Rex raped me (animal sex, dog)

Megan's sex story
i beleive he raped me he did it and was proud i could tell it was the worst cause i was only 11 life sucks now and then cause ya know?!

When I was eleven my dog, Rex, raped me. I will tell you the full story though.So I Was eleven so I was getting ready for school and Rex was sitting there on the couch watching me intensely.So as I finished getting dressed I walked over too go to the bathroom before I get on the bus and after I was done I saw Rex.Sitting in the doorway.I was surprised cause... his penis was out of his seath.So after that J rushed out the door.Also I knew nothing about sex when I was elven.

So I got too school and told my friends what I saw. They were surprised and a bit grossed out.

So when I got back home I saw Rex again with his penis out of his seath I ran into my bedroom he followed.... So when I came out Rex was soppousivly sitting rigt in the doorway and I tripped on him.

I was still in shock when until he mounted me.I gasped O.o WAAAAAHHHHHH?!?!?He got his penis in me and fucked me for a long time it hurt cause when he shoved his knot in me I was at that point crying.I was in shock cause he had such a good grip on me.When he was done I went too tell my mom what happened and she sold him.It was sad but I didn't wanna be raped again!

I hope u enjoyed my story ;)

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