My best friend's father and their friends (straight)

Ty's sex story
He has been fucking me for years, i am his slut, his whore, his fucktoy, his cumdamp and now his friends are using me too. I love it

My best friend is my neighbor and she is my age 20 years old. Her father is been fucking me since i was 15 and last week he envited some friends of his.
I was at home bored oit of my mind when I decided to call him for some quick fuck.
He said he had some friend in the city and they would all get together on onother guys house for some drinks.
Later in the night he calls me asking if i was still horny and when i said yes he invited me over to the friends house.
When i got there it was almost midnight. There were 5 guys 6 counting my neighbor. I looked at him and he said 'u let us all fuck u or u go home slut' and grabbed my hair pushing me to his hard cock.
I didn't say a word, i was so wet with the thought that I almost came.
They ripped my closes fucked me like a whore taking turns fucking my cunt, ass and throat. At times i had my 3 holes filled at the same time. The slapped me, pushed me, spit on me, peed on me, called me names.
There was one of them that kept filming when he was not fucking me. I am so scared he is going to put online but at same time it makes me so hot and wet.
I open my legs and let all of them have fun with me. The feeling of every cock slamming inside me from all holes was so amazing I thought i was going to pass out. I felt the pain but the pleasure overcame the pain and it felt so good.
When they were done i was all covered in cum dripping like a cheap whore and all sore.
They didn't let me take a shower or rest for that matter.
My neighbor threw my ripped clothes at me pushed me out of the apartment and closed the door
It was around 5am and i was glad it was yet dark and my parents were still sleeping when i got home.
I webt to shower and everything hurt but i was still so horny i was in a trance
I felt like I couldn't lift a finger next day and everything hurt so bad but it was the best fuck of my life
I spent the day in bed and told my parents i had the flu. Around 5pm my neighbor calls me and says to be at his house asap.
My friend was at home and I thought she wanted to see me or something. When i got there he says 'lea is in the bath taking a long bath. While se does that i am going to fuck your throat in the kitchen'
I got in my knees and let him fuck my throat like his life depended on it. He came so hard down my throat.
He told after that to lay on the table with my legs spreaded showing my yet sore pussy. He said 'I am going to slap u now and u won't make a noise because we don't want lea to hear us. Understood?' I shaked my head saying yes.
He started slapping my pussy harder and harder for few minutes it was so painful and soooo good tears were falling from my eyes and i came like crazy and i put my hands in my mouth so I wouldn't scream.
He let me there breathing like crazy.
I got up really fast when I heard lea coming down.
It was like nothing happened, i had to stay for a bit to talk to lea and when i left i went straight to bed after taking some painkillers
I am his fucktoy and i love it.
He says he his going to share me with his friends this weekend and I can't wait

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