The Jogger (straight sex, wanking, jerking)

Here2Jerk's sex story
Those girls that dress up in skimpy clothes, and go for a job whilst everything bounces, don't realise that there is someone watching... and wanking!

I was driving in my car the other day, my portable DVD besides me, showing a lovely movie with Brandy Talore, jerking off a guy who looked like he was loving it.. I parked at some lights and looked over at the movie to have a jerk. But then I looked up and saw the most beautiful girl I have seen in a long while.
She looked un- confident. An unfortunate victim of the modern age. She was big, busty and beautiful. She must have been 25, had long blonde hair, and was jogging, probably trying to shed those extra kilos that had me so attracted to her. I started to jerk for her as she jogged past the car, but it was short lived, not enough time to cum, and the lights turned green.
So I drove up the street a bit. I parked my car and watched her in the mirrors, and through the back window. As she jogged, her massive tits bounced, and I was aching to blow my load almost instantly. She jogged right past the car, and the side boob made me explode, one of the biggest loads I'd had in a while.
I couldn't help myself. I didn't clean up. I drove up the street, as she was jogging away from me now. As I drove past her, I wound down the window and shouted 'thank you'. Lifting my hand, and showing her the cum soaking my fingers. She looked awkward at first, but then smiled. I took note of the time and day, and made sure to catch her jogging in the future. Now when she sees my car, she jogs even harder, and those bouncing tits have me cumming in seconds nowadays!

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