When I was sixteen (teen sex, virginity)

Frank's sex story
A story about me and my high school English teacher over 66 years ago. I left her secret notes just to make her curious. Finally she took the bait and we had a great 7 months.

I was 16 and taking an English class that I didn't like. I liked English Lit but this was bone-head grammar. I needed the class so I stayed enrolled. The teacher was Miss Jensen and this was her first year out of college. She was lecturing on intransitive verbs. The black board was full of chalked words. Boring. My mind blocked out her voice so I concentrated on her. I noticed that she was quite pretty. I hadn't paid much attention before. She wasn't tall but she had a nice figure and big breasts. I fell in love. Nothing wrong with a crush on a teacher I suppose when you are 16 going on 17. There were tons of hormones floating around inside me. She was probably 21 and I was sure she had some hormones too.
There were several rules against students and teachers fraternizing even in 1945. How was I going to do this. I thought and thought all week. Finally on Saturday I had an idea but not how. I needed to pique her curiosity. It came to me in the late afternoon. I would start by slipping a simple note onto her desk. I was pretty sure she would not tell the principal-young teachers are all suspect. Especially when they are pretty.
Monday morning, I walked by her classroom just as the bell rang. Her first morning class was filing out. I slipped around to the other room door and very quietly dropped a folded note on her desk and silently backed out. She didn't even look my way. I went around to the front and stood by the stairs in the dark-she went back to the desk and saw the note. She picked it up and read; Miss Jensen, I have a crush on you. I had signed it 'An Admirer'.
She looked around to see if anybody was watching. I ducked to the side behind one of the support beams. She carefully folded it and put it in her purse. I thought to myself, wonderful, she knows. She knows she could get into trouble. My plan is working.
On Wednesday I left a note that said; Look in the right hand drawer after the class leaves. She looked around again as students filed out. When they were gone, she moved to the drawer. I was watching from the stairs hiding in the dark. The custodians turned the hall lights off at eight to save electricity. She again looked around and then slowly moved to her desk. She opened her drawer. There was a single red rose. I had stolen the rose from Mrs. Turner's front yard.
Miss Jensen held it a moment and then smelled. She tucked it into her purse. A puzzled smile was on her face. The next day I managed to hide another note; Do you like to walk in the woods? I stayed in the dark by the stairs. She didn't look around this time. She read the note again. She smiled. I was sure she was still wondering who had written it and I am sure she knew it was a student. I left notes for all of the next week. It was harder as she was on the alert. She watched all the boys in the 9th and 10th grade classes.
Finally fifteen days later I left her another note-a longer one with a map. It said, Park your car in the back lot Saturday morning. Nobody ever goes back there on Saturday. Wear walking shoes. Go to the end of the gravel road. I will leave the fence gate unlocked. Follow the map. It will lead you into the woods on the back 80 acres. Hurry and try not to be seen. Wear a greenish jacket if you can. Follow the map.
Saturday morning I got up early, ate some toast, and told mom I was meeting John Steward at the park. I took off jogging, cut behind the neighbors barn and went to the gate-I unlocked it-I had a key from the owner. He let me hunt quail. I headed to the woods in the southwest end. I waited just inside and out of sight. I looked at my watch. No Miss Jensen. If she was coming she was late. I had fixed up an area back in the woods over the last 6 months. It was my hide out. I would sneak off and look at naked pictures out of magazines and masturbate. It was a well-hidden place. I had booby traps around and nobody had found it.
I was about ready to leave and then I saw her. She was looking back to make sure nobody saw her enter. She cut down a small wash and walked below a row of buck-brush. She could not be seen from the road. I thought, she's smart.
Miss Jensen had the map out and was heading my way. I backed out and headed towards my hideout. It seemed forever, but it was only three minutes. She walked into the small clearing and saw my makeshift little house. She stopped in front and was about to knock-not knowing what else to do. I stepped into the clearing and said, 'Good morning Miss Jensen.'
She smiled, 'I just knew it was you Hank. I caught you looking at me a few times in class. I was careful and you didn't know I knew did you? I said, 'No. I thought I was being clever.' 'Well you were clever but I think you were horny and I was able to figure it all out. I saw a bulge in your pants one morning. Nobody saw but me. '
'Come inside and see my hideaway.' She stepped in with me right behind her. I could feel movement in my groin area. 'This is nice. You have a bed, a lamp, and a place to hang clothes. What a great idea. Do you think anybody has found it?'
'Nope. I made some traps around and nobody has been here but me. Nobody farms this land anymore and nothing to hunt so nobody bothers. Plus there are NO TRESPASSING signs all around this place. There is almost three-hundred acres in the whole place. Only this eighty acre piece is in heavy woods.' She turned to face me-her face was flushed, what was she thinking?
I moved towards her and pulled the zipper on her jacket. I had lit the lamp just for warmth. It was just right. She slipped it off. She had a tight sweater on. Her tits looked even bigger than in the classroom. My boner was getting harder. I took off my jacket. She pulled her sweater over her head. Her hair mussed up beautifully-I could hardly wait.
She slipped out of her slacks. I dropped my Levis and drawers. I reached over and pulled her panties down. She stepped out of them. I reached behind and unsnapped her bra. Her large tits came out-standing rigid and pointing at me. I bent quickly and kissed the right one. The right is always the biggest. Miss Jensen had her eyes shut. She reached down and wrapped her hand around my big cock. 'Wow. For a 16 year old you are big.' I said, 'I have noticed that in gym. I'm bigger than most of the 12th graders.'
She moved closer and pulled on my cock. I reached down and stroked her cunt hair. It was soft and not crinkly like the three girls I had screwed who were in the 12th grade She was excited and making small cooing noises as she leaned against me. I pulled her to the bed and crawled on top. I worked hard at getting my big cock in. She finally had to help. It just wasn't going. She said, 'I have not been screwed since college. I haven't found anybody here in town my own age. I realized you were only 16 when I figured out who was leaving the notes, but I didn't care. I needed to be screwed.'
I kissed her big tits again and was kissing her stomach working my way to her crouch. She said, 'Come back up here and kiss me.' I did and she 'French' kissed me. I had heard of it but had no knowledge of what to do. She said, 'Do the same thing back.' I did. Wow! That was exotic. I put my cock in again with her help and managed to get it all in. She had her eyes shut again and was cooing. There were small grimaces of pain on her face as I thrust. Soon she was moving with me and the grimaces went away. The little cooing sounds and the slight pain noises stopped and she started moaning-moaning in rhythm with my rapid thrusts. She didn't open her eyes but she said, 'Go Henry. Go. Go faster. It feels so good.' I obliged.
I was beginning to feel my load starting to form. I went faster-she kept up the pace. 'I'm cumming. Keep going.' I said, 'Me too! I'm going to go.' I did. I blasted her insides out-or it seemed so. I thought I could go again so I kept pumping. Shortly she started to move again. She caught up with me in timing and we moved as one. 'Go Henry. Go. I'm cumming again.'
'Me too.'
We spent most Saturdays in my little forest hideout. Even when the snow fell, we would manage to meet. She would park her car way to the north behind an abandoned barn and carefully follow a cow trail. Only at the very last would she cut across in the snow to the hideaway. I would do the same. Nobody ever found us. We met until the last of the school year in May. Miss Jensen transferred to a high school down in the next county. A nice raise in pay. She had only been on a one-year contract at my school.
We managed to meet one more time in a Motel 6. It was too dangerous and I had a hard time getting away myself. She went back to college for a masters degree and we lost track. I went into the Army as soon as I graduated and spent 10 months in Korea during the war. I often thought of Miss Jensen when I was alone in my tent-it always led to masturbation.

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