After school talk (straight, teen sex)

Drew's sex story
What starts after thinking just staying after for a teacher turns into a nylon foot rub into something bigger.

I grew up in a big wealthy town and I went to a school with lots of people. All the girls wore skirts and pantyhose and the girl teachers wore the same. I have a fetish for those type of things. I could hardly focus on my work when my teacher was walking around in a dress with nylons on.

My senior year I got my favorite teacher for English again mrs. M we will call her. She always wore high heels with either tan/nude pantyhose or black pantyhose with a black skirt or tan skirt. I always had to rub one off when I went to the bathroom after her class.

Mrs. M was a short teacher maybe around 5'3 she had brown hair she was in her forty's and had some pretty sexy legs. One day I had a detention in the library and I was the only one that showed up there after school and she was the teacher on duty to watch me. She had me help her out with books and putting them away. She had to use the ladder to put books on the shelf while I handed them to her from the bottom. What an amazing sight that was looking up from under her skirt. She was wearing nude pantyhose with no pantys. Everytime I handed her a book up I would catch a glimpse.
She got down from the ladder and she said 'ouch my feet are killing me '
I blurted out ' would you like me to rub them for you ms..'
She smiled at me and said ' if you want i would really appreciate it '
My heart was pounding, I was already getting hard from just thinking about rubbing her nylon covered toes.
So we sat down on the couch in the room and she put her nylon covered legs across my lap with her heels almost near my bulge. I took her heels off and I put my hands on her feet.
' you should come down and do this more often ! '
She said said and my bulge was getting bigger and bigger and I was hope she didn't notice. After a while of rubbing her feet I all the sudden started stroking her leg.
Her eyes were closed I could tell she's really liking it. I started getting my hands up to the tip of her skirt and she wasn't saying anything. I was thinking of maybe trying to go higher. Her skirt went down to mid thigh and I slipt my hand right past it. And she didn't say a word!
I heard her phone ringing and she wasn't moving to get it.
' ms m I think your phone is ringing.'
She was fast a asleep. I wanted to take advantage of this. I slipped my hand all the way up until I felt her nylons turning wet. I couldn't help start rubbing it. After 30 seconds her eyes turned wide open as she woke up with a little moan.
I sat there scared my heart dropped. I didn't know if she would be mad or not.
' Schools about to close we should work on extra credit at my house. Call your mom and tell her I'll drop you off later.' She said in a sexy voice with a grin on her face.
I called my mom as fast as I could and told her that I was working on extra credit. As we were walking out the school I noticed some of the teachers walking out too were starring at her legs. I got into the passenger side of her car she got in and turned on her car.
She took my hand and put it right on her vag and pulled my face in and kissed me. I couldn't believe how long I was going with out touching my penis. I was so horny.
As she started driving I got a little confident and instead of just keeping my hand rubbing her vagina I bent over the center console and put my face right in between her legs. I was sitting there licking and making out with her nylon covered pussy for the rest of the ride.
When we arrived at her house I sat up and got out. I couldn't help but thinking how lucky I was to be getting with my teacher. Someone walking there dog even was staring at her legs. She had the legs of a goddess. We walked inside and her daughter was home. She graduated a year before me. I never realized how attractive she was until I saw her wearing a dark blue skater skirt with black tights and she had her hair back in a long pony tail and a black square glasses. She had very cute little feet and the black tights made them better.
She walked up the stairs and I could see all up under her skirt.
Ms. M brought me into her room and as she was changing into her tights she asked
' So you like my daughters nyloned legs too '
' yes ma'am '
' hold on '
She walked out of the room and I was kind of confused. She came back in with her daughter and told me to get on the bed. I sat on the bed ms. M pulled down my pants and told her to suck me off.

She put her mouth around my cock and started sucking.
' I'll show you how to suck off a man '
Ms. M moved her she went to me and started aggressively sucking it. It was the best head I have ever had. As her daughter watched her mom stopped and said
' alright you can do this now '
They switched off and ms. M stuck her nylon covered ass in my face I went at it licking everything. After a bit I started to get a footjob as ms. M daughter was sitting on my face. Her daughter got off and her mom said
' get over here. ' Ms. M pulled her face in and started making out with her. Her daughter did not see it coming at all. But she seemed like she had no say she just went with it.

As Ms.M ripped a hole in her daughters tights where her clit was and finger banging her I was eating out ms. M ass.
' You like this Larryssa '
' yes mom '
Her mom seemed very into finger banging her daughter. ' alright step you're going to fuck my daughter ' We went in doggy style I slid it in and was going hard. Her mom was sitting on the corner of her bed fingering her self.

I stood up and she stood up and I ripped a hole where her asshole was, as I stuck my dick in a loud grown came out of her mouth. I was hitting it from behind hard.
I took it out and I looked at ms. M and said ' you know you want some of this '
She pushed me on the bed and got on top and started riding my dick. Her daughter laid across my body with her ass in my face and she was licking my dick as her mom was bouncing up and down and I was licking her nylon ass.
And all the sudden I was about to cum and she stopped and got off and put her daughter on her knees and Ms. M stroked my cock really really fast and I busted all her mouth.
' you better swallow that '
It seemed like Ms. M was training her daughter to please a man good.

After all that Ms. M gave me a lot of tights and dresses because she said next time I come over I'm dressing like a lady.
As I waited for my ride I sat her living room and was sucking Ms. M's beautiful nylon feet as I got another foot job from her daughter.

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