Conservative hypocrites and the double standard (spying)

Army Girl's sex story
If a beautiful 'southern bell' conservative lady insults you don't be mad because she may invite you over to see her antique collection and her pussy.

I am a California girl, always have been always will be.

After finishing four years in the military I found a good job in the medical field. The new job paid well eniugh it was worth the move to Louisiana and I took the job knowing the experience would help me get even better job back on the west coast.

I rented a corner house in a nice subdivision so the only neighbors I had were the people next door. I talked with them every once in a while and they seemed like a nice attractive couple with a two teenage daughters. The lady was really good looking with that 'southern bell' accent and expensive jewelry. Whenever I talked to her she made sure to remind me that they were republicans and, conservatives who followed strict conservative values. ... OK that's fine.

I happen to be a democrat but I totally respected their beliefs and values and felt comfortable having them as neighbors. They were in the antique business and I purchased a nice desk from their store.

I absolutely had to maintain my California tan so I found a nice place to lay out between the garage and house and made that my sunning place a few days a week. That's when the trouble started. Mrs. Conservative next door e-mailed me that she and her daughters were 'offended' that I would lay out in plain view wearing no cloths.. um I had a bikini on! The e-mail also reminded me their family followed 'conservative values' and I was obviously not a good person and had 'questionable' morals.

I ignored the e-mail from that bitch and continued to tan in the same place. Her husband was not home when I was tanning so I know she was not mad about him seeing me. I even I talked to the daughters and they never said a word about the e-mail or anything. Finally I asked one of the daughters if my tanning in the yard was OK and they both said 'why wouldn't it be?'

Nothing was said again and I tanned there all summer including a few days wearing a string bikini that was really not much more than 3 little patches just to piss off 'Mrs Conservative'

They had a big sliding glass door and I could see right down into their living room from my upstairs windows. Every fucking night was the same damn thing... dinner and then Fox News and I could hear them yelling about Democrats all evening.

This was back in 2012 so I ordered a nice Obama t-shit to wear, that really pissed her off! She told me over the fence one day 'honey you must like N___gers.'

I had lived there about 3 months when I was in the front driveway when the daughters told me they were leaving for the weekend and off they went.

Then I hit the jackpot!

Later that evening I happened to look down into their living room expecting to see their ugly fucking dog and Mr and Mrs Conservative setteled in for a night of Fox News but there was something new.

They had some guests over, a gorgeous lady and two good looking guys were looking at the antiques in their living room and then helped move some furniture around. I was thinking the two guys and lady were antique customers they invited over.

I checked back about 15 minutes later and all the lights were on and I could see they cleared an area in the middle of the living room. I was still thinking it was about their antique business until I saw Mrs Conservative wearing a bathrobe and Mr Conservative just had a towel on.

I turned off all the lights on that side of my house and started watching from the window sill.

Mrs Conservative obviously could not wait to get naked and spent at least 15 minutes showing off he big boobs and then moved on to one position after another spreading her pussy while they all watched.

Mr Conservative was still wearing a towel when he walked over to the other lady and started to feel her boobs before taking off the the towel and going over to mrs conservative who was already in a doggy position. He went straight all the way up her ass and started fucking her. Then one of the other guys got naked and he put his dick in her mouth while she was getting fucked. The remaining couple was now naked and they were doing there own thing until Mrs Conservative and that girl started making out. That lasted for a while until Mrs Conservative started fucking the guy that had a giant dick and her husband took some pictures with his cell phone. Mrs Conservative fucked all three guys and I know her husband was fucking her asshole. After a while the other girl started giving Mr Conservative some head and he must have cum in her mouth because she was drooling cum. The other two guys were with Mrs Conservative and then one of them because the girl came over and was licking her pussy after he pulled out. I am not sure where the third guy shot his load, hopefully it was all over he face messing up her makup!

They all got dressed and the guests left in a nice looking Mercedes.

Mrs Conservative never said a word again to me but if she had I would have told her I saw all that! I really do not care in fact I would have joined in if they had invited me. It's just she was such a republican conservative hippocrate to criticize my wearing a bikini when she's having group sex in her living room.

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