How I lost my Virginity (straight, first time)

Sannidhi's sex story
It is a sex story happened in my real life...Do u believe it or nt...But its real... Any one wanna spnd a night with me. My name is Sannidhi... I live in Mangalore...This story is my first story..

I have a bro who is the most sexiest guy in my family...He used to cht with me vry often....He used to talk dirtyly that i used to like....He had saw my boobs...He had felt and touched my pussy....But we never got a chance to have sex....Once he came to my house...he said we would have a sex in garden wer no one frm our house used to cme....But I did'nt agree...I was scared tht any1 would see..So he planned to plnd to take me out one day and have sex anywhere else...But fr a change except me and my bro evry1 else wer going to family function as i and my bro did nt agree to go with thm....they left us at home for 3 days... bro had some blue film and we both spnt time watching tht....Tht night my bro started to become naughty...He lifted me and took me to bed...I was wearing a frock which had a zip at back...He started kissing me and I too responded well...Slowly he moved towards my back and unzipped my dress...He undressd me and i was in bra and panty...He removed my bra and started licking my boobs...I was sp excited...Slowly he moved towards my panty and removed it...Now I was fully nude...He undressed himself..His cock was ready to go inside my pussy...He licked my pussy and started to finger fuck me....After 15 min of finger fuck he slowly inserted his cock in my pussy...I moaned lowdly...He kissed on my lip so tht i could nt scream...He started moving his cock in and out of my pussy...It bleeded a little and pained a little too...

But i was so excited tht i did nt care fr all those things things..I started shouting 'aah,aah, fuck,fuck...He fucked with full force for whole 2 hrs...Later it was time to sleep and we both slept together undressed....As it was a very cold winter night I and my bro both slept in one blnket and he used to do all naughty things evn aftr the light was off...I was feeling vry hot and i said to stp as i wnted to sleep...And we both slept....Fr the nxt two days also we had alot of encounters during day also...And did nt wasted evn one single moment as i liked being fucked by anyone.... Any one interested in me cn comment me and I wil give you my hike no...and we cyn cheatt...And also spnd a night together....I hope u all liked this stry...Plz comment guys...Waiting fr ur comments..

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