Some fun in the sun (straight, beach)

dirtymindedromantic's sex story
Strangers who quickly become curious with each other's bodies. It takes place on a beautiful beach near a jetty. Picture the scenery. Smell the sand. Feel the sun, the sea breeze, and the sand.

While home editing my recent photoshoot, I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door in my One Love board shorts; no shirt-to find a brunette with green eyes. She's wearing a white bathing suit cover up with a mesh scarf like bandana around her head. I'm taking back by her beauty. She tells me how she just moved in down the street and needs some sugar. I invite her in. As I go into the kitchen, she notices the photoshoot on my laptop. When I come back, she looks up at me and says, 'my goodness these women are beautiful.' I smile holding the sugar in my hands. Turning to me she asks if I thought she could be photographed that well. 'Sure ya can' I said. I put the sugar down and grab my camera. Jokingly I asked, 'are you ready to become famous?' To which she responded with, 'is that your favorite pick up line?' 'Only if it works' I smiled. She smiled and rolled her eyes. She wanted to shoot it at the beach since she hadnt been yet. we took my jeep. Along the way, I found her name is nikki. The beach is secluded as it is part of a reserve. It has white powdery sand with a jetty a few miles from the entrance. Nikki joked, 'if the pick up line doesn't work you could bring them here' I chuckle and tell her thanks for the idea. She rolled her eyes again. I took her hand as I led her to the jetty. Once we get there, she slips off her flip flops and says 'pop my cherry!' We laughed as I directed her onto the rocks showing her different poses to try. Becoming more relaxed, she starts having fun, doing more seductive poses starting to tease the camera. She takes her clothes and throws them to me. I throw them on her flip flops. Photographing her naked body. Her hair is long and flowing in the wind behind her. Her breasts not big, maybe a B cup are firm not sagging. She has a butterfly tattoo on her left hip bone. As she turns, I notice she has those adorable dimples in the lower back that drive me wild. From the jetty, she jumps in the water. With her wet body, she seductively starts crawling up the beach to me. She rolls in the sand as she nears. To my surprise, when she reaches my feet, she lays back spreading her legs open bald eagle-ing me. Standing up she takes the camera out of my hands wraps it in her cover up. Grabbing her bandanna she ties her hair back. Standing in front of me she grabs my face and pulls it to hers. Kissing me. She reaches down and grabs my hands steps back and leads me to the water. Slow jogging to the water, I watch as her breasts jiggle up and down. In the water, I grabbed her around the waist. Kissing her passionately in ankle deep water. pulling away she gets on her knees and starts untying my shorts. I step out of my shorts and she tells me to lay down. She positions herself in between my legs and starts kissing my inner thighs. I put my hands behind my head as I lay back and smile. She cradles my balls in her hands as she's licking them. licking leads to sucking which leads to slurping. Hearing her slurp my balls makes me aroused. She notices my cock becoming hard and slowly runs her tongue up to the head. Going down the other side. While she's running her tongue up and down the sides of my shaft, she strokes the head with her hand. Feeling her rhythm change I look to see what may have happened. I noticed her bandanna in her hand. She wrapped it around my cock. The sensation it gave as she now rubbed her hands down my cock sent me to another level, when she began sucking my cock through it I lost control and came in her bandanna. I sit up and kiss her rolling her onto her back. I gave her sweet kisses from lips to her neck gently sucking on what seems to be every girls sweet spot. From her neck, I made my way down to her breasts. Her perfectly sized breasts. Not too big, fitting just right in one hand. I kiss them and nibble gently on her pink eraser tip nipples. Flicking them with my tongue. I kiss down her stomach around her belly button. She sucks her fingers and starts rubbing her clit. I crawl in between her legs. lying flat on my stomach she spreads her legs around my head. I kiss and lick her outer and inner lips. Opening her inner lips with my fingers, I begin to strum the man in the boat. As he becomes engorged, She becomes hot and bothered as she arches her back grabbing handfuls of sand. With constant tongue stimulation on her clit, I start fingering her pussy. As Im doing this I notice her tying her bandanna in knots about every other inch. I'm intrigued as to why, but I keep playing with her pussy. She starts breathing heavier. I suck her clit in between my lips and flick it with my tongue harder and faster. Her thighs start squeezing my head and she squirts in my mouth. Not allowing her to rest, I start fucking her pussy with my tongue. Her body starts trembling. She finally begs me to fuck her. I get on my knees and position myself to slide into her. Bending her knees as they wrap around me. I slide right in. I hit deep g spot and she grinds herself into me. I take her ankle and put it on my shoulder. Enabling me to thrust different areas of her pussy deeper as I do quick pumps before she tells me to change position. Rolling onto her stomach, her thighs close together as she raises her ass in the air bracing herself with her forearms. Trying to separate her legs, she holds them together 'trust me' the depth and tightness you will feel will be greater than before. She was right. As I'm pounding away she tells me to call her a dirty little slut. in between breaths I do. This seems to arouse her even more sticking the bandanna in her ass. Aroused by the visuals I had to pull out. She turned and winked at me. Reaching down with one hand she starts rubbing hee pussy. I watch as her breasts jiggle underneath her. I laid on my back and sled under her, placed my hands on the small of her back, and guided her down onto my face. She's on the verge of having another orgasm. Her moans of pleasure increasingly become louder as she grinds on my face. After she came, she falls over me into the sand; on her stomach. I slide back in doggie style. Pulling surrounding sand under her breasts, making little pillows, giving her nipples a tickle as she lightly glides them over the sand. Our breathing becomes in sync as we breath heavily. Remembering how turned on she was by calling her a dirty little slut I told her how much I love fucking her sweet pussy. After saying this, I begun thrusting harder, as I was thrusting she reached back and pulled the bandanna out of her ass. She had made her own 'anal beads' I had a mind blowing orgasm as we started sinking in the sand.

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