Just Got Popped - Part One (gay, teen sex)

Juan Sanchez's sex story
A boy's dream comes true 9 years later when his dad comes home after a rough day at work. The fulfillment of his desires becomes better than the dream itself.

It was about midnight and I was sleeping soundly in my bed. The room was warmish, so the cover was slightly thrown off one leg, exposing my young thigh and firm left buttock. I didn't work out much, but I had a strong lower body from playing hockey. I had fallen asleep to Love Unlimited Orchestra which had just kept playing over and over at very low volume.
As usual, I'd been fantasizing about sex. I was 17 now, but at about 8 years old I saw my Pop expose himself at a Christmas celebration in Puerto Rico. I guess others might have been repulsed, but I was entranced - totally transfixed by the length and girth of his manhood. Since then, I had been obsessing over Pop's cock, but I had never approached him about it because I was very afraid of how he might react. At 14, I had finally told one of Pop's former friends - former, because they had a falling out and no longer hung out together. As I revealed everything to Ernie, he revealed that he was not bisexual as I had thought, but fully gay. I begged Ernie to penetrate me - I had grown to love Ernie over the years and felt very comfortable about the idea. Ernie, however, out of what he said was respect for my father (who no longer considered him a friend), would not agree. He did however start to give me pointers on how to please a man sexually. I would go to Ernie's house at least twice per month and while he would not allow me to suck his cock or give him my body, he did set me up with well-hung guys (my request) with whom I could practice. I never asked if Ernie was my pimp, that is, if he was collecting money. Ernie wasn't like that and guys will fuck for free if given half the chance, but truthfully, I didn't care. So for three years, 48 times a year, I would practice sex with men, waiting for the day that I could have sex with Pop. I was losing hope though.
Sleeping deeply thanks to LUO, I did not hear Pop come in. He was drunk. Pop was not always drunk, but he could not drink without getting drunk. This is also how he came to expose himself in Puerto Rico.
Shortly after Pop came home, he came into my room, which I also did not hear. However, I sensed something and shifted uneasily in bed, my covers uncovering me more. I sleep with my face turned to the wall and it is not unusual for me to throw off my covers somewhat, as I described. What finally woke me up was a hand softly tracing the curvature of my exposed buttock. As the hand continued to feel my ass and thigh, I could not imagine who it was, though it could only have been one person.
I turned my head and saw Pop, naked as the day he was born. He was focused on my ass, gently squeezing it and removing the covers slowly until it was completely exposed. 'Pop?' I queried meekly. He said nothing. He only laid on top of me and began to hump my ass.
'Pop, are you sure you want to do this?' I asked. He still said nothing as he slowly pressed his manhood against my ass. He humped me slowly, his breathing becoming forceful. The weight of his body had me pinned down. I still wasn't certain of what was happening.
'You want this right?' Pop asked. I still wasn't sure, I didn't know what frame of mind he was in or what really was going on. 'You want me to fuck you right?' he said more forcefully. Fuck it, I thought. 'Yes Pop I do, I've wanted that for a long time. I want you to fuck me and I want to suck your beautiful big cock!'
He began to hump me more forcefully, lifting his torso as his hips ground his penis into the firmness of my ass cheeks. 'You ass is SO nice' he moaned out. 'But you are going to eat my ass and suck my cock before you feel this inside of you!' 'Yes that's what I want, that's all I've wanted!!' I cried.
He got up slowly from humping me. He slowly moved to the side of the bed, allowing me to drink his manhood in with my eyes. His cock was easily 10' maybe longer. He was incredibly hard and swollen. The head of his penis was purple and shining. He stroked himself slowly as I watched, licking my hungry lips. I couldn't believe that this was happening, but since it was, I was definitely going to enjoy it.
He stood at the side of the bed, the back of his thighs flush with the edge. I moved behind him and sat with one leg to each side of his. I began to move my hands over his body, enjoying his mature, yet firm and lean physique. I kissed the small of his back and began to squeeze his cock and balls. The hardness of his rod was amazing! His cock was brimming with raw sexual power! I had to have him inside of me - I had to!
I worked my tongue into his crack. He bent over somewhat to facilitate the rimming. His ass was clean and fresh, as if he'd just showered. I kissed and licked all over his firm, dimpled cheeks. I worked his cock and balls firmly but slowly. He was moaning softly. 'Damn, you're better than a woman!' Pop said. 'Believe me, you're going to come so hard you might not go back!' I boasted. I punctuated my boast by letting go of his cock, spreading his cheeks and sticking my tongue deep into his hole and began to thrust into his anus with my tongue.
Pop moaned loudly, thrusting his ass forcefully back, my face now buried between his cheeks. I moved my tongue in his hole, filling it with saliva. I fantasized about how pleasing it would be to fuck him.
Finally Pop straightened up and turned around. 'Suck me Al, suck me like your life depends on it!' he demanded. I kissed and licked the shaft over and over, stopping only to suck his balls. I squeezed his ass, sticking my finger into his lubricated hole. His body stiffened and he thrust his cock forward into my mouth. The pure male power of his rod in my mouth gave me a sense of security that I'd never felt with him before. As I looked up at him, his cock in my mouth, he looked down at me filled with passion and desire. He wanted me! ME!
I moved my willing mouth up and down his shaft. His hands were caressing my shoulders, face and hair. I accomodated each thrust as well as I could - his penis was big, but I took him deep. I would have to remember to thank Ernie.
'Do you want me to cum in your mouth or in your ass?' Pop asked mischievously. 'I want you to cum everywhere in and on my body that you can possibly cum!' I shot back. 'Lay back on the bed' Pop ordered.
I reluctantly released his cock, but not before a few more kisses and licks. I lay back on the bed and spread my legs wide. Ernie had once set me up with a well-hung black man who told me that I had an ass like a pussy. He barely let me get all the way in his house without fucking me! I hoped that Pop would be even more pleased. Pop looked at me for a long while, stroking himself. He finally left, then came back with a tube of sex lubricant. He knelt between my legs and began to massage the lubricant into the crack of my anxious ass and into my hungry hole. It must have been desensitzing because I immediately felt my hole go a little numb. My dad pushed my legs back and said, 'Put it in.'
As he held my legs up by my ankles, I guided his missile to its target. I felt the turgid head press against the hole, my anus straining against its girth, but only for a second. His cock suddenly slipped in, filling me with his swollen manhood. 'OHHHHH POP!' I cried. The lubricant did not take away any of the pleasure of his penetration. He pressed his penis into me, his eyes closed, concentrating on his task. 'Fuck me Papi, fuck me hard, make me yours!' I begged. He began to stroke in and out slowly. 'Oh yes your ass is sweet!' he exclaimed. My dad was fucking me and was satisfied. I was so happy at that moment, knowing that he was pleased with me.
Pop continued to fuck me, slowly and deliberately, opening my ass up completely and filling me full of his power. I continued to beg for more, more and faster, faster. He dropped one of my legs and took me from the side, holding my ankle to his mouth, kissing my foot as he continue to fuck me. I moaned and groaned - I even cried, I was so overwhelmed with desire and joy. Pop was a skilled and patient lover, his strokes calm and measured, calculated for maximum sensation. The passion was building up in me to a fever pitch.
Dad turned me over and mounted me from behind, as I spread my cheeks open for him. He penetrated me deeply, moaning as he did so. 'Oh shit, I feel like I'm sticking my cock into butter!' he said, surprised. 'It's for you Papi, you're my only love! I want you like this always! Make me your slave Pop, please!' I contined to beg. He did not respond, but stopped grinding for a moment. He grabbed me by the hips after a few minutes, pulling me up until my ass was pointing up. He penetrated me doggie-style, fiercely. I yelled and begged - not for mercy, but for more. He rode me hard then, pulling back on my shoulders, slamming his hardness into me. I went wild moving my ass, tightening my hole - something he didn't know I could do and it obviously increased his enjoyment because he moaned loudly.
He unmounted and pulled a chair over, sitting down in it. I went over to him, already a little bow-legged from the intense fucking I'd already had. He held his cock so that it pointed directly up. I faced him and straddled his legs. I used the horizontals connecting the chair legs to position myself above his lap, then lowered myself down. He guided his penis into me as I lowered my ass slowly into his lap. I felt his cock deeper inside that it had been so far. I felt full of cock. I wrapped my legs around the chair and my arms around his neck grasping the back of the chair. I began to raise and lower my ass on his rod, like a piston in a combustion engine. We both moaned loudly. I became dizzy with the pure heat of our lust. I began to kiss his head and face as I impaled myself repeatedly on his raging cock. He held me tight, pressing me against himself. We began to kiss, our tongues entwined. I came on his belly, my body stiffening and my hole tightening. My body stayed stiff for 10 or 15 seconds. 'Turn around' Pop said.
I turned, doing a reverse cowgirl. I looked back and watched him looking at his cock going in and out of my ass over and over again. 'Fuck me Papi - Dame tu bicho grandote carajo!' (Give me your giant cock dammit!) I stopped moving and let him thrust himself up into me. 'YESSSS YESSSS YESSSS!!!' I exclaimed. I sat down on his rod and he stood up with me impaled on his cock. He walked me over next to the window and fucked me against the wall. I thrust my ass out, begging him to take it and do as he willed. He took me by the hips and thrust into me hard again and again, fulfilling my desire. He turned me around, picked me up and slammed me against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as he lowered me unto his cock yet again. His rod was deep inside me - I felt that it was in my stomach! He walked around my room, carrying me on his hips with his rod deep inside me. He started giving me hickies on my shoulders which made me start screaming for him to cum inside of me.
Finally, Pop threw us both down on the bed - me on the bottom, him on top. We repositioned my legs so that my ankles were on his shoulders. I placed my hands on his firm thighs and pulled him toward me as he thrusted. I looked in his face - his features contorted with passion and his mouth was full of praise for the fucking I was taking. I begged him to cum, moving my ass as best I could to bring him to orgasm.
Pop pulled almost all the way out then thrust in hard and deep. 'I'm cumming!!!!!' he yelled. He pulled out as he was cumming, creeming my hole and my cock. I unentangled myself and put his cock in my mouth as streams of hot jizz shot from Pop's rod shot unto my lips and tongue. 'MMMM' I said. I wrapped my lips around his member and sucked hard. I attempted to swallow him whole but only took about 3/4 of his huge penis down my throat. That was enough though, for him to shoot 2 more shots of cum in my mouth. His cum was thick, like jello. I lapped it up like a thirsty dog! I hungrily continued sucking his cock and balls. I couldn't believe it but, I felt him stiffening again!
He turned me over and mounted me, but this time he fucked me like an animal, wildly slamming his groin against my ass. I lifted, shook and tightened my ass as much as I could. He yelled, 'OH SHIT!!!!!' and shot inside my ass. I felt his cum, hot in my hole, warming my body. He stayed inside of me for about 15 minutes - that's how long it took for him to be completely flaccid. Until then, he continued his in and out motion, kissing the back of my neck and giving me hickies on my shoulders.
We were laying together on my bed. I could feel his cum dripping from my asshole and could still taste his cock and cum in my mouth. His legs were wrapped over mine. I could still feel his cock on my skin. Though flaccid, he was still well-hung. He was kissing my face and gently humping my leg.
'What brought all this on?' I asked. 'Well, after work I had a few drinks and for one reason of another, went to Ernie's.' 'Ernie's?' 'Yeah well - I knew that you got along with him, so I guess when I got drunk I went there to ask him why he could get along with you and I couldn't. He finally told me what you came to see him about.' 'Pop, I wanted you so bad, I didn't know what to do! Ernie wouldn't fuck me but he did help me to learn about pleasing men sexually. I just wanted to be ready in case we, you know...'
Pop kissed me deeply on the mouth, silencing me. His tongue searched my mouth until he found my tongue. I began to play with his cock, which was beginning to stiffen. I was so happy! I didn't know what the future would hold, but as long as Pop held me and fucked me often, I was okay. We consummated our new relationship for much of the early morning until we but fell asleep, sated.

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