The Boss Gang (straight, office sex)

Skysun69's sex story
Continues my fantasy so follow me into my mind if you dare, as this school bullying gets the best of me, hehehe..

So I went to school, got bullied like always, the same 3 big guys, they are one year over my grade, one escorted me in the bathroom, they told me to get undress, I told them, come on guys, do we have to do this every time? They said, Yes, we have too, in till you understand that your ass belong to us, I said, but I do everything you guys ask me too, they said very mad, stop winning and get ready for your Boss unless you want to get a beating again, I said, OK, Ok, ok, no beating again, just do me then, and Yes, I know my ass is yours, I told you guys many times already, so they pulled off my pants and tight brief underwear, they made me bend over on the sink and they spread my legs so each can take turns in spanking me and putting their pencils inside my asshole, now this was not just any pencils, Ooh NO, No, no, they were special just for me, 12 inches long and a half inch wide, GRRRRRRRRR, they were the trip pencils that everyone got at the fare class trip, big FAT FUCKING pencils, they said, now spread your cute little ass cheeks for us and start your begging like a nice little pretty boy, so I said, Ooh, well, ok then, lets just get this over with, BOSS CAN I PLEASEEEEEZZ HOLD YOUR PENCILS INSIDE ME FOR A WHILE? They now would wet the pencil from the rubber tip with hot water and stick them in my asshole one by one till all 3 were inside me so deep that you can only see the point of the led out of my asshole, all 3 hold me so I don't fall as they shove their pencils in me cos tjey know I get weak, they like when I get weak cos they take advantage of my asshole, Yes, at first it hurt like hell cos they would shove them in me cos they noticed I had a big hole and No, at first they did not left all 3 inside me only when I learn to stretch my hole out more and I cried but after a while I got used to it, I had to take it cos if I fight all 3 of them like I did many times before and told my mom what they did to me, but she made my ass red for fighting in school, getting a black eye and making up stories like this, it came to the point that I started to enjoy these encounters, I then started to flert as I passed by them just to be taken in and they could do me, I started loving the spanking and felt needed as they molested me, hehehe, so there I am, bend over in the bathroom with my head on the sink, holding my ass cheeks wide open for them with my legs spread wide and 3 hot fat pencils inside my asshole waiting to get permission to take them out and all 3 guys just going around me, spanking me and molesting my hole, I felt weak as they pushed in and out the 3 pencils so I held tight to the sink also, and I moaned like a girl as my body betrayed me, OOH, OOH, YES, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, OOH MY BOSS, YOU GUYS ARE MY BOSS, YES, YES, YESS, as they called me names, saying, look, the freak likes it, he sounds like a girl, what a weirdo, and they kept touching me all over, pinching my nipples and each taking turns pushing in and out all 3 fat hot pencils, water was not that hot so it was comfortable, after a while when I saw that they stop molesting me and they had finished CUM wetting my ass cheeks, they would tell me, ok you can beg for your release now, at this point I was so horny I didn't wanted it to stop cos they would not allowed me to CUM only they could CUM on me cos they are the Boss, so I had to beg, CAN I PLEASEEEEEZZ TAKE THE PENCILS OUT NOW THAT I WAS SO HAPPY TO HOLD FOR YOU BOSS? It was the way they told me to beg, and they said, Yes, but like always, take out one at a time, wash it good, put them in your mouth then get on your knees and give them to each boss like a good doggy saying thank you for letting me hold your pencils, I did as told, BOSS was the gangs name, good thing for me they were only 3 bosses, hehehe, though they claimed they were more then 3 but I always only saw the same 3 guys, and they were bad asses, they smoked and did drugs, anyways, so I took out one pencil and I had to be careful cos if one of the other pencils slips and drops out of my asshole I had to stick all of them back in and start all over again, I learn to use my anal muscles so they don't drop, when they first did me I kept dropping them, it happen so much at first that I started to like sticking those big fat hot pencils in my anal cos my pee, pee use to get hard and wet, hehehe, anyways, I took them all out good, they finished with me and now I had to thank them for letting me hold their pencils, and again, in the way they told me to say it, so as I crawled on my hands and knees with still just my ass naked and CUM on my cheeks, I said, THANK YOU BOSSES FOR GIVING ME THE HONOR TO SERVE YOU, they left laughing and calling me names like, WEIRDO, FAGGOT, SICKO, CUM HOLE, PUSSY BOY, SISSY BOY, DICK LICKER, WHORE, BOY LOVER, well, that one, boy lover, I didn’t mind, hehehe, COCK SUCKER, BEAST, DOG, BITCH, and more, then latter on I learned what these words meant and some of them hurt, I then cried not understanding why they were mad at me and called me those names if I helped them and made them happy, I washed the dripping cum off my ass cheeks and got dressed Than went on my way, after a while as I got so use to them that I didn’t run from them any more, I started to look for them and I invited them to the bathroom so they could do me cos it became a routine so why fight it, I would loose anyway, and they became my friends, no more name calling, they would pet me on my head, they would spank me Hello, they said they would protect me from other gangs from hurting me if I do them small favors, it was easy and small favors like letting them finger me as I jerked them or they would tell me to hold there dicks while they pee and shake there dicks clean after they piss and to wipe there dicks after I make them cum with my tongue or they will show me how to play with their balls to get them hard, but nothing new I haven’t done already, I think they started to like me more now, so I did what they asked of me and they would always say, that’s my pretty boy as they grabbed my hair and kiss me long time, each one took turn, WOW, can they kiss, hehehe, sometimes they will let me hang out with them and play games, you see I had very little choices and not much friends, I wanted to get on the there good side, like one time we play this game called, I DARE YOU, it was fun and they loved to let me play cos I was more daring then others, it was the 3 bosses and their girlfriends :-) when the 3 girls met me for the first time they loved me so much, they said, Oh My God , how cute this little thingy of a boy is, they were just kissing me all over and Yes, grabbing my ass too, I can see the guys getting mad cos they were giving me dirty looks, but it wasn’t my fault, every time I opened my mouth the 3 girls would take turns in putting their tongues deep in my mouth, we were at the school yard and they sneaked me out to an ally way where there was little light and I was scared but I didn't wanted them to know cos they will call me a scary cat, they made a circle and sat down I was on one of the girls lap, the pretty one with big tits that won't stop kissing me and they started the game, they dared each other to do things to each other’s that I have never seen only on the sex movies my best friend showed me, they made me watch how they did it to each girl, WOW, I was amazed at the things they did to each other, I didn’t know how many kids did what my best friend did to my sister and more, when they finished with each other, they fix their clothes and we were getting ready to go back but one of the girls said, hey, the cute ass little boy didn’t get to play and one of bosses told the girls that I had a cute ass, and for me to show everyone my specialty, so they all went back to the circle and dared me to show them all my cute jelly bubbled round butt, so I got up, went in the middle of the circle, pulled down my school uniform short pants and my batman tight briefs which the girls all said, Ahh, how cute, can we touch it? And the boss said, Yes, we own that ass, look what he can do with it, they sat one of the girls in front of me, the other girl sat on back of me and the other girl sat on my side, then they told me, we doing you like in the bathroom and I said, Oh No, pleaseeeeezz, there is no hot water here it will hurt, so he said, no it won't cos I will dare each girl to lick your asshole and spit in your hole as lubricant, so the fat pencils will go in smoothly, I said, but you guys told me that as long as I do you guy the favors I have been doing that there will not be no more pencil jobs, so I asked, then why do I have to do this? He asked, well, you want to be one of us right? Or you want to go back to the old way? I said in a nervous tone, Y,,,,, Ye,,,,, Yea,,,,, Yeah, I thought to myself, not that I really wanted to be part of that stupid gang but, I asked myself, did I have a choice? I said, well, alright, I guess so, GRRRRRR, Then he said, well, look at it as this is only a game, so, I dare you, he commanded me to beg the proper way for the pencil job, so I did as told, as the girls did their lubrication, I begged, BOSS, CAN I PLEASEEEEEZZ HAVE THE HONOR OF HOLDING YOUR PENCILS IN ME FOR A WHILE? The boss answered Yes, you can, so there I am, with 3 beautiful girls surrounding me, feeling sorry for me but enjoying what’s about to happen to me, I finished undressing, butt naked, I put myself in a doggy position with my legs wide open while each girl took turns in spreading my ass cheeks and licking my asshole and wetting each pencil with much saliva and sticking them deep in my asshole as the bosses told them too, I use my anal muscles to hold them good in place, when the first girl did her shoving I got weak almost dropping myself to the cold concrete floor, the girls said, Ahhh, look how cute he looks as he almost fell, he is enjoying this, hehehe, she sat in front of me and asked me, are you OK? I answered in a moan like a girl, YESS, HMM, MMM, AHÍ, AHÍ, so she told me to open my mouth and she started kissing me as I did, sticking her tongue deep in my mouth while touching her pussy, WOW, what a good show for me, hehehe, then the second girl when she finished shoving her pencil in me she went under me and played with my small pee, pee and small balls, WOW, I was getting hard fast, and the third girl when she finished her pencil shoving, she kept massaging my ass pushing in and out the 3 pencils in my asshole and kissing my ass cheeks, I was now moaning so hard like a girl, OOH, YEAH, OOH YEAH, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, AMM, HMM, MMM, I got so horny I laid my head on my folded arms on the cement floor, all girls and guys were masturbating on my show, I was getting hornier just enjoying what I felt and was seeing, the girl in my mouth kept picking up my head to kiss me and asking me, you like that baby? You like me kissing you while you get fucked BITCH? I was too horny to say no even though I didn't know what bitch really meant at the time so I kept saying in a girly moaning way, OOH YES, OOH YES, MORE PLEASEEEEEZZ MORE, UUUFFFFF, and the girl playing with my dick kept saying, look, I am making this pretty baby boy cum, his dick is filled with dripping precum so cute, then she sucked harder, and the third girl at my ass kept saying, come on PUSSY BOY, move that ass faster, and she spanks me over and over again, so I did as told, WOW, I was so hot and getting crazy moaning, OOH YEAH, OOH YEAH, DO ME, SPANK ME HARDER PLEASEEEZZ, DO ME GOOD, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, so the 3 girls start going into their orgasms as I see them shake and squirt cos they say I sounded so cute in my baby girly moaning sounds, they said I sounded so sexy, so the faster I move my ass to meet the humping hand I was getting from the third girl, the wilder everyone got, I saw the girls cum one after the other, the guys were now getting closer to my ass cheeks as they masturbated, the girl kissing me said to me, don't look back just kiss me, I didn't mind, she was so hot, I just learned new kisses with my tongue at age 8 ½ , she was telling me how to do it while all of a sudden I feel much very hot wet creamy liquid just jetting shots on top of my ass cheeks and I heard all 3 bosses yelling and moaning telling me, YES, GOOD BOY, YES, GOOD BOY, SWEET, GOOD PRETTY BOY, OOH, GOOD SHOW DOGGY, MMM, YOU ARE THE BEST, HMM, YES, YES, YES, YESS, and the bosses, each one petted me on the head telling me I was a good dog, I was so happy that I pleased them all, I tried looking back but the kissing girl said, honey its better if you don't see it, just keep kissing me so I did as told, I figured, maybe she don’t know I know what the bosses are doing to my ass cheeks, she doesn’t know its not the first time they do me like that so she don’t want me to look at the mess on my ass, now the girl sucking my small but hard pee, pee, took my pee, pee out of her mouth and jerked me and I felt I came a lot, then same girl puts her hand in front of my mouth and told me to lick her hand, I did it, tasted salty and sweet, I liked it so I licked her hole hand to get every drop I didn't realize till later what it was but I tasted this stuff on the Bosses dicks when I cleaned them, see, these girls didn’t know that most of all this was not new to me, the girl working my ass had gathered all the hot wet creamy liquid dropped on my ass and she smeared it on the pencils and pushed them back inside my asshole, that felt so hot and smooth, ok, now everyone is cleaning up themselves, and they left me there, all dirty, all cum up, naked and wet, I kept begging permission from the bosses for the pencils release and they kept saying not yet, GRRRRRRRRR, so as everyone is cleaning up and getting ready to go home I was still in the middle, doggy style position, I learned that name in time, naked, my asshole wet with hot creamy liquid and 3 big fat pencils shoved deep up my asshole on the cold cement floor waiting for my release, the girl that was kissing me tells the bosses, hey guys, come on, that’s enough now, that's not right, he had enough, he did as told, gave a great dare show for all of us to enjoy and we all were satisfied, so give him the release command now or I will, I learned later on that she was the boss owners girlfriend, I think that beautiful girl liked me cos she was like looking after me, even though she didn't know I also enjoyed it too, hehehe, so the bosses said to me, OK, Ok, ok, make your plea pretty boy, so I started begging, CAN I PLEASEEEEEZZ TAKE THE PENCILS OUT NOW THAT I WAS HAPPY TO HOLD FOR YOU BOSSES? And they said, Yes, as I was about to take them out the kissing girl came to me and said, here sweetie, let me help you, poor baby, just stay still, so as she is taking them out I told her, OK, but pleaseeezz don't drop one cos I will have to stick them all back in deep if I drop one, is the rule, she said, ok baby, I will be careful, just perk your hot sexy jelly butt up for me to make it easier, as she is taking them out, one by one very careful, she is licking my asshole to clean me like my best friend did, I liked it so I open my ass cheeks more with my too hands to make it easier for her to do me, she tells me, you naughty boy you, and she spanks my ass, I giggled, she then asked me, how long has the bosses been doing you like this, I told her, am sorry, I lost count but don't worry about me, I got use to it, besides they let me join them now, she asked, so have you told your mom, I screamed, WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY, SHE WILL KILL ME, OR WORSE, I said, Ooh, NO, No, no, I prefer meeting with the bosses everyday then telling my mom about it, she asks me, you want to be my little boyfriend? Look, I will take care of you and won't let no one hurt you or do this to you ever again, as she is still licking me and cleaning me up and am still in a doggy position, I said, I would love too but you’re crazy the boss will kill me for you, she said, let me talk to them, I have my ways to buy you out of them, I said, ok, but how would I know, she said here, this is where I live if you have any problems, so she wrote it on my hand, I said, WOW, really that’s where the good doctor lives, she said, oh really, and she asks, you go to him too? You are his patient too? I said, Yes, since I was a little boy, she laughed and asks, so what that make you now? I giggled, and I said, well, as you see, I am learning fast and now I have a girlfriend so I am a big boy now, she say, Ok, Yes, little man, you earn that one, and she laughed again, she said, ok, get up, let me dress you, I get up and noticed everyone left, it's just us here, so as she is pulling up my now dirty batman tight briefs, she says, wait baby, I have more cleaning to do here sweetie, so she spreads my legs and starts licking my small pee, pee and little balls, I blushed as my pee, pee started pointing at her and comes alive, she said, Oh My God, you are a horny little man, I giggled as she pinched my ass red, I screamed, OUCH, so she kissed my red spot and said sorry baby, she then went back to sucking me, I said, can I ask you something? She said Yes, anything, so I asked, why you want me and how old are you? She said, I am 12 and I admire you, I said, OK, wait, I am learning new words here, what means, bitch, and admire? So she takes my pee, pee out of her mouth and started jerking me to explain why she didn’t wanted me to look back at my ass, she said, see this juice leaking out of your pee, pee, it’s called precum and CUM is what comes out of a dick when it shoots hot liquid creamy, she answered, and bitch is a female dog or it cold mean a wild girl, so I said, as she is still jerking me and now sticking her finger in my ass, I got weak again and fell over her shoulders, she asks, you ok, I said, yeah, just when my anal is molested I get weak cos its my G-spot, its what my best friend told me I have, I asked, WOW, so I was called a female dog or a wild girl as they fucked me? She says, well baby, when people get hot and horny they tend to call each other dirty names but they don't mean it bad, it’s just to help them CUM, and cum is what people releases from there dicks or pussy, as she is telling me this she says look, I am jerking you and your pee, pee gets hard, you see this sticky stuff, she shows me with her fingers, that’s precum, is the liquid before you CUM, then she puts the precum fingers back in my asshole and I just shot my cum right on her hand and I moaned, OOH MY GOODNESS, AHH, YEAH, YEAH, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, UFFFF, she says, good boy, good boy, and now this is cum, she licks it and tells me to lick it, I said, hell no, not my own cum, she said, sweetie that’s what they made you lick off the girls hand that was jerking you off and you almost ate her hand off, try it, I said, WOW, I am learning fast, she says, Yes, baby too fast, so I tried it and WOW, I did almost eat her hand too, she said, slow down baby don't eat my hand, and she laughed, I giggled so much my little pee, pee was shaking, I took my pee, pee in my hand as she is now pulling up my brief and I tried squeezing out more of my cum juice, so I tell her, you know I think I had this before, it tastes as if I tried it before a lot, you know, now that I think about it, my best friend also teaches me a lot and I learn very fast, I am very smart, he even taught me how to give a good blow job, I told her some stories that my best friend and I have done so she says sweetie for what you've been telling me I think that innocently you have learned and done more then you should, sorry to say this but you have been sexually abused, I said, Hmm, I don’t understand, anyway, so what means admire? She said, how I feel about you, she asks, sweetie, have you been sexually abused badly at home besides here, I asked very confused, Hmm,,,,, Mmm,,,,, w,,,,, wh,,,,, wha,,,,, what do you mean by sexually abused, she said, Ok, never mine, maybe is none or my business, you ask me too much questions, what I am trying to say is that you been through a lot and you don't even know it or see it, you are a strong surviving cute little big sexy boy and I love you for that, you understand baby, I said, Hmm, Yes, ok, I guess so, well, I just like to make people happy, am glad everyone today went home happy, she said, Ahhh, you are so sweet, I love you more, she finished dressing me up, I thanked her for her help and she tells me, tell Uncle I will be home soon, I have to take care of something first, I said, oh, ok, I didn't know he is your Uncle, She says, no, not really, but we call him like that, he likes it, my small brother is with him now, he's a little weird and slow, so I said, ok, see you there :-), now I am out of school, am excited to go help the good doctor as I reminded my mom, I ring the bell, he is so happy to see me, I hug him, he always smells good and pretty, hehehe, so he tells me, wash your hands good cos you must be very clean here, I did as told, I asked for the towel, he said, come here and dry them on my pants, am short of towels, so I took his leg side to dry them, he said, NO, NO, son, here on my front pants, I said, Oh, OK, sorry, as I am rubbing my hands on his front pants I see him liking it, with a big smile, I said, I finished, he said, let me see, so I showed him my little hands and he said, NO, NO, NO son, they are still wet, keep drying them here, like this, as he puts my little hands next to his zipper but the lower part, so I did as I was told, there was no one in the office but him and me and another boy, he was so quiet but smiling a lot at me, I asked, who is the boy? He said, the boy is his nephew, I thought to myself, Oh, that must be the kissing girls brother, I said, I met your niece, she is beautiful, he said, Yes, she is quite a character, as I am still rubbing on his front pants to dry my hands the good doctor shows me how he wants me to do it, he says, put your two hands together right here and rub here like this, so I did as told, but I asked him, what’s that where I am rubbing, it’s getting big, he said, well, you are rubbing so good you are making me happy, I said, Oh my, good, cos I like making people happy, so I rubbed faster, as I giggled, he had to sit down cos I was doing him good with my two little hands, I grabbed that hard thingy on his front pants and rubbed good, I asked, am I dry yet? He said, No baby, a little more, then all of a sudden I notice his pants got wet quickly and all over, then he kept saying, Oh my God, Oh my God, and he was shaking, I got scared so I asked him, did I do wrong doc, he said, no son, you cleaned your hands like a champ so I smiled, and I said, what else can I help you with doc, he said as he catching his breath, how old are you now son, I said, 8 ½ going to 9 soon, I will be a big boy soon Doc, why you ask Doc? He said, well, my nephew, you see him there, he is 11 years old but he has a problem, he has no friends, he can't talk or hear so you could help me with him and keep him company while I take care of some paper work, I said, ok, great, I could be his friend, I asked, what do I have to do? The good doctor said, well, just play with him, I have too much work here if I need you I will call you ok, so I went to play with him, he is real tall with red hair, I have a thing with red hair boys since it reminds me of the good boy with the nuns who made me feel good in my need of stress, then the kid started taking off his pants, I said, Oh boy, Oh My, let me help you, I asked, do you have to go to the bathroom? He shook his head, YES, so I took him by the hand and lead him, the kid was cute, he looked much older not 11 though but he did acted like a kid, I said, ok, go now, go do your thing, he shook his head, NO, and he pointed at me then he pointed at his thingy so I asked the good doc, hey doc, what is he trying to tell me? We are in the bathroom and he is pointing to his thingy, doc yells, you must help him do it, I am too busy son, so I said, okie, dokie, hehehe, I stand him in front of the toilet bowl, I lifted up the toilet seat, I pulled down his Spiderman briefs cos he already had taken down his pants, I told him, hey, I got one of those briefs, and WHAMMY, out popped his long big dick, WOW, I was amazed, he was sporting a bigger pee, pee then me for an 11 year old boy, it was so cute with a red head, with skin like mine but mine is tan and smaller, it was so long and big that I thought it was going to drown in the toilet bowl, I giggled, just kidding, hehehe, so I grabbed his dick and pushed back his skin and waited for him to pee, I kept peeking at his cute white rounded ass cheeks, his skin got stuck back words cos his dick is dry, so I remember when it happen to me my best friend licked his fingers and shake it out, but I made it easier, I bend over a little and licked his head and sucked it out for him, he must had liked it cos as we waited he touched my butt, I looked up at him and I asked him, you like my butt too sweetie? He smiled and shake his head, Yes, I giggled, I kept shaking his dick like to hurry up and pee and he was getting hard so he touched my ass again but scared or shy, I said, don't be shy, everyone touches my ass, it’s ok, you can touch it, I can't let go of your pee, pee so if you want to really feel my butt jusy put your hand inside my short pants, I unbutton my pants so he could fit his big hand in, then in went his hand like if he was searching for gold, and he tried fingering me, I bend over a little so he has better access to my hole, as I am like jerking his dick now cos his trying to finger me, he shoves 2 fingers in my hole, I held on fast as I went weak and a slight moan came out of me, OOH SWEETIE, AMM, HMM, MMM, AHÍ, AHÍ, then I fast jerked him and played with his balls and in seconds he shot my hand with 5 hot healthy cum shots, I said to him, good boy, good boy, and he had a big smile on his face, I licked him clean then doc comes to us and says as he was watching us, I see now how you guys are getting along, good boys, I said, well, I am helping him pee and he is helping me do number 2 like you helped me doc, so the good doctor says, very good, Yes, good boys, I said as am still jerking the big boy and he is in my asshole, hey doc you told me he can't hear or speak and we are understanding each other well, he says, Yes, so I see, well, I just wanted you two to get closer, I giggled, anyways, he didn't pee so I stopped jerking him cos he is not peeing and as I am bending over to pull up his briefs he, all of a sudden CUMS again right on my face that some of the cum went in my mouth making me swallow some cos I had my mouth open as his big dick amazed me then he starts laughing as I choked, so the good doc comes to me and washes my face in the sink but again no towels and I must dry my face now on his front pants again with his hard thingy in the way, I put my face on his front pants and I wipe back and forth and the good doctor is loving it, I see his front pants getting wet again so fast but as long as he is happy it's good with me, the good doc gives me and the slow boy a blow pop, but he gives me two for doing a special effort on the job....

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