Me, Mom, and blue (animal sex, teen sex)

Dezie A.'s sex story
I'd just turned 16 yrs. old, me and blue were home alone, it was summer time, I was out of school for the summer,mom was at work, my brother's &sister were at summer camp, I'm the oldest so I stayed home to take care of blue, Oh Boy!! I was letting him fuck me all day, at lest 3 times a day, he was knotted in me, we were laying down, butt to butt, my door opened, mom was standing there, smiling at me, she said well I know you two do all day. And by the way he was trained by my mom!

My heart almost stopped, I could say anything, she knelt down beside Blue and asked him if he was fucking me good, Blue lick her cheek, she grabbed my leg and raised it to take look, she said my my my little boys grown up.
I still couldn't talk, she started stroking Blue's nuts, this made him get bigger in my pussy, she grab my dick and stroked it a couple times and said you've gotten big like you daddy, my mom became a single parent when I was 15yrs old,she said well when Blue's done you come up stairs, I want to talk to you.
My dick went limp, I thought it was going sucks it self back into my body, Blue finally started getting smaller and I was able pull him out of me, I went straight to the bathroom to squirt out as much of his come that would come out.
I went up stairs, it was quite, no t.v.,I howler for her,no answer, I walked down the hall to her room, the door was open, there she sat at her mirror,she had taken off her dress, she had her garter and nylons on and one of thoughs pointy bras on, she had me went she was 15yrs, she's 32yrs old at the time, auburn hair, stunningly sexy, men cat called her all the time and she's almost naked in front of me, she motion for me to come to her, I did, she took my hands and pulled me down between her legs and wrapped them around my hips.
She asked if I had been with a girl yet, I said no, only blue, she asked if I had clean out my pussy before blue fucked me, I said what do you mean? An enigma silly, no didn't do that mom, Oh well you will for me, she took me to the bathroom, made me take my shorts off, that's all I had on anyway and sat me down on the toliet, she filled the enigma bag full and the put nozzle in me, she opened the fastener and it filled me up, she said when you are full push it out and will repeat till your clean. She finished cleaning me out, took me back to her bed, told me get on all fours on the the bed, I did, she went to the closest and went in it, she came out with a big dick on her, she said for your punishment for fucking blue,I'm going to fuck now, she lubed my pussy with Vaseline and ramed it into me, she fucked me hard, pounding into me, slapping my ass cheeks till they were red, Blue came into the room and jumped onto the bed, you could tell he was horny again, he was trying to mount us both, she pulled her dildo out of me and let blue mount her, he found his mark and rammed into her, from the look on her face she was lost in our sex, she grabbed my dick and started sucking it,I came instantly, I was still hard as rock, and fucking her mouth, she took all I had, I comed in her throat 3 or 4 times.
We fuck each other a lot after that, she taught me how to make a woman squirt and how to please one in bed.
My mom till this day, sucks and fucks me when we're alone and she's still very sexy for her age.
She still calls me her grown-up little boy.

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