Drunk sex is the best sex (straight sex story)

Goldilox's sex story
I love Casey but I know I can't. But When he interrupts me having fun with a new friend I learn that maybe our feelings are mutual.

I was just sitting there drinking my vodka. I had one goal tonight to get as drunk as possible is the least amount of time possible and find someone to meet my deepest pleasures.

This can be somewhat of an awkward situation. In a house with my brother Jared and his three other roommates Casey, Steven and Blake. They all were so hot I wouldn't be sorry if I hooked up with any of them. But they all thought of me as their little sister so it never went anywhere. I had had sex fantasies about each and every one of them all the time. I wanted to be there as much as I could.

My voice in the back of my head always reminded me of my dirty thoughts. I just want to have fun with some guys. I am a virgin and have only gotten as far as giving head to a few random guys. I want to have sex. I'm an eighteen year old girl who loves drinking, smoking, dancing and flirting.

I was sitting there sipping on my vodka making conversation with all the guys. I was already pretty drunk and started taking shots when suddenly two black guys walked in. One was short but not my type. The other on the other hand - tall, muscular, dressed in jeans, a graphic t shirt with a jean jacket over. I automatically set my attention on him. I sat next to him making small talk hoping to gain his interest. Touching his thigh and laughing at almost anything he said. I was being a total flirt or at least I thought I was. He knew I was completely drunk as this point while he was only three beers in. I got up to go to the bathroom, and as I turned the corner I saw him rise from his seat following in my direction.

I reached the bathroom and not even two steps behind me was mr dark chocolate. 'Can I come in' he said timidly as I grabbed his t shirt pulling him in. He grabbed my ass as he picked me up and sat me in the sink. Then he turned around and shut ad locked the door. Then as If I had a fire under my ass I leaned forward giving him all I had. Our tongues intermingling while my legs were wrapped around his waist. We are in perfect motion grinding our hips together. I feel his dick twitch to life. Within a minute he had a full hard on. I start unbuttoning his pants slowly as if I was trying to ask for permission. His hands traveled to my tits - full DDD cup - and started flicking my nipples. Breaking from the kiss he planted a slobbery kiss in to a strong suck on each of my nipples. I could feel my pussy getting wetter the more he sucked on my nipples. 'Oh my god' I said breathless.He looked up at me and started kissing my neck. I pulled his hard dick out of his pants which was already covered with pre cum and started giving it a proper rub down. This had been the biggest dick I had ever seen let alone touched. I wiggled my way off the counter sitting on the tub which made me the perfect height.

I began sucking him slowly and gradually began going faster. The music in the other room muffled his moans of pleasure. He came in my mouth and I swallowed immediately. I stood up and he threw me against the wall and planted the biggest kiss on me. His hand slipped in to my waistband and there was no stopping him. He broke the kiss as he set me back on the counter not breaking eye contact with me. He slid my pants off my hips and and eventually threw them on the ground. He began teasing me through my thong making me go crazy. He ripped my thong off without a blink of an eye and dove right in. Circling my clit with his tongue while he took one finger and slowly stuck it in to my hole. My head went back with pleasure. I was so wet he took complete advantage of it. Within a few minutes I was cumming and moaning in pleasure. Could people hear me outside? I instantly became quiet. He picked me up as if I was a koala both half naked and pleasured but his dick was still hard and ready for the next step. But was I?

There was a knock outside of the door. Both startled we began to put back on our clothes as quickly as possible. To only open the door to find one of my brothers roommates, Casey, which was his best friend. I turned red and walked out of the bathroom returning to my vodka shot throwing it back as if it was water. I took another when Casey came out asking to talk to me. Of course I agreed as he drug me downstairs to his room. 'Are you okay?' He was so sweet, but was I really going to tell him what had just happened? 'I.... I'm fine' I said struggling to make words come out of my mouth I was so drunk. ' did he take advantage of you' he said staring at me with the most concerned look in his eyes. 'No of course not I didn't do anything I didn't want to do. How'd you even know I was in there with him?' I said with curiosity. ' I just always keep an eye out for you. Your just so important to me and I want to make sure your okay.' He said with some compassion. ' tonight was going to be the night I was going to make my move....' my head was spinning with questions. I took a step closer to him. There was less than an inch between us. He grabbed my face and planted the most amazing kiss I had ever had in my life. I kissed back with just as much passion. He slipped his tongue in to add some extra excitement. I broke the kiss, standing there confused. I had just basically been with another guy and now I am standing in front of Casey in such a vulnerable state confused and not knowing what I should do. He was my brothers best friend and basically like a brother to me. My head spinning and the vodka I had just downed was not helping. I ran to the bathroom and vomited.

Casey followed me and held my hair. He gave me a change of clothes, some water, a toothbrush and mouthwash - I took complete advantage. He offered me his bed for the night and without much convincing I agreed. I was so touched that his first instinct was to help me instead of take advantage of me. I got in his bed. He got ready for bed too taking off his shirt and his pants only leaving his boxers on. My heart hurt I wanted him so badly. He grabbed some blankets to make a bed on the floor. 'Are you serious. Get up here there is enough room for the both of us.' I said with complete confidence. 'Well if you insist.' He said with a flicker of hope coming over his eyes. We laid there just looking at each other. His hand reached for my face, caressing it. I felt good and I knew this was the right decision. I slid closer to him making our legs intertwine. His dick was already hard. Our lips met and our tongues danced together. It felt so good almost like it was meant to be. My hand traveled to his dick where he broke the kiss. 'Are you sure you want to do this? I don't want to pressure you or....' I pushed my finger against his lips as I disappeared under the covers. His dick although smaller felt oh so right. He pulled me up across his chest for a kiss right as he was cumming. I pulled off the sweats he gave me and started grinding on him, almost asking for permission for him to enter me. ' are you sure you want to have sex with me? I love you and want you but I don't want it to seem like I'm making you do this' he said with complete sincerity. ' I love you too Casey and you don't know how much I want this.' I said with absolute confidence. He slid his dick in. It was tight but felt like something I had never experienced before. He started sucking my nipples which helped distract me from the pain I was experiencing. I began riding him faster and it started to become more comfortable. We never broke our kiss when we both started cumming almost simultaneously.

I got off his dick and we laid side by side in complete silence for multiple minutes but it felt like a lifetime had passed. He turned to me 'that was amazing' and planted the biggest kiss on my lips. I was happy. We were happy. How would my brother react to this? I could deal with it later I was exhausted and drunk. We both passed out naked snuggling in his bed.

The next morning we woke to my brother opening the door saying ' hey Casey do you know where my sis.... oh you fucking didn't'

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