exclusive to my dad in order to have the opportunity to raise me with him. Instead my dad feigned heterosexuality, kicked Ernie to the curb, and refused to let me see him (though he never knew I stayed in touch with him). I spoke up - 'Ernie, he is who he is and that's not going to change. I can't promise the three of us will be together, but this is a better start than being apart. Let's try to love instead of holding on to the past. I'm trying to do that with Pop and he's trying to do that with me now. If it's okay with Pop, let me start this off by sucking both your cocks.' I looked at Pop and he smiled. 'Stand up' he said. He undressed me in front of Ernie. Ernie was definitely turned on as he looked at my young firm body. Then Pop went over to Ernie and began to undress him, which was relatively simple as he only had boxer shorts on. Ernie's cock was about 8' long, uncut but beautiful to me. Pop said, 'Suck him' to me. 'Are you sure you want me to suck him Pop?' 'Yes, I'm sure, suck him!'
I sat on the floor and began to kiss and lick Ernie's cock. I peeled the skin back and admired his cockhead, kissing it. I took the head in my mouth, cradling it on my tongue, curled my lips around my teeth and took his manhood fully to the root. Pop now stood naked beside us, his cock appearing to dwarf Ernie's. I continued to suck Ernie while grasping Pop's rod and stroking him firmly. They positioned themselves one to each side, so I started sucking each one in turn. Two cocks! Just for me! I kissed, licked and sucked them both, sucking their balls as well, as their moans slowly rose in volume. Soon, both cocks at my lips, I took both heads into my mouth. Amazing! Incredible! I never would have dreamed this!
Ernie said, 'Let's go to the shower.' I look at Pop - 'Is that okay?' I asked. 'Yes,' he said, 'it's okay.' Ernie's shower was custom. He'd had the bathroom enlarged as though it were for handicapped access, then had bars, hand-holds and molded ledges in the shower stall proper. Pop was humping on me as we walked to the shower and Ernie was tongue-kissing me. Ernie turned on the shower. The doors were transparent. 'Get in you two' Ernie said, 'I'll be right back.' My father wasted no time - he was very horny, maybe having a threesome had really turned him on, I don't know. He got behind me, still humping me and began to squeeze out some shower gel on both of us. Ernie had come back and was setting up a small tripod with a video camera. The red light was on, so I figured we were being filmed.
Pop pressed his meat between my buns, then pushed hard to penetrate me. I thrust my ass out to give him full entry through my back door - and enter he did! He cock hurt me a little as it went in this time, but I pretended not to notice. 'OOOO OHHHHH YESSSS ay papi mentemelo enterito! (put it in me all the way!) Ernie got in at the front of the shower and said, 'Shut up and suck my cock!' I looked back at Pop, who nodded in assent. I took Ernie in my mouth as my father took me from behind. Our moans filled the bathroom and my groans echoed back. I could feel that Pop and Ernie were leaning toward each other, but I didn't know what, if anything, they might be doing. Pop however was fucking me hard, ramming his cock into me with abandon. Meanwhile, Ernie was fucking my face with his cock and saying, 'I always imagined your mouth was so soft and wet!' as he tried to thrust his cock down my throat. I took him easily having had bigger cocks than his to practice with. 'Stand up' Pop said. I stood, but Pop was still inside me. He thrust his cock up into me. Ernie picked up one of my legs, as I supported myself on the handles available in the shower. This gave Pop more penetration and it seemed my pleasure increased exponentially. Ernie dropped my leg, then Pop picked up my left and right legs and Ernie supported me as I tilted forward toward Ernie. Suspended between them both, Pop fucked my ass and Ernie fucked my face. This was too difficult to maintain but it was awesome to be so completely under the control of these two men.
They both lowered me to the floor of the shower stall and I sucked both their cocks. Sucking multiple cocks is amazing. I went from one to the other hungrily, greedily, sometimes stuffing them both in my mouth at once. I heard Pop say 'Should we fuck him?' 'Let's try to stuff both our cocks in his ass!' Ernie replied. I looked up at them with both their cocks stuffed in my mouth, my eyes wide with fright. They helped me stand and led me to the bedroom.
Ernie laid me gently on the bed, facing up. Pop lifted my legs and entered me perfunctorily, apparently continuing from his shower fuck. Ernie straddled my face and spread his legs, giving me access to his thighs and cock. I sucked Ernie's hard cock while Pop fucked me. It was awesome to have cock in my mouth AND my ass!
Next Pop got me on my hands and knees and fucked me doggie-style, my favorite position. Ernie sat with his back to the headboard and allowed me to keep sucking him. Dad had me firmly by the hips and slammed, rammed and jammed his cock into me forcefully. I could only 'mmmm' and 'hmmm' because my mouth was full of cock.
Ernie got up and Pop laid face up on the bed and said, 'Sit on it.' I obeyed, straddling his groin and lowering myself down as Ernie guided the cock into my ass. My anus accepted Pop's huge cock more easily each time, except on occasions where there was a lack of lubrication. As I slid my hot and ready ass up and down Pop's amazing lightning rod, Ernie kissed and licked my ass and Pop's cock as it went in and out. When Ernie stopped doing that I didn't notice, but then he was behind me. He pushed me down and Pop held me, then Ernie lubricated his cock with spit and began to force his cock in my hole with Pop still in me. 'Arrrghhh! Ernie no! Pop please don't let him to this!!!' But Pop ignored my pleas. Finally, Ernie's cock slipped in beside Pop's and both began to thrust in turn. Pop thrust in, Ernie out, Ernie in, then Pop out. As the rhythm continued to build, my poor anus began to accomodate both cocks and soon I was begging them not to stop. Pop let me go, but I didn't lift myself up as I wanted both cocks to continue penetrating me. I began to beg for their cum - that they would cover me with jizz, and to feel hot jizz pouring out of my stretched out ass as well as the loads of salty hot cum that I wanted to swallow.
Soon I was back on all fours, taking it doggie-style from Pop as Ernie ran his hands over our bodies. Then Pop would stop and let Ernie fuck me while Pop ran his hands over us. They took turns over and over, maybe twenty times each. Then I was on my side with Pop spooned up next to me, fucking me furiously while Ernie did a 69 with me. I came in Ernie's mouth and he shared the cum with Pop, then they both kissed me.
They both knelt over my face and masturbated until they shot gobs of creem all over my face and in my mouth. I took each man in turn, sucking each cock thoroughly, making sure to consume every drop of cum. Once they were done, Pop said, 'Turn over'. I did as I was told not expecting what was next.
Ernie handcuffed me to the bed while Pop tied my feel to the bed. I anxiously looked around and saw Pop with a horsetail whip. He hit me ten times across the legs and twenty across my ass. I cried and begged and screamed for him to stop, but he said nothing. He gave me another ten across my back, then another ten on my ass. My entire body felt like it was on fire! 'What did I tell you???? Did I ever tell you that it was alright to fuck Ernie? Did I?' he screamed. 'No but you LET HIM FUCK ME!!' I screamed through my tears. 'Ernie how could you let him do this??' 'He's your father - you have to do what he says and he has the right to discipline you when you don't' Ernie said. 'NO!!!' I cried, sobbing. Pop hit me again and again on my ass until Ernie finally stopped him. 'That's enough' he said, 'he knows what to do now.' Pop said, 'What did I tell you before we came.' I sobbed out my answer, 'That no one fucks you but me! Don't you understand??? NO ONE FUCKS YOU BUT ME!!!!! SAY IT!' My voice was quiet, Ernie comforting me as best he could, 'No one fucks me but Pop. No one fucks me but Pop.' My ass, legs and back felt swollen, but the smell of ass and jizz still hung in the air. Pop went inside me. As he did, I could feel that odd mixture of pain and pleasure, both and neither, greater than either one alone. Pop was afraid. he was afraid that I would leave him. That's why he parted from Ernie - he was afraid that Ernie would take me away from him. 'I would never leave you Pop. I want you always, I will never stop wanting you. Your loving is the best loving. I love you Pop, I love you very much!' As he fucked me, he began to cry. Ernie laid beside me, comforting me, kissing my face tenderly, assuring me it would be alright. I could feel Pop hardening inside me as he pumped me harder and faster, even while he was crying. Ernie and I began to kiss more passionately, until Pop came in my ass, thrusting deep inside me and filling my ass with his love. I finally understood that though my ass belonged to Daddy, my heart belonged to Ernie.

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