Just Got Popped - Part Two (gay, teen sex)

Juan Sanchez's sex story
The continuing story of a boy's childhood fantasy coming true 9 years later when his father comes home late from a hard day's work. The morning after, the father and son continue to get acquainted.

In spite of the way Pop wore me out the night before, I had risen at about 8 on only four hours sleep. After about two and a half hours of marathon fucking and sucking, Pop had mounted me and rode me bareback for another hour and a half. It was obvious to me that he enjoyed taking me in the submissive position from the back and I love to submit that way, especially now that it was with him.
I was in the shower soaping myself thoroughly, thinking fondly about the night before, when the shower curtain opened. Pop stood there staring at me up and down, obviously turned on by my soapy nakedness. I looked directly at his cock - long, thick, hung - mmm, I could already taste him!
I reached out and grabbed him by his gorgeous manhood and pulled gently. 'Come on in, the water is fine - and so are you!' I said invitingly. Not that he needed much convincing. Immediately upon stepping into the shower, Pop grabbed my ass cheeks hard, pulling me to himself and pressing his lips and cock against mine. He moved his groin rhythmically, kneading my buns like flour. I was instantly overcome with desire and surrendered completely to him.
He backed up and grabbed the soap. He began to soap himself, particularly his cock, as I watched. What made his cock doubly wonderful, was that he was big enough to penetrate me without being hard and still give me great pleasure. Hard though - that was amazing! I saw him begin to stiffen. I turned to face away, my hands against the shower wall, feeling the hot water cascade over my body. I felt his hands soaping my back and my ass. He reached around and soaped up my erection until I felt like I would cum in his hand. As he did that, I felt the tip of his rod sliding up and down between my cheeks. 'oh Pop - I love you!' I turned my head back as I spoke my love and he kissed me and penetrated me all at once.
His cock slid in effortlessly. I thrust out my ass in submission and acceptance. He began thrusting slowly, deliberately. I could feel him growing inside of me with each thrust. All I could do was to say, over and over, 'oh oh oh oh yes oh oh yes yes mmm oh,' my voice softly intoning my pleasure. As Pop fucked me, his hands worked my body, alternately pulling down on my shoulders, pulling back on my hips, tweaking my nipples or massaging my cock and balls. I was on sexual cloud nine!
Pop continued taking me this way for what seemed like 30 minutes. His thrusting was now more furtive, more insistent. He had one arm wrapped around my waist and the other pulling down from my shoulder. All I could do was acquiesce - gladly and willingly offering him my body for his pleasure. His cock was enormous inside of me. I begged to be filled with his cum like an eclair with cream and to have my buns frosted with his jizz like a cinnamon roll with frosting. His thrusts were harder and harder - he would pull back and then thrust in fast and hard, unlike his prior rhythmic penetrations.
Suddenly, Pop stiffened and yelled, 'I'm cumming Al you son-of-a-bitch you make me cum so hard!' 'Shoot me full of your creem baby!' I replied. Pop thrust my ass hard and deep, shooting his load inside of me, filling me with his love. He seemed to be having micro-orgasms with each shot of cum. His body quaked and shivered, as he emptied himself of his precious milk, shot after shot, until he was dry. I pulled away from him, turned around and went down on him, hoping to clean his cock of all cummy residue. I could smell my ass, his cock and taste his cum. I grabbed my cock and quickly jacked myself to orgasm, catching my cum in my hand, then spreading it all over his cock so that I could continue licking, sucking and kissing his rod clean. When I was done, we kissed passionately, but it was me this time who grabbed his ass and pulled him into me, savoring his mouth and his body.
Once we finished showering, my dad toweled off and left the bathroom. I was still glowing from last night, but now I was positively radiant. I was even a little loopy, drunk with love. Pop and I had been fucking since last night. It would soon be twelve hours since he had come last night and taken me. Though that wasn't the right way to think of it as far as I was concerned. I had willingly given myself to him and I was happy to please him in all those ways. I was in my room getting ready to put some shorts on when Pop appeared at the door, still naked.
'What do you want for break...? What are you doing?' Pop said, sounding annoyed. 'I'm getting dressed,' I said, 'what's wrong?' 'What's wrong is that now that you're out to me, anytime we are alone in the house there will be no clothes. I might want to fuck you or have you give me head and I don't want to be messing around with clothes, okay?' 'Sure Pop, anything you say. I will fuck or suck you anywhere, anytime. Tell me when and I'm there.' I said with mock military salute following. He came in the room and said, 'Kneel and suck!' I knelt and began sucking, but no sooner had I done that than he said 'Stand and bend over!'. I did that and he spread my cheeks and forced his cock in me dry. It was so painful that I cried out 'Arrrgh!!' but I did not resist. 'Now you're getting it!' he said pleased. Again, he was pleased - that's all I wanted, to please my Pop. He pulled out and said, 'Follow me!' Again, I complied and followed him to the kitchen.
When we got in the kitchen, Pop handed me an apron and said, 'Put in on!' I didn't know if he was role-playing a sex game or if he was testing me, but either way, I'd play along and pass the test. Though the apron covered my front, it was wide open in the back. 'I am going to fuck you while you make us breakfast. Don't burn or spill anything, or I will have to punish you!!' I went to get some eggs and bacon in the refrigerator. I exaggerated the motion of bending looking for the eggs and I felt Pop spreading something in my crack. I assumed he was lubricating me and so I shifted my stance from one leg to another, shaking my ass. I took a pan out, greased it and cracked an egg. Pop came up behind me and thrust inside me with one deft movement. It surprised me enough that I almost dropped eggshell into the pan and on the floor. As I said before, he might be flaccid but he was big enough to penetrate even so. I tried to move away from the stove in order to grab a spatula and get rid of the eggshell, but he started thrusting into me and knocking me against the stove. I was enjoying the fucking, but I still tried, unsuccessfully at first, to complete my breakfast trial.
I was able to scramble two eggs (one for each), cook some bacon and pour juice while I was being fucked. However, while I was trying to do the toast, he lifted me up onto the counter and started eating my ass, then sucking my cock and balls, then finally fucking me hard. I completely zoned out and lost myself in the passion, burning the toast. Pop ejected the toast and said, 'Go to my bedroom!' as he thew the burnt toast in the sink.
I waited in Pop's bedroom, unsure what was next. He came in the room with a big wooden stirring spoon. 'Lay down prone on the bed and don't look at me!' he demanded. 'Pop listen, whatever you were doing was fun, but don't you think..' Before I finished, Pop smacked me on my upper thigh with the spoon, leaving a reddening welt. I was standing there shocked as he said, 'You obviously can't follow directions, so I need to teach you a lesson. Follow my directions to the letter or you will be punished!' 'But Pop, you fuck me so good! I couldn't concentrate...' He hit me again, almost in the same spot. 'Lay down prone on the fucking bed I said!'
My thigh stung as I lay face down on Pop's bed. He fastened my wrists to the headboard and my ankles to the legs of the bed. I heard the jingle of the belt. It had been a long time since I'd felt the belt. I was suddenly scared. This was a mean streak in Pop that I thought I wouldn't see now that we were lovers. I guess I was wrong.
Whack! Across the backs of my calves the belt struck leavig heat behind. 'When I say, don't spill or burn, what do I mean?' I was afraid and confused, not having gotten the idea yet. 'Pop, stop this - I love you!' Whack! Across the backs of my thighs, my legs were now hot with pain. 'When I say don't spill or burn, what do I mean?' 'Don't spill or burn, don't spill or burn, you mean don't spill or burn!' I said plaintively. 'If I say, 'Fuck me' what will you do?' 'I will fuck you Pop!' 'If I say 'Suck my cock dry' what will you do?' 'I will suck you dry Pop!' 'If I tell you to suck ten of my friends, what will you do?' 'I will suck them Pop!' He then hit me three times with the belt across the buttocks. My ass was on fire! I was crying, He spanked me three more times across the ass. 'Wrong! You will ask if I am sure that I want you to suck them, then if I say yes, you will suck them! Get that?' He whacked me again on the ass, I almost felt like my ass was generating enough heat to cook breakfast. 'Yes Pop! Yes! I will ask you if you are sure that you want me to suck them and if you say yes, I will suck them!' 'Now you're getting it! Good! If I say, Let my 15 friends gangbang you, what will you do?' He whacked me across the back. Through my tears I said, 'I will ask you if you are sure that you want me to let them gangbang me and if you say yes, I will let them gangbang me! I love you SO much Pop!'
Even though I added the last bit, he didn't hit me and he was silent. I felt his weight on me as he began to mount me, then felt his cock pressing between my burning cheeks. Again, his cock slid into me easily. The pain of my burning, stinging cheeks mixed with the pleasure of his slow penetration for a completely different sensation, one that surpassed both. I had passed his test. He was just afraid that I would leave him or that I would go back to my rebellious ways before we'd begun to be intimate. Or maybe he was afraid that I had met someone during my 'training' that I might leave him for. I understood. When I said, 'I love you SO much Pop!' as he was punishing me, he knew that I was his forever, no matter what.
Pop fucked me for two hours after that, slowly and tenderly. He kissed all the places that he had struck me and apologized, but I didn't let him take the blame. I burned the toast, I didn't follow directions. When he came in me, I was totally relaxed and at peace. Our little B&D session had only made us closer.
For the rest of the day, I hung close to Pop. I took care of him in every way that I could. Some might have called it slavery, but I called it willing service. Later that afternoon, out of the blue, he said, 'Let's go to Ernie's.' 'Are you sure Pop? Only if you say it's okay.' Pop smiled, 'I'm sure' he said and kissed me. We got dressed - or rather we dressed each other - and left.

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