Working with Claire (office, straight sex)

Here2Jerk's sex story
Sometimes, working with a girl who's hot can be as much as a bad thing as a good thing. The following story has a perfect solution to any workplace infatuation!

There's a girl at work named Claire. She starts a few hours after me. The tease is always showing cleavage in the clothes she wears when she arrives at work, before putting on her work uniform. Her tits are enormous. She's has long dark hair and is a little chubby, but that only adds to the enormity of her tits.

If I work with her five hours, I have to go jerk off at least twice in the day. I stare at her tits whilst we work and get so fired up. We label meat in the supermarket together, and on the same bench that we work is the slicer, some feet away from us. When the butcher uses it the who desk rattles and vibrates. Needless to say, I press my dick against the counter and watch the curves of her body.

Unfortunately by this point she is in her uniform and only a small amount of cleavage can be seen. But it still makes me hard enough to go grab a magazine from the shelf and head up to the bathroom to relieve myself. As I stare at the tits in the magazine, Claire's outfit from that morning sticks heavily in my mind, and I always cum a tremendous load!

But this isn't enough. I had to blow at her cleavage. Her soft, and massive cleavage, and the sexy outfits she displays it in. I knew she wore the same clothes home, so I came up with a plan. Today, I waited in my car. I have this dark tint. I tried my hardest not to go wank to her that morning, and somehow succeeded. I also brought some magazines into the car to waste some time. I flicked through and stared at tits, and somehow, even with the knowledge of what I was about to do, I managed to not cum.

She finished an hour after my shift and came outside. I stared through the front window of my car jerked it so hard! It was only a short walk from the door to her car, but I managed to cum in seconds from the load I had built up all day preparing for this! I'm keeping that stain on my car seat, and staying late again, to jerk off to her! Everyday, from now on I will imprint another stain on my seat for her. I love her tits!

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