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Timothy write's sex story
We were in the middle of our daily routine when my friends sister came home he was on his back with my little dick in his mouth and I was sucking his little cock to when we heard hisa bag hit the floor we started panicking but when we seen the look in her eyes we calmed down and I was able to say hi.

Before I continue my story I'd Like to go back to the beginning. One day my mom came to me and said were moving to a little town in Oregon where I'll be surrounded by trees and beauty all the time. I didn't want to move away cause all I knew was city life and I didn't know anyone in Oregon.

Two days after the move I was enrolled in school and was ready for my first day. On my way out the door I ran into a kid that seemed a little lost and I came to find out I was his first day of school to. I told him I knew how to get to the school he said thanks a lot I could tell he was nervous so I told him calm down. He asked if it was noticeable how nervous he was I told him yeah kinda.

We made it to school and we both went straight to the office. We were greeted as soon as we opened the door by a older male that I knew was the principal from meeting him the day before he said hey there younglings how are you we both said good and he asked me if I tenseremember where to go I told him no and my buddy said room 202 and i remembered that's my room to i tiff the principal that's my room to and he said ok well get there the bells about too ring.

The school day was over and I'd already spotted my new friend. On the walk home we made Plans to go to his house cause no one would be there for at least two hours and I thought out would be fun cause I'd never been alone at a house before. We got too my house I ran in and told my mom I made a new friend and that I was gonna go over to his house for a little.

We got to his house and went to his room where he had a closet full of toys and a really big bed. I asked him what he liked to do for fun he told me a lot of stuff I said like what and he said play on the computer or go in the back field and play around and touch himself but I didn't get what he ment by that. Later we ended up in the back field and I asked what he ment by touch himself and he said he could show me and that's when he pulled his pants down and started playing with his peepee my eyes got Wide seeing his dick just out of no where he said it makes him feel good he said it's better when someone else does it. I said I would try and he told me he wanted to touch me to and so I pulled my pants down and he grabbed me by my dick started playing with it I did the same. After I got bored I asked is there anything else we can do and he said I could put his thing in my mouth so I did I liked it.

Ever since then everyday after school we did that tell one day his sister came home and caught us in the act. Surprised that she was home early i looked at my friends with a very confused look that's when I said hi. She said awwwww aren't you guys experimental now do you wanna see what your suppose to use those dicks for. Yeah I said confidently then she lifted up her skirt to my surprise she wasn't wearing panties and i could see her vagina i was shocked at the sight but it wasn't new I had ran in on my sister's and my mom well they were naked plenty of times. Hypnotized by the sight of her shaved vagina lips she said you gonna stand there or are you gonna come learn how to satisfy a girl I walked over and she layed down on the couch and spread her legs

She said get between her legs and lick her vagina but I was skeptical at firstv but when I put my face closer i found that i liked the smell so i tried it the taste was amazing and sweet yet tart. He brotherc came over and she said come to my face with your cock I'll show you how a real woman sucks cock and he did exactly that. She started moaning cause I increased the speed of my tongue movement then she put her brothers cock in her mouth and stared sucking I didn't know what to do so I stoped and asked what to do she said put my fingers in her ass then raised up her ass so I put my index finger in and found out it was really tight then I thought maybe i could do that to her vagina and so o pushed a finer into her vagina and she squealed. I thought I hehurt her so i stoped she looked at new and said don't stop so I did it again longer this time and I pushed more. I figured out what she ment by do you wanna see what your suppose to do with those dicks. I climbed up on top of her and thruster my hips forward and jammed my little dick in her ass the feeling was great for me but apparently me and her didn't share that opinion and she screamed in pain and pleasure then looked at me with pain in her eyes I said sorry she said it's ok and that it happens I said I'll be careful next time she said no need just a little warning. I got ready to go back in and said ready or not here I come and I shoved my cock inn her pussy then accidentally pulled it out and stuck it back in her ass she squealed again but this time in nothing but pleasure I was careful from there on out going slowly then she said alright I want to suck my pussy and ass off your cock now so I pulled out and crawled up to her and put my dick in her mouth. And her got down and played with her pussy before you knew it he found out how to use that dick of

After we were done we got dressed and decided to make that our new daily routine. Ever since then I've been fucking my friends sister and occasionally She watches me and my friend fuck and suck each other well she masturbates. I was 8 when that started I'm 24 now and I live with them both and I work with them. There hasn't been a day thats passed that I've had to go without pussy or cock.

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