My father's poker prize (straight, teen sex)

Alissa's sex story
For many years my father has been hosting poker games with his pals every Saturday night and usually they were betting money. But when my father and I started to have sex when I was eleven, he decided to make me the prize instead, and three years later it's still happening.

I've never had a mother because she passed away because of complications during my birth. I was lucky, my father told me. I could have died along with her. But I knew my father was sad that mom died. He had loved her so much and was devastated. He always told me that I looked just like her, and once night it really did get too far.

My first time having sex was with my father. I had been done taking a shower and with only a towel around me I walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge to look for some food. But suddenly my towel was ripped away from me and I felt strong hands grab me by the hips. I looked behind me. My father was completely naked. I hadn't noticed him on the sofa.

'D-dad?!' I screamed.

He didn't say anything. He shoved his old, big and hairy cock into my young pussy. It hurt so much at first. I could feel the blood dripping from my pussy on the floor as he kept thrusting his cock inside of me. But as it went along I started to enjoy it. My groans of pain turned into moans of pleasure as I begged for my father to not stop. Finally he had to, because he came inside of my little pussy.

Thankfully I hadn't gotten pregnant. My father went to the pharmacy the next day to get me some birth-control pills and we were having sex almost every night. It felt so amazing and I loved the feeling of my dad pinning me down and fucking me as hard as he could. I know he loves it. I look just like mom, but so little and fragile.

My dad finally asked me a favor. He wanted me to be the ultimate prize for his poker games with his pals: whoever wins gets to do whatever they want with me that night. I decided to agree, very curious. The next Saturday he introduced me to his poker pals. I was completely naked and they all looked at me erotically. My dad brought me to the middle of the table and made me sit there, completely exposed to show everyone what they could be having that night.

His pall Gerry won that night and he chose to make me do so many humiliating things in front of my dad and the rest of his palls. He made me lick and suck on his cock, he fingered my pussy and asshole while sucking on my tits, and in the end he fucked me and covered my 11 year old body with his 40 year old cum. My first gang-bang happened that night. The other married men couldn't handle it. They fucked me every which way, inside my mouth, my ass, my pussy. They would play with my small nipples and spank my ass and rub my thighs. It overwhelmed me, all of this sexual attention. I was so small yet all of these older men were covering me with their sexual desires.

I was covered in cum by the end of that night and every Saturday from thereafter has been the same: A man wins the game, has his fun with me, then lets everyone have their way right after. I'm my dad's little whore and I can't help but love it, even to this day at 14 years old. The men love my body even more, now that my boobs have grown and my hips have gotten bigger, making my ass be more curvaceous. My dad and his pals love my body and they can't help but use me.

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