A Chat With My Wife's Lover - III (straight, cheating)

Thomas's sex story
We both went inside, and Ramon nosily followed. Ramon and me carried her luggage over to the bedroom as she walked by my side telling me how wonderful her trip was and thanking me for it. Ramon was just a few feet away behind us. The horny SOB was either jealous or just wanted to hear us.

Monday morning Ramon didn’t show up to work, a rare event.

I figured he had too many beers over the weekend or he was saving his load for the long awaited return of Anne after 5 days.

I waited an extra 10-minutes and left for the office.

It was intriguing not knowing about Ramon, what happened, and of course, that horny feeling around me.

We had several open issues to go over. Above his pending story about Mally, I was eagerly looking forward Anne and Ramon encounter after a few days off.

Monday was a long day.

On Tuesday morning, Ramon arrived a little late, but I was still around the house.

He went over his poor excuse over a cup of coffee for not being at work on Monday, yet we went over some details, but we both knew well that was the day she returned.

“I have to go Ramon”, I said. “I won’t be picking up Ann at the airport…you will”, I added.

Ramon’s eyes opened wide.

“I have this meeting at 10:30 and her flight arrives at 10:10. I want you there, on time Ramon”, I instructed.

Ramon simply nodded.

“Take her car”, I continued. “I’ll be back for lunch at around 1, 1:30, OK?”

I drove to the plant with an annoying hardon that lasted most of the morning. I sat in the meeting trying to accomodate my cock, not paying much attention to the details of the meeting. Being the boss had its privileges.

Lunch time came, and I told my secretary I was taking a couple of hours off.

When I got home, Anne came out to greet me as she heard the door opening. She jumped to my arms and kissed me for a long time in the mouth while I huged her, lifting her up….all in front of Ramon.

He applauded us!

We both went inside, and Ramon nosily followed. Ramon and me carried her luggage over to the bedroom as she walked by my side telling me how wonderful her trip was and thanking me for it. Ramon was just a few feet away behind us. The horny SOB was either jealous or just wanted to hear us.

She asked me how it was without her……if she only knew!

Anne stayed in the bedroom while I walked out and met Ramon in the kitchen, as he poured some coffee.

“Tom”, he said with calm, “you just kissed my cock”. We both laughted out loud as Anne was coming in….

“What are you two laughing at?” Anne asked.

“Nothing”, I said. “An old joke Ramon told me”.

“I asume is one of those red, dirty jokes”, she giggled.

“Well, sort of”, I said as I winked an eye at Ramon.

“Good”, she said. “I’m hungry. I’ll fix me and you guys something to eat”.

When I was around, Ramon almost always had lunch with us regardless of how dirty or sweatty he was. Part of the perks of being more than a simple employee.

Ramon told me how sometimes he fingered Anne’s pussy under the table and she rubbed her feet in this bare leg while we ate.

We chatted about her trip. We laughted and shared a great moment. I was hard all the time, and even stayed on the table a when Anne started to pick up the dishes. Ramon got up. His bulge was normal, I noticed, but mine didn’t go away.

I finally managed to put things under control, got up, and went outside for a smoke. Anne stayed in the kitchen, and Ramon joined me. I was eager to hear, and he crtainly to tell, but somehow we had to find a safe place.

We went to the garage and pretended to be going over the home improvement issues. When we both thought it was safe, I oredered Ramon to give me details.

“On the way back from the airport, your pretty wife pulled my cock off and sucked it like mad”, he started, “as son as we got out the parking lot”…”the console wasn’t much of a problem for her…and having a long cock helps, Tom” he said. “She told me how her pussy was oozing all the flight thiking of me and even had to go to the toilet to wipe it twice”.

“I mean, I was kind of worried because she didn’t care we were in public, but I was careful to drive away from other cars”, Ramon assured.

“She cleaned her mouth and composed her hair when I told her we were close to the house”, got up a copule of blocks before, checked her face in the mirror, and we entered the garage”, he continued.

She got off, opened the rear gate of the car while the garage door closed. Once the door shut, I grabbed her butt as she leaned forward to grab her stuff, and dropped her jeans…and guess what? She had OUR favorite panties”.

“I pulled my cock off her ass and ran my hands on her back, underneath her blouse, I placed my cock in between her ckeeks, like a hot dog. While I fingered her sweet pussy, she said she had to go to the bathroom. Pee or poo? I asked her. –Both- she said”.

“No matter what, she raised her butt, I opened her cheeks, and rammed her as she moaned like mad Tom. Then I figured her pussy was in dire need of cock, I pulled off her asshole, and rammed her pussy…she went wild man…Anne was so horny!”, Ramon went on. “I fucked both her holes, out of one, in the other, enjoying her warmth. Anne said she had to go to now, as I felt my cock hitting a solid object while in her asshole…shit! I said”. Anne laughted…-I told you I have to go_, she said”. I pulled my cock off her asshole and noticed some shit around my head.

“The living shit, literally”, I said, as Ramon nodded.

“I came in her pussy…but just a little” Ramon confessed, “but I pulled it off and finished in her asshole, but it happened so fast I barley managed to come when I was half-way in. I was disappointed at myself for lasting much less…, was too much me”.

Ramon and I wanted to keep going, but I was running out of time.

“Anne began to push Tom, she got vey uncomfortable, her asshole swelled, my cum started to leak out and then…..”

“Then what?”, I asked

“She pooped Tom, just a little but she did…very, very hot Tom”.

“She pushed me aside and just took off, her butt tightened, half naked”.

“You son-of-a-bitch”, I said. “Didn’t we agree on that issue?” I asked.

“We didn’t have an ageement on making her poop”, Ramon laughted.

“No, we didn’t agree on that or in using a condom, remember Tom? I guess she got nervous this time”, Ramon continued. “I told you I’d love to see Anne pregnant with my baby…she said she wnted one, remember?”.

“I got a few kleenex from the car and wiped my cock and the shit that fell on the car. I smelled it and it turned me on”, Ramon admitted.

“She stayed on her bedroom, I guess she took a huge dump and a shower and came back an hour later pretending nothing happened”, Ramon continued…”business as usual Tom”.

“- You peed on me, I shit on your cock Ramón, we’re even-“, Ramon said Anne told him.

I glanced at my watch and told him I had to leave.

“If you don’t mind Tom, I’ll fuck her two or three times before you jump on her this evening”, Ramon said with confidence. “I don’t give a shit if you find my cum deep inside her asshole or pussy, it’ll be her problem. I just want to make sure you know I was in alll over her before you, because you know Tom, Anne’s my hole”.

I just nodded, delighted to hear him say it.

“So this evening when you feel your wimpy cock goes inside her like in water, shut your mouth and just enjoy sloppy seconds”, Ramon finished with a dominant tone in his voice.

“And remember…” he closed, “she might be carrying my baby so be careful”.

I had a hardon, a big one, but didn’t want to Jack off so I could give my wife a big load that evening.

I went inside, kissed Anne, and told her we would be going out to a restaurant that evening.

Ramon just looked on, when Anne turned around back to the bedroom, he pulled his throbbing cock and waved it at me.

I appoached him and whispered him: “remember we have the filming agreement”.

Ramon nodded his approval. “Set things up and let me know how you want it Tom”.

And bring those $500 dollars you promised”, he reminded me.

“That’s a deal”, I nodded back.

The rest of the week happened what had to happen I guess. Anne and I had sex every night.

Adding it up to the sex she had with Ramon, she must have been tired. She let me finish in her pussy and that added up to my fear.

A couple of days later, I found some tampons and femenine towels in the trash and I was relieved, but before that, she let me finish in her pussy that very night without saying aword about it.

If Ramon was giving it to her at least twice a day, she must have had at least 10 or 15 copulations during that week alone.


I took my filming gear off and looked for a place to set it up. There was an ideal shelf across the bed in our bedroom.

While Anne was out of the house during the next few days, I fumbled with the camera and did some trials.

When I decided it was perfect, I summoned Ramon into the bedroom and gave him instructions. I placed the remote control in the side table, made more trials, showed him how to operate it, made sure he became familiar, and told him I was going to be off all Saturday.

I tapped off the camera’s red light, made sure it had a full charge and inserted a brand new VHS tape in. Made yet another trial, and off I went.

I couldn’t possiby wait until Saturday evening. When I got home and noticed Anne was out with her friends, I took the camera and noticed about half the tape used.

“Fantastic” I said.

I rolled it back and stopped. Pushed play and saw Anne’s naked body sucking on Ramon’s huge cock on her knees. I forwarded it and saw Ramon’s back as he pumped Anne’s butt. I sampled the tape here and there and it was pretty much as Ramon said it was: hot, steamy porn movie starring my beautiful wife Anne.

I rolled it back completely and I was about to play it in the living room’s VCR when I heard Anne coming in. I stashed the cassette safely away, waiting for the proper moment to watch the show.

On Sunday she left to play tennis with her friends and I had at least a couple of hours to watch the tape.

The scenes were pretty much as Ramon described in our past conversations, but actually seeing her perform was a remarkable, out -of - this world experience.

Ramon took care of the filming angles like a pro, as if had drawn limits. I clearly saw and heard almost everything, including the baby-making thing, and I was truly amazed how Anne dodged Ramon’s suggestions.

Without a condom, as usual, he fucked her in every imaginable position, her asshole, her pussy, her face….she drooled and begged, and he behaved like the aplha male he was.

At the end, Anne knelt on the floor and began sucking his dick with a steamy fury, swallowing most of it. Her saliva hung from her mouth down her neck and titties, she drooled a lot, and her face and hair were a mess.

Ramon arched back and came in her mouth, turned his face to the camera and gave me two thumbs up when she was not looking. Anne sat on the floor and swallowed his abundant load, licking her fingers and hands…got up, and gave Ramon a passionate Kiss in his mouth while he tried to push her away.

Anne gave him a taste of his own cum!.

Ramon made sure I had a full view by turning her messy face towards the camera lens. He knew I was going to be quite satisfied.

The film lasted around 30 minutes. Quality and sound, if not the best, were quite aceptable.

Anne must have had at least two orgasms, but Ramon only came once.

Ramon and me watched the film while we both jacked off whenever we could.

I gave him the $ 500 first thing Monday.

“If you want a part II I’ll give you a discount Tom” he bursted laughting.

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