A long hot summer (straight, teen sex)

FRANK's sex story
Small town sex story - two 12th graders, a widow, and an un-wed 20 year old girl - we were always horny and used to have a jerk-off contest once a week - the winner got a free movie ticket. it cost 35 cents in those days. the following is a true story that happened 66 years ago.

It was getting warmer. June was always hot in the prairie-country; flat and hot. Our little town was near a river and we used to swim in it every day in the summer. A good way to cool off was to just hang out on the sand near the river and jump in every hour or so. Four of us met at the river every day that we didn't work. I had a part time job at a car dealer keeping the cars clean. I would go in and stay until about 8:30 washing the cars, vacuuming, making sure the demonstrator cars had gasoline, and things like that. I was paid 30 cents an hour.
One of my swimming buddies, Calvin, worked at the stockyards, cleaning stalls and feeding cattle, horses, sheep, hogs, and fowl. He earned 40 cents an hour. On Friday nights we would meet at the bowling alley and have a Coke and talk about our day and girls. This particular night, Cal didn't show up.
I was concerned that he might be sick so I went to his house. The house was dark. Nobody there. The house next door had a light on in the back bedroom. It was occupied by a mother, her daughter, and the daughter's out-of-wedlock-baby. They were from Lincoln and had moved here when the mom got a job at the Telephone Co. as a bookkeeper. The 20 year-old daughter stayed home and watched her 10 month old baby. I look back and I suppose it was the scandal they had moved away from.
The mom was a widow. Her husband had been killed in the Pacific towards the end of the second world war. She sometimes played Bingo. She was gone. I moved to the rear of the house and listened by the open window. The blind was pulled but cool night air still came inside the warm house. I could hear voices. One voice was the girl and the other was my 19 year old buddy. I thought, what the heck is he doing here? I soon found out. Cal asked, 'Betsy, what if you mom comes home and catches us?' The light went out.
'Don't worry, Mom does this too sometimes. She'll pick up a good-looking soldier from the base and I'll hear them sometimes in her bedroom.' I continued to listen. The two crawled in bed and were soon having wild passionate sex. They were loud. I was getting a hard on just listening. After they screwed the second time, I left. I needed to find a dark place to jack off.
About a week later I came back from the river late. I was going to go to the second movie. I saw a light in the front of the house, I'll see if Cal is there, maybe we can go to a movie.
I went to the side door and knocked on the screen door. The mom came to the door. She was in a flimsy robe of some kind. Nylon perhaps. She didn't try to cover up. I could see through parts of it. She had big boobs. I couldn't help myself, I looked intensely. She noticed and smiled, 'Come in. Come in. It's hot. Do you want a Coke?' 'Sure.' She grabbed one from the fridge and opened it with a can opener. I took a swig.
'Give me a taste.' She said. I handed her the Coke and she sipped it and ran her tongue along the edge-there was a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. I moved closer, took the Coke, and sat it on the table. As I took it, I moved my left arm around her. She didn't move away. I guided her to the front bedroom kicking the door shut as we went towards the bed.
I had just turned 18 and was heading for my last year in high school. I was over six foot tall and had filled out this last year and muscular. I was also well hung for an 18 year old. She saw the bulge and reached down and started unbuckling my belt and then the buttons...zippers were not around back then. My pants dropped and she pulled my underwear down. She cuddled my balls in her left hand and stroked my iron-hard cock with her right.
I lifted her thin gown up over her head. She just kept on stroking slowly. I said, 'Stop! I'm about to cum.' She didn't stop. I couldn't hold it. She grabbed a tissue from a box on the nightstand and caught my explosion in the tissue. It couldn't hold it all. She should have grabbed two. I loaded out onto her wrist and the back of her hand.
When I backed off a little she grabbed two more tissues and cleaned herself up and wiped off my now purple cock head. She grabbed my going limp cock and started stroking it again. It came alive. I couldn't believe it. It usually takes an hour for it to get hard again. She said, 'I made you cum on purpose, now you will last three times as long when we screw.' I was secretly amazed, but did not say a word.
She lay down on the bed and I crawled quickly on top. I was inside in a few seconds and we started moving together almost immediately. She knew what she was doing. And she was right. I was hard and wanted to cum but I couldn't, I just kept pumping and pumping. She was writhing and meeting me thrust for thrust. Finally she said almost softly, 'Slow down just a little, I'm going to finish.' I slowed down and she writhed against me as she climaxed and moaning softly. She almost stopped. Suddenly she started moving against me again-really fast. 'I'm going to go again. Can you?'
I said, 'I'll try.' I mentally ordered my cock muscle to grip and I pumped as hard as I could. Sure enough I could feel a build up starting. I kept going. She was meeting me thrust for thrust. She said, 'I think I am going to cum again.' I said, 'Me too. I can feel it building.'
I screwed as fast as I could. 'I'm going to cum.'
She answered, 'Me too. Here I go. I'm going. Go! Go! Don't stop.' We both exploded at once. I lay back on a pillow and finally opened my eyes. Cal and Betsy were standing in the doorway-both had big grins on their faces. They had been watching for some time. Both were breathing fast. Cal pulled Betsy to the floor and stripped off her clothes. The four of us screwed one last time. It took me almost 8 minutes to cum. The mom came twice and then finally with me in the last of the 8 minutes. Cal and Betsy took longer. The two had been over at his house screwing while his parents were gone; playing cards up the street.
A few days later we all met at the river, swam across, and hiked back into the woods a few hundred yards. I had erected a tent back out of sight. Nobody could see it from the water. We met there all summer-sometimes just me and the mom and sometimes all four of us. In late August, we knew that school would soon start and there would not be much time for our meetings. We met on Thursday night and figured this would be the last for a while. School started Tuesday after Labor Day.
The mom grabbed Cal's hand and Betsy grabbed mine, what's this? I'm a little slow but I figured it out. I took Betsy inside the tent and the mom and Cal grabbed a blanket and moved further down the trail.
Betsy grabbed my swollen cock and started stroking it, 'Wow! You are big. A lot bigger than Cal.' You could see the look of anticipation on her face-glowing in the filtered sunlight-the trees had lost their blooms.
We lay down inside the tent-the wind was blowing a little and it was a bit cool. I closed the flaps and we were almost in total darkness. I played with her crouch as she stroked my cock. I stuck my index finger inside; her cunt was small. Even though she had a child almost a year ago, it was small. She rolled to her side and lifted her left leg, I tried to get inside. It wouldn't go. I wiped some of her juices on the head and tried again. She moaned from the pain as I forced my big cock inside. Finally I made it in but not very far-it was just too tight. I started moving slowly-she met me equally. After a few thrusts I was able to penetrate a bit more. As she moistened, I went in a little deeper. She was moaning-mostly in pain. I kept pushing. After about 30 more light thrusts, I was in all the way. I could tell it hurt a little so I went slowly in and out. After a few minutes she was moving again. I could tell she was beginning to feel my cock and not pain. She was making little cooing sounds. I went a little faster. Her juices were lubricating us. She started to match me in thrusts. She moaned in pleasure. We went faster. Betsy said, breathing hard, 'I'm getting ready. Don't stop. Don't stop.' I moved faster. She met me and was moaning louder.
'I'm finishing. I'm finishing. Here I go. Oh my! Here I go!' She jerked and jerked-her entire body jerked. I started to slow down. 'Don't slow down. Keep going. Please! Please! Go! Go!' I sped up again. I was still hard and getting harder. I was going to cum again. I couldn't believe it. We both exploded at the same time. Wow!
We just lay there resting and breathing hard. I didn't pull out. My cock was in that strange mode where it would not go soft nor would it go real hard. After what seemed forever, Betsy started moving again. I could feel my cock getting hard again. It kind of hurt and seemed swollen somehow. She moved against me some more. I responded. Soon we were thrusting against each harder and harder. After what seemed forever, I could feel myself starting to get that explosion feeling again. I moved fast. She responded. It felt fantastic. This time it was somewhat subdued for both of us. We both cum but it was a long cum and I mean long-I have no idea how long but it was more than double the normal length of a climax.
School started just after Labor Day and I did not see the mom or Betsy. I was really busy-books, homework, special project assignments, football practice, and other stuff. Finally about 12 days later I walked the 11 blocks to the other side of town and knocked on the side door-no answer. I looked around. The house looked strange. There were no curtains. And there were throw-away ads in the small mailbox. I peeked through the windows. They had moved. I walked to Cal's house next door. He was mowing the lawn on the far side. 'Have you been by Betsy's house lately?' 'Yeah, I was there about a week ago. Why?' 'Well they are gone.'
'You're kidding. I went to the river one last time with Betsy on Labor Day. Are there any notes or anything?' 'Nope.' We never saw them again and never found out where they went. Cal and I joined the navy at the end of the school year and never thought about it much. It was a hot summer to remember though.

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