A nice warm Saturday by the river (straight)

Frank C.'s sex story
I had Saturday off and was walking the river edge and checking my fish lines when I heard a noise in the trees and bushes. I went to investigate.

It was Saturday and it was beautiful. I walked to the river to check my trot line. I had the line stretched across and all I had to do was pull up on it and if there was a fish, I would swim out and retrieve it-there were none this morning. I strolled on down the sandy strip towards some small willows and reeds growing on a small peninsula. I was going into the trees and change into my swimming trunks. I had unbuckled my belt and the top button of my Levis. As I entered I heard a noise. I walked carefully and stayed in the shadows.
There was a girl about 14 on a blanket fingering herself. I was 18 and quickly got a hard on as I watched. I had seen her at school-her name was Beth. She was attractive for a young teen and had big handfuls of breasts. I got closer and could see and hear better-Beth was breathing harder and she was fingering faster. She was moaning and started talking out loud in a soft voice, 'I'm ready. I'm going to cum. I'm going. Ohh. Ohh!' She was jerking her legs and squirming on the blanket.
Just as she lay back and calming down-her labored breathing was returning to normal-I stood up and walked over, 'What's the matter Beth-can't you find a man?' Her eyes popped open and she started to raise up. 'That's OK. Just stay there. I have been watching for five or six minutes.' She sat up, 'Please don't tell anybody. I come here because it's quiet and nobody comes here but me. That is until today. Why are you undressed?' I had forgotten I was changing into my swim suit-I was naked.
'I forgot. I was so enthralled with watching you masturbate.' 'Hal, just to let you know that I don't screw; I'm afraid of getting pregnant. I just masturbate.' I looked down at her, 'I have an idea.' I lay beside her but with my feet at her head. I had noticed she was left-handed. Perfect.
Beth couldn't figure out what I was doing. I grabbed her left hand and put it on my big cock. I took two fingers of my right hand and slowly inserted them into her cunt. I started to move my fingers. Beth got the idea-we lay side-by-side jerking each other off. She had started stroking my cock. Beth said, 'I have never done this before. What do I do?' 'Just keep moving your hand like you're doing. It feels great.' I started moving my two fingers back and forth a little faster. I had seen the speed she was jacking before I stepped out. I tried to imitate her self-stroking. Beth shut her eyes and started softly moaning. I watched her face. She was starting to cum. Wow! Was she horny. She was cuming already. I was just getting warmed up. Suddenly she stopped smiling and a look of pain was on her face. And then a grimace. She gritted her teeth. 'Go faster Hal. Faster.' I moved my hand as fast as I could. Beth started quivering and moving up and down in unison with my hand. She said, 'Here I go Hal. I'm going. Ooh! Ooh! Keep going.' Suddenly she jerked her entire body And then came to a halt. Beth just lay there cooing softly. She started stroking my cock again. I was getting that old feeling. It felt better and better. I needed more stimulation. I started moving my two fingers in her twat again. Beth didn't tell me to stop. I moved my hand in time with her jacking me off. It was better. I couldn't hold back. 'Go Beth! Go!' Beth jerked faster-I moved my hand faster. She said, 'I'm cuming again. Go! Go!' We climaxed at the same time. Wow!
We met every Saturday the rest of that summer. Actually on into Autumn if we could get away-it finally got too cold. I would see Beth at school a couple times a week as we passed going to classes. I graduated the last Friday in May and got a job in Kansas City. I lost track of Beth, but I often remembered that summer along the river.

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