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When my parents divorced my mother was deemed mentally unfit to raise me. I was giving to my father, and nobody knew that he was raping me almost every night.

My parents had always been fighting as far as I can remember. When I was eleven they finally decided to divorce, but both of them wanted guard over me. My mother was mentally insane, always going into violent fits of rage and almost killing my father and I at some points, and my father, well, at the time, seemed alright to me. He seemed like he just wanted to take care of me and such.

After my mother was deemed unfit to be my guardian, that title went to my father. I was hopeful and happy. But now I wish it would have been my mother.

We went home that night and as I hugged my father, he immediately began to take my clothes off and licking my entire 11 year old body. He held me tightly with his strong arms and no matter how much I told him to stop or how many tears fell down my cheeks he kept licking all over me, eventually pinning me down and eating me out. I didn't understand what was going on at the time. Was it something normal? I didn't know. I knew that I didn't like it, but I thought maybe this was something good for me development ( I wasn't very bright ).

He doesn't do anything for about a week after the incident. I was wondering if it was just a one time thing, but it wasn't. He came to me with a pack of pills. He told me to take one and to start taking one every night before I go to bed. I asked him what the pills were. He told me it would make me more focused at school. I decided to take them. They were birth control, and he explained it to me that night when he had bound me to my bed, tapped my mouth shut and shoved his forty year old dick inside of me bleeding pre-teen pussy. His weight was crushing me onto the bed and my cervix couldn't handle his cock pounding inside of my pussy like that. I lost my virginity to my own, rapist father. It's a dirty thought for me to think about, even today.

My father threatened me, telling me that he'll know if I ever tell anyone that he's doing this to me. I was terrified. I was sure my father had some sort of sound device on me. That night, after he unbound me and left my pussy filled with his dirty cum, I looked around my entire body to find something of the sort. I had no luck. But I was so paranoid. I didn't want to take any risks...

My father raped me every night after that. I can't remember a night where he wasn't shoving his cock inside of my pussy, ass or throat to somehow get some kind of pleasure out of abusing his own daughter. He didn't hesitate to invite some of his shameless pals either. Night after night I'd get three to four men, including my father, just doing anything they wanted with my body. It didn't matter how loud I cried, or how much it hurt. To them I was a toy, disposable, useless.

When I went to school I did my best not to show any sign of sexual abuse. My friends and teachers were oblivious to such things. I'm certain I could have told them about it and I would have gotten out of that miserable situation sooner. But I was too scared.

The one moment that did finally get me out of that situation was when I was thirteen years old. My father and two of the regular men that he invited to fuck me, Leonard and Shawn, brought me outside in a forest around our town. They ripped my clothes off, got naked and began to toy with me. My father said he'd snap my throat in half if I screamed while they would defile me there.

On the grass and leaves, Shawn lay down on his back. Leonard was on his knees to my right, holding me in place as they forced me to ride his cock in a reverse cowgirl position, while my father was standing in front of me, helping Leonard hold my arms up and shoved his cock inside of my mouth. Eventually Leonard moved his head over to suck on my nipples while all of this happened. It was painful for me to bare. I was tearing up so much, my face was just soaked in my tears. I did my best to not moan in pain too loudly. I was terrified.

Eventually my father came into my mouth. I spat out his cock immediately when I tasted some of his semen, and the rest of his load sprayed on my body. I was disgusted. Eventually Shawn was done fucking me and he also sprayed his load in me. That's when Leonard got his turn. He wrapped his arms around me and pushed me flat against the leaves. He lay his belly flat on my back and rammed his cock inside of my pussy. It was painful. I clawed at the dirt to try and sustain the pain, keeping my jaw closed to no be too loud.

But when I looked in front of me I noticed two human-like figures hidden in the trees. I didn't know who they were. They weren't moving though. I noticed one of them had some sort of camera. I wanted to scream for help but I resisted. I let myself get fucked senseless, my father and Shawn rubbing their cocks right in front of my face and just spewing semen into my hair.

Finally Leonard came into me. All of the grown men laughed as they put their clothes on. My clothes had been shredded by the men. My father said he'd be back to pick me up by tonight, stating that I probably wouldn't head out for help naked and covered in semen. And he was right. I was afraid to do this. I was afraid of other people raping me.

I lay there for about two minutes. That's when the two figures approached. I sat up and tried to cover myself. It was a man and a women, both seemed around their thirties. The lady had a red t-shirt and a scarf on, with jeans. She had a black back-pack and blonde hair. The guy had dark hair, blue eyes, a grey hoodie and jogging pants. They both looked at me, both extreme worried and disgusted by what they just saw.

At first I wanted to run away from them. I thought maybe my father had sent them to do something to me. The man had his camera around his neck. He had captured what happened. I thought he would blackmail me.

'What the fuck did those fuckers do to you?!' The lady said. She opened her back pack and took out a bunch of tissues. She used them to take the cum off of my body and let me wipe what was around and inside my vagina. I was trembling the whole time.

The man looked furious. He was swearing constantly while he took off his hoodie, leaving him in a white tank-top and gave it to me for clothing. I started to cry. I hugged the both of them as tightly as I could, screaming at the top of my lungs for them to save me. I told them everything, about being raped constantly by my dad and his pals. They told me they would call the police right away. I tried to convince them that my father would know if they did and he would kill me. They told me 'fuck your father, he's not getting away with torturing you for two years like this'.

They brought me with them to their home. They called the police, who immediately came over to look at the video evidence the man had taken, ask me questions ( which took a while. I was still utterly shocked and terrified ). Finally they had everything they needed to arrest my father and his friends for having raped me for all of this time and they were sent to life in prison. I've never seen my father after that and I couldn't be happier.

The couple who rescued me have no adopted me and take care of me like a real mother and father. They had a son, who was five years older than me. He's so welcoming and kind. It took me quite a while to grow used to such a family and to learn to trust all of them. But in the end they saved me and I couldn't thank them enough!

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