Working At A Very Young Age (gay, teen sex)

Skysun69's sex story
This true story happen to me at age from 9 and 1/2 to 11 and 1/2, I really worked my ass off, enjoy, and please leave your comments, don't be afraid, I don't bite, hehehe...

After my daddy left us I started working at the age of 9 and been working ever since, though am 11 and a half now, I really wanted to play like every other kids I saw playing in the park with there parents or playing outside but I felt responsible for helping my mommy out so I would end up putting my toys away for next time and next time never came, being the only boy out of two sisters I felt like the man if the house, so every time after school and when I finished my homework, I would go to a corner BODEGA store, any WORKSHOP that would let me stay for the day, that’s besides working in AFTER SCHOOL events or in school offices for grade credits, I also worked in big stores like A&P SUPERMARKET, but for a while I was working in the corner bodega store with Munchy that's where I got my first employment job, but he only paid me in merchandise, like he would make up a bag of food for me to take home cos he said I was too young for a salary, I liked working with him, he always made me feel wanted, but he was real fat and we both couldn't fit behind the counter, him with his big round belly and me with my jelly big round ass, I always ended up on his lap and with a wet asshole, hehehe, Yeap, it was a wet job, then I went on looking for something better, the workshop was good and full of older men there, but it was nice cos I would see and learn and prepare myself for the future with different machines but they didn't let me on the machines due to I was very little and they didn't wanted me to get hurt so all they had me do was sweep and clean while they observe me, you see, I did learn a thing or two there, but I was always groped, they would call me to pick up something from the floor and when I bend over they would hump me, they gave me this little bikini house maid dress to wear that made me look like a dwarf French maid with a naked bottom, so when I bend over with the dust pan to collect the trash their cocks would be happy to see me and then I would get paid as I cleaned their wet spot, another wet job, hehehe, I did try to make mommy happy and proud of me by sometimes staying after school and working in the office to get credits or bring up my grades, and boy did they made me earn the credits, I did male older teachers special favors and my grades went up, all I had to do was swallow fast, it was a messy job, wet jobs just don't get off my ass, hehehe, but my carrier was just beginning, little did I know that door opportunities were beginning to open up for me more and more, I noticed one time when I went food shopping with mommy around the block, like 5 blocks away from my school, and in this huge A&P Food Supermarket as we were cashing out, I saw one kid in each 15 registers there with a cup next to them with money and as the kids bagged the groceries for their customers the customer would tip them, I grew an idea, if the kids could get tips for just bagging their purchases then I can make more money in helping the elderly taking their groceries to their homes, so I said to mommy, I can do better work if you let me and I convinced mommy with my idea, we went to talk to the manager of the place, mommy tells him, Hello Sir, my kid would like to work after school here for you if it's possible, being that we don't live far and we shop here a lot I would like to know if you can let my kid get experience in working here, I will call him Mr. A&P, now Mr. A&P didn't really see me well, so he looked at me up and down and around, and said, am sorry madam but we can't let girls work in a hectic environment, it's dangerous and it's a heavy job, besides, it can get messy some times and girls don't like messes, mommy said, Mr. A&P, SIR, look at my son again, he stares at me, up and down and around again, Yes, of course without mommy looking at him but I caught him and he said, Ooh, Ooh My, Yes, Yes, Yes, it will be my pleasure, I am happy to have her,,,,, Oops,,,,, I mean, HIM, work here with us, he could start tomorrow after school, mommy said, thank you so much Mr. A&P for giving my son a chance, I jumped for joy, so the next day came, after my homework and I went there, saw the manager, Mr. A&P tells me, Ok here is a cup son, now go to register 12, I tell him, Ooh No Mr. A&P, I have an idea that will benefit you as well as me, he asks, and what is that my pretty boy? I tell him, well, I noticed you have plenty of baggers but you don't have no one to help the elderly with their groceries to their home so this I will do for you and I believe your customers will come back more often cos now they have help to shop for more items, Mr. A&P scratches his chin and says, Hmm, my son, I can see this being a good thing, you got a deal, lets try it, so Mr. A&P puts up a sign asking any elderly with 20 items or less to get on the delivery register if they need help with their groceries or for delivery just to ask and we will help, I started getting so busy I needed more pockets for my money, I started sharing with the other kids there my Idea and they love me for it cos it was more money involved for them, Mr. A&P eventually allowed girls there to work as baggers also cos the boys were now delivery boys, so as days went by, I already had my set customers, my regular customers that would call in and ask if I was working today, 10 out of 15 elderly customers got closer to me and started to pay me more on the side for my special services, and that's when it all started, out of my 10 customers, one was very special, she needed help starting her husband's engine, and I don't mean a car engine ok, I mean she needed help shifting her husband cuck into fuck mode, well, it all started one late afternoon after I helped them with their groceries to their home, I had on my short, shorts tight pants that when I bend over you can see the smile that my ass crack made as my jelly ass cheeks claps when I move as I helped her put away the groceries, she saw the smile on her husband face as he stared at my ass and the tent he was packing that she hasn't seen for years and that night was heaven for them so now in every delivery I do for this couple they want me to excite them before I go, so for a few extra bucks, I still help them out to put the groceries away BUT I do it with my short pants down and my underwear to my knees and every now and then I stay bend over for a little while in till I see his hard on his pants then they fly to the bedroom and I get paid, am so happy I can make them live more happy, then there was this older man in a wheelchair, No, he was not paralyzed, he was a sailor on his time and his war ship blew up leaving him with no legs from the knees down, so I will call him Sailor, everything else worked perfectly on his body just he couldn't walk, so I would go with him to his house and helped him carry his groceries up to this building, up this elevator, nice place, he had a clean apartment, smells good, and I also helped put away his groceries, then one time, I was on top of the kitchen cabinets cos am little, stocking away his food, we were joking around cos every time I bend over he would poke my ass and I would giggle, he said he liked to here me giggle, that I reminded him of his girlfriend before he lost his legs, that she would laugh like me, always giggling, so I told him, Sailor stop poking me, quit it, so I can finish putting everything on the shelves, but he wouldn't stop, so I slipped from way up there and landed on his lap, so hard I felt his cock in my anal, as Sailor grabbed me I gave a slight girlish moan, AHH, HMM, MMM, AHÍ, then he kissed me real deep, I stopped and said, am so sorry Sailor, I didn't mean to moan, but I get weak when my anal feels hardness, at that moment he hugs me tight and whispers, No, no, please don't apologize and let me enjoy this moment for who knows when a half man like me will get a chance to get this close to feeling good, so he groped me, I got so sad and felt so bad for what he said that I stayed on his lap and I let him keep kissing me and touching me so softly, I started wiggling softly making round and round and shake and shake then lightly humping movement on his lap as if I was dancing on his lap but my guilt was killing my mood so I stop, cos I felt as if I was provoking him, I get off and I say, sweetie, I must go, but he holds my hand tight and tells me, NO, No, no, please stay a little bit more and help me get off these pants and go on to my bed before you go, it's too much for me alone, so I do as he says, I helped him take off his pants, I helped him on to his bed, and he tells me, Ooh, one last thing, there is a pan under my bed, get it for me, sorry to bother you so much but when I am alone it's hard for me to do all this son, so I get it and he says, now help me up so I can pee and you can go, your money is on the kitchen table thank you, so as am helping him take off his underwear so he can pee, I couldn't help put to notice that he has a huge beautiful fat cock, not long, regular size, but fat cock and hairy, he tells me, ok thank you, I got it from here, you can go now, as I am leaving I pick up my money and I look back and this poor beautiful man is struggling just to hold himself up to pee, I dropped the money back on the table and went to him saying, here sweetie, let me help you with that big thing before you hurt yourself, he laughed hard, I giggled harder, so there I am, holding on to his fat beautiful cock, standing in front of him and his bed as he is on his knees wobbling, trying to balance himself that he don't fall and piss all over the bed, so he holds on to my shoulders, but he is still not pissing, Sailor looks at me, I look in to his sexy eyes while holding on to his cock, he is rock hard and pulsing, I can feel the heat on that huge cock, as we are staring at each other, he tells me sweet words that I unconsciously started to jerk him softly as I fall deeply in to his eyes, he puts his thumb in my mouth and starts slowly putting it in and out, in and out of my mouth, I jerk him in the rhythm he is inserting his thumb in and out of my mouth, as he goes faster I jerk him faster, I feel wet in my hand as I jerk him that he is precuming a lot, he guides my mouth to his cock, I happily shove it in to my mouth so fast I gag cos it touches my throat, am moaning now, HMM, HMM, AMM, AMM, MMM, MMM, I don't know where he got the strength or the balance but he picks me up, puts me on the bed, my arms ends up over my head, am pulling my own hair, he takes off my shoes and starts kissing my feetsys and sucking on my toesys, I moan more, OOH SAILOR, OOH MY, OOH MY GOODNESS, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, he takes off my pants and underwear that my ass crack was chewing, at this point I am so fucking horny that I let him do with me what he wants, as I am facing him, he puts my legs on his shoulders, one on each side, he leans up to me stretching my legs almost touching my shoulders now, my asshole is so open and inviting his huge cock in me and as he is holding on to the bed I guide his well harden healthy strong cock head in my anal and, WHAMMY, WHAMMY, TRIPLE WHAMMY, IN GOES HIS FAT HOT BEAUTIFUL COCK ALL THE WAY UP MY CHERRY PUSSY HOLE, my chin goes up in to the air as I scratch his back with my nails and I clinch my toesys cos that cock just penetrated me like it was hungry for a pussy hole for a long time, he humped me and humped me nonstop and in every strong hard hump he would yell as a moan, I LOVE YOU BABY, I LOVE YOU BABY, I LOVE YOU BABY, I told him, please say my name, BB, I want you to remember me, so he yelled, I LOVE YOU BB, OOH BB, YES MY BB, I LOVE YOU BB, OOH BB, YES MY BB, I also moaned, OOH MY GOODNESS, OOH MY, OOH SAILOR, PLEASEEEZZ CUM INSIDE ME, CUM INSIDE ME, OOH YEAH, OOH YEAH, MAKE YOUR SEED SWIM IN ME SWEETIE, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, UFFFF, I start jerking myself cos I feel his cock pulsing heavy so he is about to burst, and I want to cum with him, as he is about to cum he kisses me deep and we cum, am shivering cos I feel his jetting stream of 7 hot CUM shooting deep in me, I shoot 4 heavy loads of my hot CUM on our belly, he falls on top of me and I grab him tight and I tell him repeatedly, DON'T PULL OUT OF ME YET, DON'T PULL OUT OF ME YET TILL I TELL YOU TOO, he says, OK, Ok, ok, Princess, I smile and kiss his sweat off his forehead, he asks, what’s with the smile? I said, cos you called me, Princess, I like that, hehehe, then after a while that we rested I remembered, Ooh My, Ooh My Goodness, Mr. A&P is going to kill me, I am so dead, Sailor, I have to get back to work, and Sailor says, but Mr. A&P told me that this was your last delivery for the day and that's why he left it for last cos I am handicap and it takes time with me, he schedules all your delivery’s from the fastest ones to the slowest ones, I said, Ooh, I didn't know that, in that case, now I pull off my asshole and he unplugs me, and I start tickling him, he screams, STOP PRINCESS, STOP, AM VERY TICKLISH, OOH BB, HA, HA, HA, STOP, BB, BB, BB, Sailor says, you like taking advantage of a cripple man, I said, don't say that ok, your not crippled, your sexy body is great, you just can't walk but your not crippled sweetie, and Yes, I like to take advantage of you, it turns me on, and I turn him and push him on the bed, now we get completely naked, cos before we were just half naked, and I grabbed his soft fat cock and started round two, I made him hard fast, I told him, this is for the road, before I go I want to give you a quickie cos I really must be going home, it's getting late sweetie, so he says, OK, Ok, ok, thank you BB, and we get in to a 69 position, am giving him a special blow job and he is giving me an erotic ass job, I play with his hairy balls, and when I feel him pulsing I finger him with one finger up his asshole as I suck him well, he licks my asshole clean, I have an orgasm just by feeling his tongue in my cherry hole, and I CUM with 4 more hot loads right on his chest, then I swallow his 5 hot creamy CUM shots, he spanks me, we rest, after a while, I get up, get dressed, I make sure he has everything he needs close by that he don't have to move much, and I kiss him goodnight, I hurry home cos I have school tomorrow and work again, my other 8 older customers were just little jobs like, fast blow jobs, quickie hand jobs, but Yes, I stood with this wet job for a long time, people do need help you know, hehehe....

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