That class project (teen sex, straight)

GenaZ's sex story
My friend suggested I contact a professor about a class project I could participate in. It's not for everybody but it sure was fun and I know there's a line of people signed up to do what I did.

When I was in college I met a classmate who was also working on her master's degree. She told me that last semester she got an entire class credit just for participating in study one of her professors PHD husband was doing who and they only asked 6 couples a semester to participate.

My friend said it was study in 'modern sexuality' with couples doing a few questionnaires and interviews the first few visits and the third visit was sort of a get naked and fuck thing.

I figured since there was no photography involved, my boyfriend was enthusiastic about it and it was an easy three hours of class credit I would try it.

So I contacted the right people and got on the schedule. Sure enough it was exactly as described, we went over to their house and did our first two visits answering everything. The professor scheduled us for the third visit a few weeks later.

When we got to the house for visit three we were two other professors there and a lady professor who I recognized from school. There was also a cute asian girl who was going to be house sitting while they were gone.

Our 'presentation' was in sort of an enclosed patio area that was private. The other professors let us know they would be observers and asked if that was OK, we figured OK whatever.

Everyone got situated and after a little discussion we got naked and received some instruction on what to do. They wanted to start with some head and asked us some questions while that was going on. We fucked did some other things, it was NOT really as exciting as we expected and the audience did not really seem to be overly interested in what we were doing. We finished up, I had my class credit and we were good to go.

What makes the story interesting is I forgot my sunglasses and when I called the professor the next day he said the house sitter was there so go over and get them anytime.

Well the house sitter who I will call Sara invited us in for a while and let us know she was watching through the window and it looked like fun. So we took the opportunity for another sex session and included the house sitter who had an amazing body, perfectly trimmed pussy and was fascinated by my boyfriends big dick.

So all and all it turned out to be a fun class project.

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