My Juveniled wife - Part Two (cheating, straight)

private's sex story
My 36y old beautiful wife was the object of lust for a 18 y old . He was determined to have her, breed her in my presence.He whispered i want to be inside you deep inside you

It was areal sexy bondage scene . My beautiful sexy 36year old wife was lying on her back on our bed wearing a thin cotton bra and soft skirt pushed up to her waist showing her black lace panty between her milky white thighs her beatiful arms are put over her head and tied to the head board railings of our bed sam was over her form with his knees on both side of her helpless body kissing her har kneeling over her kissing her hard making her moan Sam was saying that he has become rock hard and want to insert his hard tool deep inside rir soft beautiful body deep inside her soft warm womb. Ri was pleading sam not to ruin her she was pleading pls sam dont do it am married.Ri- Please sam let me go now Sam –sure but after i have you.ris bra coverd soft pert boob are pressed falt by sams paw like hands with the full weight of his hard muscle packed body he was also kneading her pert breasts mercilessy. . He took out o a stiletto, a razor sharp knife with thin blade from his pocket.ri literally shivered seeing the knife in his hand, with her lying completely helpless tied and stretched in the bed. But he assured her that he will not harm her. Brandishing the knife he sat over her torso with his knees on both side of her .He started to caress her breasts with the knife over her bra as she felt the cold blade when he inserted the thin blade between her breast and her bra as she shivered. He gave a sudden up ward pull and cut open the bra at the joint of the bra cups exposing her firm breasts with small pink nipple like any virgin girl. She gasped felling that now her fruits of womanhood are exposed to this sex starved almost adult boy . But there was no stopping now. He started caressing her breasts with the knife blade slowly going down to her abdomen. He caressed her naked breasts neck armpit belly abdomen with the knife. He inserted the tip of the knife in her belly button her navel . I feared for her safety. But he did not care. Sam whisperd to ri do you understand what the knife can do to your soft beautiful body if you don’t listen to me . ri did not answer she was breathing hard in fear Ri –Sam please am married please let me go Sam I know but I can not let you go your married body is more beautiful than that of avirgin girl.That bastard have enjoyed you for fifteen years now its my turn . I have musterbted thinking about yoy when I awas 12 am 18 now.I will do every thing with you what I have fanasised in these years. I have long fantasised nuzzling and licking your smooth clean armpits after tying you like this. Sam was likcking kissing and nuzzling ris smooth armpits. Sam was pressing his hard tool over ris soft belly while licking her armpits neck and breasts. With her upper body fullu naked both hands tied over her head and a strong mad with lust young boy sitting over her pinning her body making her completely helpless she was lying in the pose of complete sexual surrender and also she had no means to oppose anything Sam was licking kissing nuzzling her laser cleaned arpits . The lusty 18year old was fulfilling his perverted lust from 36year old ris soft beautiful naked helpless body. Though besause of her tied hands ri could do nothing to oppose sam and now did not struggle at all She lied still in a pose of complete sexual surrender letting sam test and enjoy her splayed soft beautiful married body , looking at this I knew that ri got mentally prepared to give herself to sam though she knew its only rape but she knew it is inevitable. Silently she was eduring the pain of very hard kneading of her pert soft breasts by sams strong hands his paw like hands were kneading her tits like a lump of soft four she was silently and helplessly submitting herself to this torture as she has no way to resist it.only she was moaning lightly some time and writhed her body in pain by sams merciless kneading of her tits. 18year old sam was was grinding 36year old ris soft beautiful naked body to the bed with his strong heavy muscle packed body.I could understand from the way sam was grinding ris body to bed that she is going to get a very hard fuck from this lusty pervert boy today . there is no way ri could escape it now.
I also knew that ri will be ippregnated if she is fucked as it was her fertile period I could hear sam lustily - awhat soft body you have , your body is now mine , your lips neck tits belly belly button pussy ass all mine i will take all then i will fuck you. Ri pleaded no sam no dont ruin me see am married. Sam – i dont care i want you . Sam was looking lustily at her milky white half naked body her face lips neck apple like tits with small pink nipple s like a virgin girl clean satin smooth armpits narrow waist wide hips deep oval navel flat stomach shapely milky creamy thighs round tight hips all this was making him mad with lust.
Sam started to suck her tits and knead them hard . the hard kneading from sams strong hands was making ri moan in pain sam was kneading the tits so hard as if to squeeze every drop of milk from her tits. Her head was was moving from side to side with her eyes closed and her arms over her head tied to bed she was in apose og complete helpless surrender . Sam was slowly lowering his face over her tits belly navel abdomen to the very edge of her panty he caressed her soft abdomen whispering i want a baby bump here .her soft flat abdomen trembled and fluttered at his touch.sam placed his face over her panty coverd pussy and started rubbing his face over the pussy he put his face at the jucntion of her thighs.and carressed her there over the soon she was touched in the crotch area ri tried to close her thighs no please no ri pleaded to sam but sam forced her thighs apart slowly forcing them wider Ri now know that there is no escape from his perverted lust...

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