The studio apartment (teen sex, college, straight)

Dallas's sex story
Some stories on this site sound more like erotic fiction than real stories, So I had an interesting experience when I was in college that falls in the REAL story category.

When I was in college I had a girlfriend who lived in a studio apartment. She had a younger sister that had invited a bunch of friend from school over to watch TV and order pizza and convinced my girlfriend to let them into the liquor.

The girls all showed up at a bad time, the only evenings I could get off work for a few weeks..

We were getting comfortable laying on the bed and the gang was watching TV down in front of us. We had the covers over us we quietly slipped off our pants and played around a little while the girls continued to watch TV. After a while we got a little more daring and I put my dick in my girlfriend while she sat on top and she turned around toward the TV so I could fuck her from behind.

We were quiet enough no one noticed and it just looked like she was sitting one my lap watching TV. A couple of the girls got up for various reasons and went back in front of the TV never paying much attention to us. Then my girlfriends sister got up to get something from the kitchen and as she was walking back my girlfriend pulled the sheet aside showing her sister my dick in her pussy,. Her sister just laughed and sat down and whispered to another girl to turn and and look up on the bed, so she got a quick look at us fucking.

There was some discussion between all the remaining girls and we heard some 'i want to see' requests. So the girls came over and got to watch us fuck for a while. Some looked a little embarrassed at first but got interested and we made sure everyone got to see everything. Eventually my girlfriend took my dick out of her pussy and let the girls watch her give head until blew a big load in her mouth which she showed the girls before swallowing it.

That only happened once but it was cool.

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