I had sex when i was 11 (young sex, straight)

MysteryWriter's sex story
It was a dark night... My friend and his sister (both 11) come to sleep over. Although me and his sister slept in the same bed.

It was a stormy and dark night. My friend's mom's car broke down about 20 miles from us. I asked his mom if he could sleep over at my house his sister too. His sister was short had luscious brown hair and she was cute too. Her hormones already popped in and she had a flat butt. So then I had my bed. I wanted to sleep in my bed with my friend since i didnt know his sister well and then i ended up sleeping with his soster in the bed because his fat ass didnt fit in the bed. So then i was sleeping then i woke up and went to go use the bathroom. I went to wash my hands then his sister comes out of nowhere AND SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Anyways she pulled me to the bathroom and locked the door and we kissed. I was gonna just shower so she got nude and i got nude and we went in the shower. The thunder was very loud. She then gave me a condom i was like why do you have these? She didnt answer she just put it on my dick. She then grabbed my dick bended over and i started fucking her. I couldnt stop myself. She was so damn strong. Like i thought girls were weak but i could barely move. She then laid on the floor and picked up her legs V style. I then continued fucking her. Little did i know the condom almost broke. I noticed her eyes, they were closed. I was wondering why. The condom then broke and i squirted all my seed in her vagina. I knew i had been in trouble. Thwn i stopped myself and changed and went back to sleep. The girl also. Next morning my friend told me my sister sleepwalks for some reason because i caught her eating all the cookies once and i couldnt waker her up. That explained why the water had no effect and she didnt wake up. So then 9 months later she had a baby. They didnt know who the father was because the family thought it would cost too much to get a DNA test.

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