A Chat With My Wife's Lover - II (straight, cheating)

Thomas's sex story
'It was her who left the curtains open, it was her who laid naked on the bed, the one that walked around with those clothes...yeah, definitely it was Anne's fault...and yours too of course for leaving her so much time, but if it helps, I would have fucked her with or without you around'.

I woke up earlier than usual that Saturday, anticipating Ramon's arrival to continue our chat on his torrid affair with my wife.

I knew Ramon had a lot of work to do but I was willing to pay him the day for doing nothing but telling me more about Anne, but the fact is I had to go to the office but I wanted to make sure Ramon would stay on.

Ramon arrived some 20 minutes earlier than usual. I greeted him and offered some coffee he gladly accepted and said: 'I suppose you had a lot of things to fantasize last night Tom'.

'Oh yeah!', I replied. 'A lot. I jacked off twice'.

'Twice?' Ramon chuckled. 'Before I began fucking your wife I jerked three or four times a day in your house alone, plus maybe a couple over at home. Anne deserved more than two, Tom”

'Who would you say started this Ramon?' I asked as I got in the car.
'Meaning what?' Ramon replied.
'This thing, I mean, you and Anne', I clarified.
'You mean, who made the first move?' he asked.
'Yeah', I said.
'Well Tom', Ramon began, 'It was definitely me who faked that job injury, but I have to say it's your wife's fault' he confidently said, but you, man, you helped a lot, let me tell you.

'Why is that?' I asked again'.
'It was her who left the curtains open, it was her who laid naked on the bed, the one that walked around with those clothes...yeah, definitely it was Anne's fault...and yours too of course for leaving her so much time, but if it helps, I would have fucked her with or without you around'.
'Would have been fantastic for you to come back and find her with a little belly carrying a little Mexican inside, huh?'.
I wanted to screw the office and stay.
'Gotta go Ramon', I said. 'But I'll be just in time to continue our talk at around 1 pm'.
'No problem. I told Carmen that I would be doing some late work and probably have a couple of beers', he said as he waved me goodbye.
At work, I just couldn't keep my thoughts off Anne and Ramon. Now that I knew, , I had to come up with something to coexist with that: a trustful handyman who was around the house virtually all day was fucking my wife, and like he said, there was nothing I could do about it.

The morning moved slowly. I was so eager to hear more stories. I got constant hardons at the office.

Finally I was able to go back home. I stopped to grab some beer and some smokes.
As the garage door opened, Ramon was there looking anxious to resume the chat.
We walked inside the house, but this time, we sat in the living room.
'You know Tom', he started as he opened a beer and lit up a smoke, 'it's hard to say what times were the hottest ones. We took a lot of risks, but I remember once, -in my house-..'

'In your house?' I said surprised.
'Yeah, what the hell..I was sick, really sick this time'.
'Anne went over to my house one Saturday to drop my pay, full pay I may say. I hadn't been in your house for three days because I was dehydrated and very exhaused. No even your wife's pussy was enough for me to stay around your house'.

'So', he went on, 'Anne drove over to my house assuming I was in dire need. It was very surprising to hear her car approach and her voice greeting to Carmen as she got off. I got up from my bed and looked through the window and there she was, as beautiful as ever'.

'Can you imagine Tom? Three days without her mouth wrapped in my cock, without her smell and charm?', Ramon said.

'I was able to hear how thankful Carmen was for the cash, and we urgently needed some groceries.

Carmen told Anne what was wrong with me and that I had been in bed, very weak and looked very thin', he laughted, 'well even skinnier than this'.

Sometimes I wondered if Anne was heavier than Ramon. His cock was definitely his sole asset.
'Blessed Carmen', Ramón continued, 'she asked Anne if she could keep an eye on me for about an hour while she went to buy some groceries and to take care of Carolina, your goddaughter, who was about 1 year old'.

'Anne gladly accepted' Ramon said.
'But of course', I said, 'regardless of what she had to do'.
'Carmen came in the bedroom to tell me about the deal and took the truck's keys. When she left the room, I got up to see Carmen go as Anne came inside the house. I just dropped on the bed again'.

'Anne went to Carolina's bedroom first and made sure she was sleeping', Ramon continued.
'She then showed up at my room, the door was open, and I pretended to be sleeping. She sat down across the bed and, I guess looked around seeing the many things we were missing. I moved a little and she said, -well, well, well -. look who's up?'

'I tried to look sick and drowsy, but her beauty overrode my intentions. She got up and felt my forehead. -You have a little fever dear-, she said, and sat on the bed, just looking at me, getting her hand down my crotch as she kissed me in the mouth'.

'She caressed my hair and massaged my scalp with her fingers', he went on...'-get well soon-, she said...-I need you-, Anne said', as she began getting her hand under my briefs and squeezing my cock, I was wearing nothing but my briefs. Her hand felt cold because of my fever, yet very comfortable. She lowered my briefs and left me totally naked, the she began caressing my body and kissing my belly, going down on me'. '-I wonder if my friend here still works-, she giggled'.

'But she stopped, got up, and asked how her big friend down there was', Ramon recalled.
'Do you mind', I interrupted, 'if I get my cock out while you tell me the story?. I feel the urge to jack it off'.

'Well', Ramon answered, 'If you don't mind bring me that picture of Anne you have in your desk and we'll both jack off to her, how about that?'.

I agreed and went to the studio and got the picture.
'Anne got up and undressed. She was wearing your favorite panties but was not dressed provocatively because she knew she might run into Carmen, I guess, which is exactly what happened. She was weraing a bra though'.

'She sat down by my side again and began jerking my cock, very slowly and gently as she just looked at my eyes', Ramon said.

Ramón was a fantastic narrator, he couldn't possibly be making this up, and if he did, I just loved it.

Ramon continued. 'She began increasing the rythm of her strokes but nothing close to those before, taking care of me, and telling me how warm my cock was...bending know and then to kiss it and lick the head, but she was focusing in masturbating it gently'.

'I didn't even touch her', he went on, I had my hands clasped in the back of my head. She fingered her pussy and took her fingers to my mouth so I could taste her juice and make sure how wet she was'.

'After that, she went down on me and sucked my cock like a maniac, man, she was so so desperate to suck it. She sucked it for a few minutes, swallowed it all...made it disappear before my eyes, something she had never done....she coughed it out as she was choking on it, and made a mess with her saliva in my belly...her eyes watered, and she said -sometimes I just can't get enough of it-, man, she was drooling'.

Ramon was jerking with my wife's picture in his left hand while I played with my cock too.
'Out of the blue', Ramon continued, 'she stood up, mounted me and covered my face with her adorable butt while she dived down my cock'.

'Her tongue played around my head like never before', Ramon narrated, 'while I ate her pussy and fucked her asshole with my tongue'.

'She got up again, this time facing me, and simply let her wet pussy fall on my cock, all the way, nothing left out, tearing a tremendous moan off deep inside her, enough to wake the baby up, like never before'.

'Oh man..oh man!' Ramon shouted, as he began to cum all over.
I was impressed by the quantity of Ramon´s cum. It was all over his hand, Anne's picture (that he held up close to his cock as he came), a puddle in the sofa, and some in the floor.

'Sorry Tom', Ramon said. 'I'll clean this mess. Anne usually does it with her tongue, but, well, she is not around and you are', he laughted.

Ramon got up with his cock fully erect, went to the kitchen and cleaned up his mess with some paper napkins.

'Man, have I fucked her in this very sofa many times', he said.
'Anyway', he went on, Anne turned around and around on my shaft. In one of those turns, she suddenly stopped cold, her back towards my face. I asked her what was going on, and she simply said - we got company-'. “Carmen! I thought”.

'I was scared as hell, Tom', Ramon confessed. 'I love Anne, but Carmen is my wife and you wife is just my bitch'.

'What's going on? I asked her', Ramon recalled.
'She just got up and let me see baby Carolina standing up, a few feet away, staring at us, surprised, but doing nothing'.

Ramon breathed deep, popped open another beer, and went on..
'Carolina was about, what, one year-old or so?' he wondered, 'but she walked already'.
'You want to know what your wife did Tom?'.
'Sure', I said.
'She sat on my face, I could taste my own cock and went down on it...again!'
'She comforted the baby while sucking my cock!'.
We both laughted.
'Do something!, I commanded her', Ramon recalled.
'She got up, I could see her wet pussy, took Carolina in her arms and to her to bed. I figured my daughter wouldn't fall sleep again, but after some 15 minutes that passed like an eternity, she came back. Without any words, she just sat on my cock again...her pussy was still wet. She told me she kept fingering it while putting Carolina to sleep'.
'She moved and moved, grinding my balls, faster and faster' Ramon continued.
'I kept thinking that I was in the wrong hole and began feeling those familiar tickles that I was about to come'.

'Honey, remember that I'm inside your pussy? I asked her', Ramon recalled. 'It was getting impossible for my to hold of my load, and I actually felt I had leaked in her pussy a little'.
'-Yeah....right- Anne replied...-but sometimes I want to have your baby, a baby with a huge cock like his dad…. and fuck him, yeah-...-I would treasure him...Mmmmmm, ohhhhhh- she kept moaning-'
'She got up again. I hurried her because I had the urge to come', Ramon recalled.
'Anne grabbed my cock and began to work it up and down, with more strength and pace, then it just exploded!...that load should have been like 5-feet high...I remember twisting and jerking because I was still weak, but Anne waited until the load was fully out before letting my cock go'.

'Now you have to clean this up Anne, you see?', Ramon recalled ordering her.
'And Carmen will come back any minute', he remembered saying. 'You are one hot bitch Anne, I remember telling her'

Just then, I came, lots of it. Ramon's cock had regained its size. No wonder he could fuck my wife all day long and then deliver some to Carmen.

Ramon had brought some napkins for me as well.
'Have you.....' I began, 'actually came in her pussy?'.
'Oh yeah, several times', Ramon replied.
When I cleaned my little mess, Ramon continued.
'You know Tom, I thought I was going to knock her up that day. I felt some of my juice escape while inside her pussy, but I didn't want her to be scared'.

'No need Ramon', I assured.
'She perfectly knows her days', I told him. 'I'm certain she knew she was not fertile then'.
'Mmmm I don't know that Tom', Ramon relied, 'but I'll tell you; I'd love and nothing would give me more pleasure than seeing your wife with my baby in her belly'. We both laughted.

As much as I trusted Ramon, I was concerned that he was really willing to impregnate Anne. It was Anne's sole resposibility to keep that from happening.
With his size, Ramon went well beyond where I could. You could leave a million dollars with him and he wouldn't take a penny, but he really meant it when he said he would love to knock Anne up...and there was nothing I could do about it. Besides, he had excessive loads. I can't deny that turned me on too.

'She got up', Ramon went on,'ran to the bathroom, and noticed that toilet paper was among the things Carmen went on to buy'. We laughted loudly.

'She came back, totally puzzled, and started looking for cum spots other than those on my body. She knelt in the side of my bed, and began licking all of the cum of my body. -You see?- she said, -no crime to pursue-, and we laughted and laughted', Ramon recalled.

'She figured that there was nothing to clean the bed with, looked up to the roof, so she got up again, went to her clothes, pulled her panties, and wiped everything with them, then she put them on and got dressed.

She checked again and again for any evidences, and once she was certain, she touched up and brushed her hair. She got my briefs up, licked her fingers, and if as everything was being timed, Carmen returned with he groceries'.

'Did you notice her crusty panties that night Tom?' Ramon laughted.
'She gave me a goodbye kiss in the mouth, ordered me to get well, and sat on the chair, pulling a novel out her purse as if nothing had happened', Ramon said.

'Carmen got in the bedroom, Anne got up, my wife thanked her, and she left', Ramon concluded.
I almost applauded as we were both with our cocks out. We got dressed, had another beer and I told Ramon:

'I have this plan Ramon. I want to film you guys doing it...I need to see it happening...if you don't mind'.
Ramon gave me that look of surprise, not necessarily of approval.
'How's that?' Ramón asked.
'I would put my camcorder hidden in any place you wish, just make sure you do everything in such way that I can see it and film it'.
'I don't know Tom' he replied. I was certain he would be excited. 'I'm willing to pay you' I added.
Ramon eased his expression. 'Would $500 do?' I asked. 'Dollars?', he snapped back. 'Of course, dollars' I assured him.
'Yeah, I guess that'll do it', he answered.
'Just give me a date' I said. 'I'll take care of everything and let you know all the details.
Ramon nodded his acceptance.
'I have more to tell regarding Anne's crazy things', Ramon added.
'Like?' I inquired.
'Like....mmmm, there's actually another person that knows about this'
My surprise was reflected in my face. I didn't say anything.
Ramon went on. 'Mally, Anne's friend'.
I was stunned
'Herman's wife, the church-goer, you're-going-to-hell, repent-your-sins, prudish Mally?'
'Yep, same one', Ramon quickly answered nodding.
'But...' I interrupted.
'She's harmless Tom, almost, not quite, as much of a whore as Anne, but as your wife, has a lot to lose'.
'Gotta go Tom. I'll see you Monday. Don't forget: Tuesday I fuck her first, ok?'
'But early', I responded. 'Remember I want her ass to squeeze my cock too'.
I just sat there as Ramon went away.
I had dinner with Mally and Herman that evening and I couldn't help staring at her ass and wondering how it all happened. Mally was about 32 but Herman was much older than her.
'Hey Ramon, are you still fucking Mally?' I asked as he opened the door.
'Sure', he answered, 'but not nearly as much as your wife. She's a good fuck too'
I waved him goodbye.


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