Work Cleaner (straight, office sex)

Here2Jerk's sex story
When tow people find each other alone, in the same place, night after night, sometimes temptation gets the best of them and changes everything!

I work early mornings stacking shelves in a supermarket. There is just me, the cleaner, and two guys out the back with the trucks. The cleaner is a beautiful middle eastern woman in her mid thirties. She has great tits. It's funny, in her work clothes you can barely see the extent of their size from the side. It's only when she bends over, and thankfully enough as a cleaner, she does this a lot!

I can't handle it when I'm working near her. It doesn't help that she doesn't do up her top three buttons, and I cop eyefulls of her tits all morning. It doesn't take long before I grab a magazine off the shelf, and head to the bathroom, dying to jerk my dick off.

One morning however, a couple weeks ago, I was in there, and just flipping through the pages, and working out which set of tits I wanted to cum on. And she walked in. She saw the door closed and I almost missed my chance.

'Sorry', she said, and started to walk away. I needed to react quickly.
'No, no, it's okay.' I replied. 'I won't stop you from working.'

She came in and started to clean. Quickly I lent against the door and peered through the crack. I could see her mopping, cleaning the sinks, and bending over all the while, showing me those other wordly tits.

It was too much. It only took minutes, but it was the sweetest few minutes of my life. I cummed harder than ever before, letting lose a small grunt. The cum dribbled down my hand and onto the floor. I wanted to leave the load on my hand and walk out, so she could see what I did. But I didn't, I wiped the stain with a girl from the magazine, and kept her in my pocket for the memory.

When I walked out to wash my hand, I was so nervous, I must have been shaking. She looked at me, and then she smiled. 'Feel better now?' She asked, and left the room.

I was stunned. I looked back and saw my cum stain on the floor. She could see it dripping when I exploded. We never talk about it, but in the weeks that followed, we have had our bathroom date four more times, and I hope it keeps going for a while into the future!

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