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anonymous teacher's sex story
A young girl in a class that I teach began to hit on me, and eventually one thing led to another. Now I fuck her every week.

I'm a 32 year old male teacher and I teacher in middle school. Now, I don't know what's up with kids these days. So many younger girls are wearing more provocative clothing ( or as I like to call it, 'less' clothing ) and eventually it gets distracting, especially when you're single and you haven't had sex in a couple of years like I have. I just never had the time for a full, dedicated relationship.

There was this one girl in my class that obviously had something for me. Did she like older men? Or the idea that her teacher might have sex with her? I wasn't sure. But she was always doing what she could to try and flaunt her teen body. She'd wear short skirts and sit in front of the class. As I sat on my desk after assigning them an in-class assignment, she'd always spread her legs wide to give me a full view of her pants. She had pretty large breasts for her age, had a thin yet not too thin body, long blonde hair and very beautiful blue eyes. She had the cutest face, yet it was definitely not innocent. She'd always erotically wink at me every time we locked eyes. I didn't my best not to look phased by it for the other students, but eventually I couldn't handle it anymore.

At the end of the class ( last period of the day ) I asked Samantha to stay after class and that I wanted to discuss her grades ( she was actually doing amazing, almost 100%. It was just an excuse so that the other students wouldn't think anything of it ). She, however, looked happy that I said such a thing, almost like it was her dream.

That day she was wearing a pink tank top and a very very small skirt. Heck, her just standing still as I sat at my desk let me see her blue panties ( or thong, should I say ).

I initiated the conversation with a goal in mind: let her know that I'm not going to fall for her no matter what.

'Look, Samantha. I'm not stupid. I get your signals.' I said.

'Yeah? And!' She had so much hope in her voice. That's what flipped everything around for me.

'What are you expecting from this? I'm curious to know. By the way your marks are at the top of the class. But why are you trying to seduce me?'

'Well why else? I want you to make love to me silly. I love you!'

Those words were strong for me. It had been a while since i heard such a thing directed at me. But how did I know that what she felt for me was actually love? She's 13 years old. How does she know? Yet she looked so sincere, with such a proud smile on her face.

'I don't understand. I really don't. I'm almost twenty years older than you. I'm just a teacher. Why do you like me so much?'

'Well...' She sat up on my desk, with both her legs spread, showing me her cute little thong in it's glory. 'You're handsome, you're kind and you seem so perfect to be with. You look like you'd protect anybody you cared about no matter what happens. That and I can tell that you're a great lover...'

I don't even know how she could ever know that last part, but I rolled along with it. I'd lie if I said I wasn't getting tempted. 'You're just so young. I'm a teacher and you're my student. This should never happen. That, and it would feel weird to do anything when you're only 13.'

'Oh! So you've been thinking about it hmm?' She said biting her lower lip.

She had gotten me there. So to try and compromise I asked her if she wanted to just come over to my place so that she could know more about me on a personal level. I was not planning on doing anything sexual with her at all. She squealed and agreed. She texted her parents to tell them she was going to go to a friend's house or something like that.

So we got in my car and we drove over to my house. Immediately she complimented my place on how clean it was.

'I thought a busy teacher like you wouldn't have had the chance to clean up. Were you expecting me?' She winked.

'I always keep the place clean. I'm a neat freak.'

'I like that!'

We sat on my sofa. I removed my vest to leave me in my buttoned shirt. Samantha was sitting a pretty decent distance from me on the couch. But as we talked and as she questioned me about my preferences, I noticed her getting closer and closer. Yet for some reason I wasn't stopping her. Eventually she lay her hands on my thighs. I didn't do anything. And then she pressed her lips to mine. That's when everything went south.

She sat on my lap, this tiny girl, as I wrapped my arms around her during our make-out. It felt so wrong, yet I felt so amazing as well. It seemed like this girl genuinely loved me. It just sort of sucked that she was so young as well as my student. I wanted to stop. This was wrong. I could get fired if anyone found out.

Instead I ripped her clothes off ( and I do mean RIPPED ). I exposed her 13 year old body, her D-cup breasts and cute little pussy. She was adorable. I continued to kiss her as she giggled and moaned when I grabbed her ass and rubbed her pussy during the entire endeavor.

'I knew I would seduce you...' She said in between our smooches. 'I just knew it...'

I set her down on the sofa as I stood up and unbuttoned my shirt and threw it off, exposing my entire upper body. I followed with taking off my pants and then my undies. At the sight of my fully erected cock, Samantha's eyes widened with such surprise.

'Yeah. You got me Samantha.' I said. I stood a step closer and took her head gently. 'Now suck on my cock or I'll give you an F on that grammar quiz.'

She looked up, her jaw wide open. 'It's so big. Jesus...' She brought her mouth closer and started to lick it, then sucking on it with such passion. I moan aloud, and I'm pretty sure that only encouraged her to keep sucking faster and harder to impress me. I'll be honest it wasn't the best blowjob I've ever had, but it wasn't awful either. It was enough to get me going and get me super excited.

After sucking my cock for about ten minutes I abruptly took Samantha and pinned her to my couch. Her ass was up front, on her knees. I kept her still as I shoved my face onto her pussy, starting to lick all over her pussy lips and clit. She moaned loudly, telling me to stop because she couldn't catch her breath. I didn't stop. I could see her face. It was so amazing. It was all red with embarrassment. Her pussy was the best I'd ever tasted: small and tasty.

I spanked her ass a couple of times. 'You're such a little slut, you know that right?' I told her.

'Well... if a slut is what it takes to seduce you... I'm glad!' She answered. Without any warning, I grabbed my cock and did my best to shove it inside of her pussy. It was hard though, because of how big my penis was compared to her pussy.

She was groaning in pain, and eventually I got my cock inside of her, but her pussy was bleeding. I just broke her hymen.

'You're a virgin?!' I asked.

She nodded her head. She was crying from the pain, but she had a wide smile. 'Just fuck me. Fuck me please. I want it so bad. Please fuck me!'

I did as she asked me. It took some time for me to get used to not only the movements of penetration but to her tight pussy. Eventually it widened a bit and I just fucked Samantha. She moaned loudly. My hips were smacking up against her tiny ass with such force. I bent over to grab her breasts and fondled her firm titties while I fucked her.

Eventually I was at my peek and I came inside of her 13 year old snatch. I pulled my cock out, covered in blood, her juices and come of my cum. She was on my sofa, completely exhausted and breathing heavily. Her pussy was dripping in my semen. I knew she wasn't protected. I hoped to god she wouldn't get pregnant.

Well the fact that it was her first time explained why her blowjob wasn't so amazing. But she got the time to practice. About three times a week she'd come over to my place and we'd make love to each other. We'd kiss, she'd suck my cock, I'd suck her tits, eat her out, and I'd fuck her pussy and cum inside of her, this time with the help of birth control pills.

We've been doing this for about 3 months now and no one has found out so far. I have no idea what I got myself into. it's so wrong. Yet I'm glad that I get to fuck this little girl who has such a huge crush on me and allows me to fuck her whenever I ask her.

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