Our first time at an adult bookstore (straight)

Michael and Ellen's sex story
After a night of dancing and drinking we decided to check out a nearby adult bookstore. Our first time at a bookstore like this turned out quite interesting.

We were out of town visiting friends for the weekend. Since they have a houseful already, we rented a room at a nearby inn not far from their home. On Saturday night the 4 of us decided we needed a night out partying so they met us at our room for a drink then off we went. Our friends, Mac and Neely, were fun to hang out with. Mac has had a crush on my wife Ellen for as long as we've known them...I know this because he admitted back when they were our neighbors. Neely is a good looking lady but she tends to be a tad uptight, she sometimes seems bothered by Ellen and Mac's flirting.

Ellen was dressed in a soft cotton dress with no back that tied halter style around her neck. She couldn't wear a bra with it and, despite how short it was, wore some tiny white lace panties that covered little and even what they covered was visible due to the thin lace. Neely also wore a dress but it was long enough to cover her knees. Quite a difference from Ellen's that stopped 5or 6 inches above her knee.

Mac was driving and took us to a night club not too far from the inn. It was fairly crowded but we managed to get two seats at the rail by the dance floor. We let the ladies sit and we stood beside them. I ordered us each 2 drinks and a shot of tequila so we wouldn't be kept waiting because of the crowd. We danced some and Mac asked Ellen to dance. When the music slowed Neely was watching Mac and Ellen like a hawk. I asked her to dance but she declined. Mac had his hands very low on Ellen's back, and eventually they slid down onto her ass. After 2 slow songs they came back and sat down.

Ellen excused herself to go to the ladies room and I went for more drinks. I looked at them from the bar and saw they were arguing. By the time I got back to the table, with 2 more rounds and and a shot each, Mac told me Neely wasn't feeling well and needed to leave. I told them we would catch a cab back to the room and they left. When Ellen came back she was surprised, but not really disappointed, that they left. We stayed until after 1:00 and then left, neither of us feeling any pain.

We had the valet get us a cab and I told him where to take us and then joined Ellen in the back seat. As we drove I whispered to Ellen that I wanted her panties. She looked at me and smiled, then looked at the rear view mirror. The driver had been checking us frequently because Ellen's breasts were nearly falling out of her top. As she looked in the mirror she smiled and raised up and slipped her painties off, but then she tossed them onto the console in the front seat. I then slid her hem up and opened her legs playing with her as we drove.

It seemed to take longer to get to our location than it should have, but maybe because I was drunk. He pulled into the parking lot of an adult bookstore, open 24 hours, and parked. I paid him for the fair and a nice tip and said we would be needing those panties later. He gave me a card and we got out of the cab. Ellen looked at me and said this isn't our hotel. I just smiled and took her hand. There were several cars, maybe 8 or 10, in the front. As we walked in an old white man was walking in and a young black guy, probably barely old enough to be in there, was walking out. He turned and looked at us so I grinned and lifted Ellen's dress up exposing her ass.

We browsed the videos and toys for a bit. I walked over to the counter and got some change and saw the old guy following Ellen as she browsed. Ellen would stop and bend over to check out the videos on the lower racks, causing her dress to rise up nearly showing her ass. And a couple of times she turned sideways when she bent over giving him a nice view of her tits. I walked up and told her to follow me. I took her through some swinging doors to a darkened room in the back. They had rows of video booths all painted black. She didn't speak but held onto me as we looked at the information for the videos inside the various booths. When we walked over to the second row I found one with women taking multiple cocks and slid the curtain open and we went inside.

There was a bench for a seat and Ellen sat down by the wall.I put some money in and sat nearest the curtain but only partially closed it. The booth was fairly wide but the bench was fairly close to the screen. The video came on and Ellen started watching. It was mid movie and a white woman of around 35 or 40 was having sex with 2 black men. Ellen was watching intently as I reached over and untied her dress. The top slid down and she was sitting there topless rubbing her tits with her hands.

We had never been in a place like this before, and we aren't swingers. Ellen has never minded showing her tits under the right circumstance but since she turned 45 she rarely did it anymore. She's now 47 and I was a bit surprised that she was allowing this but I wasn't about to complain! I reached down and began rubbing her thighs, lifting her dress higher as I did and spreading her legs. I reached between them and found she was quite wet! She was leaning back now and moaning slightly. I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and looked in time to see the young black man who had walked out when we entered standing by the curtain watching.

Ellen was now rubbing a breast with her left hand and my crotch with her right. I was sliding my fingers inside her as she sat there with her eyes closed. The movie stopped and when it did, the black guy hurried off. I now had Ellen's dress up to her waist in front. I put another dollar in the machine and then lifted her hips so the entire dress was at her waist and she was sitting there totally exposed. As I continued to play with her I noticed our black friend had entered the booth on the other side. There was a rather large glory hole on the wall that connected with ours, probably 8' or more in circumference, and he had his face pressed against it.

The video shut off again but I was out of change. After a minute I told her to wait there that I would be right back. She stopped me and asked where I was going. I said for more change. She said she would come too but I told her no, wait right here I'll only be a minute. The guy at the glory hole had backed away so that I could no longer see him. I stood up and adjusted my pants, when Ellen asked what is the hole over there for. I told her I'd show her in a minute, to wait right there and not move. I closed the curtain as I left and hurried for more change. When I returned I saw the old man enter the both just past ours. I opened the curtain and Ellen was sitting there gently rubbing her pussy with her eyes closed. She had slid over so that she was nearly lying down with her back leaning against the corner near the curtain. This had her legs spread open facing the glory hole. The black kid was once again peeking through.

I put some money in the machine and the movie started again. Ellen continued to lay there more or less masturbating until I knelt down and sat her up. I leaned her against me and began playing with her tits. She opened her eyes and said, so tell me what the hole is for. I said I would show her and I had her sit up again and I reached between her legs and spread them further apart while I slipped my fingers inside her...I was surprised at how wet she was. I told her to look closely at the hole. She leaned toward it then turned to me and whispered that someone was in there watching us! I laughed and said that was why the hole was there. She then surprised me again and said I hope he's getting a good show!

She and I then began making out and she was now eager. I stood up and she stood with me unzipping my pants. She then pulled out my cock and leaned over taking it into her mouth. I could still see the guy at the glory hole but she couldn't, her ass was facing him and was just inches from his face. After a minute his face disappeared and I saw his hand reach through. Ellen was giving me a blowjob to die for and I was worried he was about to bring everything to a sudden stop. Allowing him to watch was one thing, unusual for her but not THAT far out. But touching was something else. There wasn't much I could do about it without stopping Ellen myself so I did nothing. At first she didn't react at all, but soon she was rocking back toward the wall behind her as the kid slid his fingers inside her. She was now moaning as she sucked me. I moved a bit toward the bench so I could see what was happening. He was rapidly fingering her and I could tell she was sopping wet from the sound as he did. I once again had failed to close the curtain more than 2/3 and saw the old man was now watching as well!

Ellen soon stopped sucking me and stepped closer to the glory hole. She was now squeezing her tit with one hand and bracing herself with the other by holding onto the bench. I could tell she was about to cum and soon she did. When she stopped rocking into his hand he removed it. The old guy was standing completely in the curtain entrance now so I motioned him back. Ellen was standing now holding her breasts and breathing heavy. I was about to suggest we leave when I saw the black guy reach through again, only this time it wasn't his hand but his cock. It was a fair size cock, not 10 or 12 inches, but fairly long and thick. He slid it between her legs and at first she jumped but then leaned over. He had no problem entering her because of how wet she was but had only moved in and out a few times before Ellen reached between her legs grabbing his dick then standing up and stepping away. She said I'm not going to fuck him, he just stuck his bare cock inside me! As good as it feels I'm not doing that. I agreed and turned so my back was to him. She stood close to me and I grabbed her ass as we kissed. As I moved my hands, the old guy entered the booth closing the curtain. Ellen was already hot, and fairly well buzzed. Soon he had both hands on her ass as she and I kissed. The old guy was well dressed, he was wearing a suit that looked expensive, and had a full head of white hair. He was fairly good looking for his age, I'd guess he was late sixties or so, and about 6'1' tall and probably weighed 200#...give or take a pound.

I was kissing her with my hands at her waist. He was squeezing her ass with both hands. She didn't react at all to the fact that there were four hands on her. He soon reached around and cupped her breasts with both hands and began kissing her neck. I can't remember ever seeing her this turned on. She tilted her head to the side giving him access as his hands slid down to her hips. I could feel him pull her into his crotch. He started grinding her ass, still bare with her dress above her waist. She was grinding into him as well and she was breathing so hard she sounded like a train! I leaned down and began sucking her tits and he slipped his hands to her pussy. He then spoke whispering that her pussy was dripping wet. Ellen moaned 'I know, I know. You did this to me!' He continued talking to her telling her how hot she was and that he wanted to make her cum. He asked if he could make her cum and she said 'I don't know! I hope so, but I can't. Oh my god, I hope so.'

I turned so that my back was against the video screen and eased her mouth onto my cock again. The old guy turned with Ellen and then kissed his way down her back. Soon he was licking her pussy from behind and in only a matter of seconds she was cumming and moaning that she needed me (him?) inside her...I'm not sure which. I stood her up and kissed her but he then grabbed her waist and pulled her into his lap. I could see his pants around his ankles and Ellen groaned with pleasure as he entered her. She was again rocking back and forth as SHE fucked HIM! He wasn't moving at all when I heard her say again 'Oh my god! I'm gonna cum again!' She soon started shaking violently as she had her third, or forth, orgasm of the night and it was by far the best. She stopped bouncing and sat back against him. His hands were on her tits and I could see his cock still inside her as he continued to push in and out as best he could.

Ellen then looked at me and mouthed 'is this that old guy that was watching us?' That caught me off guard because I didn't think she'd seen him. I nodded it was and she looked at me with her eyes wide and mouthed 'Oh My God!' She was sitting in his lap still wiggling a bit when she stood up, turned to him and said 'you have a fantastic cock but can't cum in me, I'm sorry.' She grabbed his hands and stood him up and hugged him, then kissed him. Her ass was against the glory hole again and when the black kid reached through and grabbed her she stopped and pulled the dress down. She asked the old guy if he would tie her dress and he did. Then she told me we need to call the cab driver and go to our room. The old man offered to drive us. At first she declined but then said ok with the understanding that she wasn't going any further with him...he agreed.

We went out and got in his Mercedes. It had a bench seat in front and he opened the door for her. I started to sit beside her so she moved to the center, but then I decided it would be to cramped so I got in the back seat. Ellen stayed in the middle of the seat despite me sitting in the back. As he drove, his hand was on her thigh and then her pussy causing her to breathe heavy closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the seat. When we got to the room, We sat there for several minutes as he continued to play with her. Then, after getting her off yet again, they made out for a few minutes before he walked us to our room. He gave us his phone number before leaving and asked us to call when we were back in town. We agreed, and have been to visit a few times since. We then went to bed and had sex again with Ellen finally begged me to stop saying she couldn't handle another orgasm.

We left the next morning and went home. As we drove home she didn't mention him or the bookstore. Finally when we got home she asked me if I was upset with her. I told her as long as she had fun and wasn't upset then I was fine. This started a new series of exciting events for us. We have since been back to that bookstore, and a couple of others as well. We have also become close friends with the old guy, Clyde, who is a widower and a super guy and friend. We live a little over an hour away from him, but try to visit him a couple of times a month when possible. This happened just over a year ago and is completely true and as accurate as possible.

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