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hoysala's sex story
Hi guys, im gonna tell u my real life incident which took place 1 year ago. The heroin of this story is spoorthi my cet tution mate. We met first time our cet tution conducted by my college.

Hi sex story readers., ths is Hoysala: hight 5.5 inch and 18cm dick length and a stud guy. Im doing my engineering in NITK karnataka. He figure is really sexy white complexion and normal size boobs 34 32 36.
So let me begin. During our tution she used to sit in frnt bench. Initially i hadnt noticed her till whn my friends told me to luk. Thn when i saw her 1st time i fell to her and started feeling love to her. Then i was trying to look her whenever i get time she also doing the same. So i proposed her. She took a day time and accepted and i was very happy. From that day urges wake up. So initial days we used to smooch daily in clg campus itself. Bt i thought of going out and enjoy her. She agreed and we went in a scooty she was riding. . I was enjoying her boobs from behind she was lyking. Then i moved my one hand inside her pant . She threw my hand. I disappointed .then we went to a park. Where some people were there. Then also i asked her that i wanna touch her boobs she agreed and asked me that how wil u do? Then i asked her to sleep on my lap so that i can insert my hand inside her top and no one would notice that. What the fuck!! Its really nice soft guys. Current was gng inside my body. I was pressing it a hard. Both the boobs. Then i took my hand frm that i smooched her. We were kissing passionately her juicy lips were making me go crazy .then i asked 'darling i wanna see your tits' she told k. Then she took me to a loney place where she pulled her top down. Gorgeous! It was my first time a girls boob nake. I slowly moved my hand on her breasts pressed it softly. Then i kssed her both nippes and licked a while and bite it. Then we went home. After i reached home i masturbated twice thinking about her boobs. Then suddenly i thought about fucking her .bt i thought it would be so early for us. Bt wanted to ask her once. I texted her complimenting her boobs . She was excited. Then told her that i wanna fuck her .she told dfinitely drling . Bt when? And i told whenever u want. She agreed. .after that we did nt talk to each other fr couple f weeks coz f cet exams .then a phone call frm her she askd me to come to her home. I was excited as it was my first time. So i got ready and i went she greeted me by a hug. Then she prepared coffe to me. After that she told me that she s preparing for NEET 2 exams. As she nt understanding chem. She asked me to explain coz i was one of the topper of our college. I taught her important concepts for 2 hours. Then time was 11.30. Then i asked her are u alone? She said yes. Then i asked her to take me to her bed room. She was surprised and took me. She was wearing blue top and black jeans. I asked her the colour of her bra and panty. She told white and blue. Then i asked her can i see darling. She told ya sure chinnu. And was ready to remove . I stopped her and i continued removed her top. Then removed her pant. She simultaneously removed my shirt and pant. Becoz she knew my plan. Then we hugged each other rolling on the bed smooching each her. Then she told me darling come on fuck me hard fuck me like a slut. I got aroused then i tear her bra and panty. Damn hot! ! She was the first girl to see naked . Her pussy was full of hairs. Normally i like hairy pussy. Then i bent down to suck her pussy it was pink lips i smooched for 5 mins to pussy lips sucked it. Then i got up and put my dick into her mouth she sucked like a pro. And made me to cum. She drank all my cum. Then sucked for another erection. Then without wasting time slowly insertd penis into her pussy she was crying outta pain as it was her 1st time. Then her hymen broke. Then i started stroke her hard. She was moaning hmmmmm haaahaaa. Fuckkkk meee. Then i turned her to doggy style and fucked for another 20 mins .then she came and i also came. Ths time i came inside. I started to suck her boobs. Now we turned to 69 position then played till 1 o clock. .then i went home . After few days f ths incident we broke up . Now im committed with other girl.

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